Enzo Update






When we rescued Enzo the second time, we knew it would take some time for him to find his forever home. That is proving to be true- he’s been with us longer than Bethany, making him the longest foster pup we’ve had!

Enzo is a deeply sweet boy who, like most of our foster pups, has his issues. He’s going through the same program as our previous foster DJ and after watch DJ’s transformation, we’re looking forward to socializing him more and setting a good foundation for his future life. We’ve kept him for so long party because we want to ensure his adoptive family is the right fit and will love him forever as he so deserves!

Catch up here.

He’s been learning some good basic obedience: he sits, lays and stays. He also knows take it, drop it and is starting to play tug-o-war with Harley (Enzo has been deathly afraid of him since October!). Positive reinforcement training has been working wonderfully; when we’re not taking him to training, we’re watching Victoria Stilwell videos. I love her method and it really works for Enzo!

All if all, we have no complaints but are praying for the day when we find Enzo’s forever family! In the meantime, he’s been my kitchen buddy, little shadow, toy destroyer and lover of getting pampered- from brushes to baths to even getting his nails clipped.

If you or someone you know have questions or is interested in adopting Enzo please email forloveofmydogs@gmail.com or find us on Facebook!


Have you had a ‘tough’ foster dog case? Please leave us any and all suggestions to this former death row boy adopted into his forever home!







6 responses to “Enzo Update

  1. Sounds like you’re giving Enzo everything he needs to find a forever home. Fingers crossed that the perfect family comes along soon. xo

  2. Enzo is gorgeous! Thanks so much for investing in his future!

  3. Here’s wishing that Enzo finds the perfect forever home soon. You are doing a fabulous thing, fostering him in the meantime. Congratulations.

  4. I think you guys have much more expertise in this area that we do, but I will share what has worked for us. The two methods that garnered the most interest in our foster, were taking ‘posed’ photos (for vday, birthday, with props and a backdrop, etc) because they went a little crazy on fb! We got tons of new ‘likes’ and exposure this way. Also, videos really help people to SEE, not just read, the little things that will make them fall in love!

  5. Hope he finds a good home!

  6. He’s so lucky to have you guys – and it’s nice to hear he’s doing well. I think he kinda likes it at your house though?! x

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