BSL/Pit Bull Causes

Breed Specific Legislation refers to laws that ban or place regulations on certain breed types. In counties and states where BSL bans exist, even the most well-behaved, properly trained dogs are removed from their home for no other reason than “conforming” to the outlawed breed. Read more about BSL and various solutions to this outdated yet growing problem.

Though Pit Bull type dogs are not the only breeds who fall victim to BSL, they are among the most-commonly banned breeds. BSL is not only unfair, it is ineffective, antiquated and has been proven ineffective time and time again.

bsl pit bull causes

We Are Lennox

Repealing Miami’s Pit Bull Ban: Voters Will Decide

75 Dog Breeds Banned/Restricted Due to BSL

Florida Legislative Season Over: HB 997 & SB 1322 Dead

Repealing the Pit Bull Ban in Miami

Breed Specific Legislation

“If Pit Bulls are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Pit Bulls” REBLOG FROM SIMONE SAYS

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