Lost Pets Resources

Losing a pet can be devastating however modern day technology makes it easier than ever to recover your pet. Besides microchips, pet ID tags and Pet GPS tracking devices, there are internet resources and websites you can access in the event your dog gets lost and needs help getting home. Check below for tips and websites that specialize in pet recovery.

lost pets website

If Your Pet Is Lost

1. Search all over your neighborhood and surrounding areas as soon as you discover he’s missing. Make sure someone stays at your house too, as your dog may wander back home.
2. Call your local shelter or dog control organization and ask if any pets were brought in matching your pet’s description. If they can’t tell you, visit them as soon as possible.
3. Print fliers with a color photo and hang around your neighborhood, place in mailboxes and hang at your local shelter, dog control facility or rescue organization. You can also ask any local business to hang the fliers too. Your vet (or one in your area) will always hang a flier for you.
4. Check the shelter or whatever facility takes lost animals EVERY DAY for a minimum of 10 days. It’s best to stick to a routine and go daily at a certain time (ie morning or night). Ask them for any additional information they have about lost pets and know what the policy is when a lost/’stray’ dog is brought in.
5. Post fliers, classifieds and lost pet postings on the popular pet recovery websites listed below.
6. Don’t stop searching and never lose hope! A microchip can save your pet’s life- many times dogs have turned up 5 years later, miles from their old home and are reunited with their families. Remember, there is always a chance your dog is still out there and may find his way home!

Lost Pets Websites

Pet Harbor
This site is a wonderful resource for lost pets. You can register your pet’s breed by location and Pet Harbor will contact you if any pets matching your pet’s description are brought in to local shelters. You can send lost pet postcards to thousands in your area through their service and search their database of found pets. *This is the site used mot by shelters and rescue organizations!

Fido Finder is the largest database of lost pets. On this site, you can register your lost pet or even a pet you found. Owners of lost pets can also use this website to print fliers, post classified ads and receive email notifications if there is any news about your pet.

→Local Shelter
Visit your local shelter and hang flyers there! Click here to find local shelters near you.


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