Below are banners available for you to save and display on your website or blog. All are created and owned exclusively by For the Love of My Dogs however any non-commercial site can use them 100% FREE! Browse the various awareness banners and find one that speaks to you to display on your blog or website. You can even link them to a rescue group or organization you feel passionately about!

There are also banners to use specifically for linking back to our site, You can use these if you would like to endorse or recommend our blog on your website. You can also link to specific sections on our site (healthy recipes, pet rescue, etc.).

At the bottom, you’ll also find recommendations for other dog-friendly banner downloads on dog adoption and rescue sites.


Love of Dogs official banner (220 x 220)

Love of Dogs Banner 2 (220 x 220)


I support Animal Rescue banner (225 x 166)

Give Life, Adopt banner (220 x 211)

Good Dog Adoption banner (180 x 180)

Give Life, Adopt banner (220 x 160)

Aoption = Love banner (220 x 159)

I Support Animal Rescue banner (220 x 160)

Save a Life banner (220 x 211)

Money Can’t Buy Love banner (215 x 178)

Be Fashionable…Adopt! banner (215 x 290)

I Love My Rescue Pet banner (220 x 180)

Love of Dogs

Love My Dog Banner (220 x 160)

Loyalty banner (220 x 207)

A Dog is the Only… banner (216 x 180)

Couture Puppy banner (220 x 206)

Mmm…Dirt banner (220 x 168)

Puppy Love banner (220 x 211)

Dogs are Love banner (210 x 270)

Dog Love banner (300 x 345)

Dog Love banner (200 x 230)


Report Animal Abuse banner (220 x 211)

Practice Wellness banner (220 x 253)

Breed Specific Legislation

No More BSL banner (180 x 175)

BSL is Breed Discrimination banner (220 x 145)


Spay and Neuter to Save Lives small banner (220 x 140)

Spay/Neuter Fact banner (216 x 180)

Step Up: Spay and Neuter (300 x 200)

Step Up Adopt small banner (220 x 160)

If you’d like to request a graphic, please leave a comment below. Remember, it’s all “For the Love of My Dogs“!

External Links

Petfinder Banners for your website here!

Adopt-A-Pet Banners for your website here!

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3 responses to “Downloads

  1. Deanna, these banners are awesome! 🙂

  2. nanawith2dogs

    Wow, I’m impressed!

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