Wellness Tips

This section includes wellness tips including beneficial supplements to add to your pet’s diet, skin and food allergy solutions and personal tips regarding pet health. Browse the articles below for personally reviewed solutions and pet health alerts.

pet wellness tips

Food Tips

Benefits of a Wheat-Free Dog Diet

Wheat Flour Substitutes for Homemade Dog Diets

Good Ingredients For Homemade Dog Recipes

Pet Supplements

Supplements for Dogs

Omega-3′s for Pets

Health Alerts

Gum with Xylitol = Highly Toxic to Dogs

10 Foods Harmful to Dogs

Adverse Flea Med Reaction


2 responses to “Wellness Tips

  1. my dog is on a homemade diet but hes thin he is dieabetic what can i add to mis food to fatten him up

    • Add more protein and your dog should start to gain weight. Your vet can tell you exactly how much more to add- probably 15-25% more. High protein diets are a great natural way to put on lbs.

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