Deanna (Me!)

Hello, woof, and welcome! I’m Deanna and my boyfriend and I are the proud parents of four precious rescue pets: Harley, Scarlett, Chelsea and Roory the cat. We rescue dogs on death row and find them forever homes. One of my biggest passions is advocating for Pitties and every other breed who gets a bad rep due to stereotypical misconceptions.

Dogs have been in my life since I was born and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. My passions are rescuing dogs, encouraging pet adoption and raising awareness to stop and prevent animal cruelty. I’m an advocate for fair treatment of all breeds and do not support BSL (Breed Specific Legislation), a law responsible for killing thousands of Pitties in my community every year. I volunteer as a puppy/dog foster at Miami-Dade Animal Services, a shelter with one of the highest kill-rates in the country. The shelter takes in 100-150 dogs a day and more cats than that. They put animals to sleep when they run out of space. There are days it can be heartbreaking but turning a blind eye does nothing to help the situation. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. -Martin Luther King Jr.

In addition to my passions to raise pet adoption & animal welfare awareness, I do social media and marketing at a media company in Miami. I love spending time with family and friends, cooking, live music, DIY projects and enjoying the beautiful South Florida weather 🙂

Born to Love Dogs 🙂 My Bouvier Des Flanders, Jenny, and Standard Schnauzer, Stanley


We appreciate your comments, woofs and meows!

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