Foxy Chelsea (German Shepherd Mix)

Nicknames: Foxy, Princess, Baby Chelsea
Rescued from: Miami-Dade Animal Services, November 2011
Survived: Being homeless in Miami, mange, hookworms, broken/dislocated leg that went untreated, FHO surgery
Favorite Activities Now: Playing with her brother and sisters, chasing the cat and snuggling.

I broke the cardinal rule of fostering: I kept our foster puppy, Chelsea! Our family fell in love with her during the three weeks she stayed with us and she became part of our family. She is a nine month German Shepherd/Terrier mix from Miami-Dade Animal Services who is about 30 pounds–she’s tiny! Chelsea is the most laid-back, adorable puppy. She adores Harley and Scarlett and is very fond of Roory, our cat. She loves to be held like a baby and rub her wet nose against you. Chelsea fits into our family perfectly and we are so blessed to have her.

dog collage

As mentioned in Our Foster Puppy Chelsea, we rescued her less than 24 hours before her euthanasia time. A rescue group from New Jersey, Pick Your Paw Animal Rescue, agreed to save her but couldn’t arrange the transfer before her euthanasia date. At the Shelter, sick dogs are put down within hours or days if not adopted out, due to their high intake rate (50-150 dogs per day!!!). Chelsea had an upper-respiratory infection, a contagious “dog cold” and her time was up. When we took her home that day, she sat on the bed we put her down on for an hour. We thought she was exhausted and weak due to her time at the shelter. Still, we thought it was strange she wasn’t walking around at all and decided to scoop her up and take her outside. We put her in the grass and it was painfully obvious: her back right leg was seriously messed up. Off to the vet we went, only to discover her leg was fractured and dislocated and had formed a permanent painful dead bone mass on her side. In addition to her broken leg (pictured below), our vet discovered Chelsea had mange and hookworms.

Chelsea’s leg before surgery.

Caring for Chelsea during her foster stint led me to fall in love with this sweet angel and we wanted to keep her. Though we couldn’t afford the surgery, Pick Your Paw agreed to help us fundraise and family and friends pledged their support. We put faith into believing it would all work out and decided to adopt Chelsea and make her part of our family forever.

With generous donations from friends, family, co-workers and even complete strangers, we were able to raise the funds and get Chelsea the $2,400 surgeryshe so desperately needed. She had surgery January 16th and is currently recovering! It is truly a miracle and we could not be luckier to have such a supportive network and such a wonderful new family addition, Foxy Chelsea!

Chelsea 2 weeks after surgery.

Chelsea with Harley and my mom’s pup. Ace.

We appreciate your comments, woofs and meows!

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