Toys for Dogs Who Chew: Review

If your house is at all like ours then severed rope toys, torn up tennis balls and insane amounts of stuffing on the living room rug are a regular occurrence. Buying tough toys “for aggressive chewers” sounds like a good idea until your dog rips it apart at the seams in less time than it took you to pull the price tag off. We’ve been there many times but fortunately, we’ve found some pretty good toys along the way. Sure, they may not be as fun or cute as others, but they’ll last and your dogs will love them.

Kong Extreme– These rubber toys are even stronger than the original Kongs but are also stuffable and fun to chew. Available in 5 sizes, Kongs are truly the best solution for habitual chewers. Smaller dogs may not like the Extreme version because the rubber is harder to chew. All Kongs are extra durable, from Puppy to Classic, but the Kong Extreme is key for those crazy chewers in your house.


Kong Extreme

dogs with toy

Foster Bethany and Chelsea playing with a Puppy Kong.

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Kong Genius– Both models in this new line are interactive and provide hours of stimulation. The Leo and Mike are rubber and made for active chewers and each new design allows for more fun and interaction–they can even be connected together! Our dogs absolutely love these toys and like most of our Kong toys, they’re still in like-new condition.

kong genius, kong toys

Kong Genius Leo


Kong Genius Mike

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West Paw Design Chew Toys– Stylish and tough, these toys are made to last and look pretty, too. They make four different chew toys, two of them we’ve tried and love. The Tux is fun to stuff and throw, the Jive Dog Ball is bright and bouncy and the Hurley and Black Hurley are like a floatable bone and stick all-in-one. West Paw Design also has durable discs, tug-o-war toys and more- we haven’t tried them but they look pretty tough, too, All West Paw Design toys are eco-friendly, dishwasher safe, recyclable and BPA-free. They stand behind their tough toys and offer a one-time replacement should your dog happen to destroy one (less than 1% of customers ask for a replacement). We think that’s a testament to their toughness and we especially love how eco-friendly they are!

west paw design

Tux from West Paw Design

tux toy, dog

Foster DJ with his tux toy.

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Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll– A big ball with a durable rope strung through it provides fun for single or multi-pet households. The ball bounces and floats and is durable enough to withstand even the sharpest puncture wounds…even if your dog bites the ball again and again! Great for fetch, tug-o-war or just biting!

jolly pets


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Have you tried any of these toys? Are there any tough toys you would add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!


11 responses to “Toys for Dogs Who Chew: Review

  1. I am not a chewing kind of dog. I have a few rope toys and ball/rope toys, but I just cuddle with them on the couch. Is that weird?

    Love and licks,

  2. The Chuckit Max Glo ball is durable and glows in the dark – my personal favorite. I long for the day Tucker will carry around and cuddle with a stuffie instead of tear it to shreds!

  3. Believe it or not my dog Dottie will chew straight through each of those (we’ve tried them) and in most cases eat some of the little pieces she pulls off… I’ve never found a toy that can stand up to her…

  4. Duke has been wanting a Dog Genius; his friend has one

  5. Sage has both the Kong Genius and the Tux, but is not allowed to have them down to chew/shred, as that’s what she’ll do. When she wants to chew, there’s an antler always available.

  6. Cool toys!!! Love these reviews.. keep up the great posts!
    God Bless You!
    the collies and chuck 🙂

  7. Great review! 🙂 There is not much choice of durable toys here in the country of Georgia. I prefer bones!

  8. We have a West Paw ball and the first thing the boys did was start ripping at a ridge on the ball. I found out recently that it can be exchanged but keep forgetting to send it in.

    The boys got Chuck It! Whistler balls for Christmas, and they still look like new. Gambit likes to hold an entire ball in his mouth while he “chews,” and tennis balls crack instantly.

  9. I think I need to try all these. I’m sending my person to the pet store now. Well, I think she’s going. She’s taking her time.

  10. We just have the Kongs and I mostly use them for stuffing, although once in a while Sampson likes to grab one and play keep away. Lately he’s been in a chewing phase though, so I suppose I should pull one out and leave it for him.

  11. Don’t believe I could live in this house with kongs. Of course, you do get a different variety to us.

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