Surgery & Rehabilitation

At our house, we know all about complicated pet surgeries and rehabilitation. We specialize in fostering injured dogs because they are the most-likely to be put to sleep at the high-kill shelter we volunteer at. We have two rescue dogs who have undergone FHO surgery to repair broken, dislocated legs and hips and have learned a great deal about the whole process. We also currently have a foster puppy who went through FHO hip surgery to repair her broken, dislocated leg. Scan the articles below to learn more about surgery and rehabilitation for puppies and adult dogs with leg, hip and pelvis injuries. Additionally, find articles about fundraising for pets in need.

dog fho surgery and rehabilitation


Scarlett’s FHO Surgery

We’ve Been Here Before

Introducing Foster Puppy Bethany


Chelsea’s Pre-Surgery Weekend

FHO Surgery: A Week Away

Chelsea’s Broken Leg


Scarlett Comes Home

Chelsea’s FHO Surgery


Scarlett One Week After Surgery

Scarlett Comes Home

Chelsea Update: Two Months Post-Surgery!

Pool for Dogs

Progress in Pictures: Chelsea Week by Week

Chelsea Goes to the Beach

Chelsea Post-Surgery Update

Chelsea the Superstar

Post-FHO Surgery: Chelsea on Film

Chelsea’s Just Fine!

Fundraising for Pets

Raising Funds for Dogs In Need

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