Harley (Mini Schnauzer)

dog collage

Nicknames: Har, Sheriff, Booboo
Rescued From: A retired breeder in Texas.
Favorite Activities Now: Ruling the pack, acting like a person and watching TV

Harley @ 14 weeks.

Harley came to us at 8 weeks old, weighing less than a pound from a retired breeder in Texas. Harley was the product of the last litter she had; we scooped him up and took him on a plane back to Miami.

From there, our love and passion for animal rescue and adoption started. Harley spent the first years of his life in college with me at The University of Miami and he was the first dog that was 100% mine. Harley was the cutest puppy and we treated him like our baby; after all, he is my baby! It took no time at all to realize Harley was smart; by 10 weeks, he knew the commands sit, jump, shake, stay, come and down. He loved fetch, snuggling in bed and being around people.

Harley snuggling in the car at 10 weeks.

Today, Harley is the big brother and the “alpha dog” of the house. His little sisters Scarlett and Chelsea, both rescues from Miami-Dade Animal Services, look up to him even though he is the smallest. Everyone knows Harley rules the house– even our cat, Roory. Harley sets the pace, protects his pack and doesn’t tolerate any nonsense, unless he’s causing it! We call him Sheriff at least once a day because he’s always enforcing the rules. He travels everywhere with us and has been in an airplane cabin more than 15 times. Harley also thinks he’s a person- he watches TV, sits on furniture, responds to normal conversation and drinks water from a human glass. He refuses to drink from a bowl and if a cool glass of water is not left out for him, he will jump at you if you pour yourself one. As I said, Harley rules the roost 😉

Scarlett and Harley just hanging out!

Chelsea and Harley on a walk.

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