Foster Pup Lucky Boy

On Saturday, we picked up a new foster pup named Lucky Boy. Surrendered at MDAS with 6 other brothers and sisters, this little guy’s name used to be White Boy. I think Lucky is more fitting. He’s a Terrier Mix (definitely some Chihuahua in there) who is absolutely precious. Living in a pack setting, probably outside, with owners who weren’t very nice to him has made him a bit timid but he’s got a great little personality despite his battle scars.


dog, foster dog

My freedom ride!


dog, freedom ride dog

Co-Pilot Lucky Boy

foster dog

Such a sweetie!

He’s heartworm positive, as were half of his brothers and sisters, so he’s staying with us until he recovers. From here, he will go on MDOTM transport to a no-kill rescue group and find his forever home. Also, all of his siblings are coming too! MDOTM saved the entire family of pups just before they were to be euthanized at the shelter. Now all will have a chance at life with families who love and care for them. One of Lucky’s siblings (also HW+) is being fostered by my best friend, who has recently become very involved in the fostering program yay!.

dog hurt ear

His little ear tip was ripped off, most likely in a previous dog fight.

foster dog, rescue dog

Exhausted after helping us plan our veggie garden!

dog and mini-me

Scarlett found her mini-me!

Now the awful news. I lost our last foster dog, Sasha. It has been completely devastating. She was terrified when we took her home and had just been spayed that morning. She was frozen in the car when we got home and didn’t want to get out, so I softly coaxed her to me and picked her up (it’s always a little awkward trying to avoid touching the belly/surgical area). When I was putting her down, she started biting my hand and arm and I dropped the leash from initial shock. She took one look at me and bolted down the street, terror in her eyes. I’ve seen the same look before from Scarlett when we first rescued her…it is completely devastating to see what some people do to terrorize these dogs. Anyway after a wild chase through the neighborhood, across a 4-lane road and into a park, we lost sight of her. After looking for 2 (almost) straight weeks, we didn’t find her. Our reward posters yielded nothing. They still haven’t. She hasn’t turn up at any area vets. Animal Control hasn’t found her. We are just devastated for her. I’ve never lost a dog  and though I hoped it would never happen, my thoughts are confirmed: it’s the most desperate, hopeless feeling thinking of her out there alone. We keep looking, repapering the neighborhood and hoping we find her, cared for and safe. If we do, she will go to a foster home, work on her fear issues and then go on transport, like Lucky Boy. Having Lucky around doesn’t replace Sasha but it is helping to distract me a little bit. They are both such sweet pups who deserve safe, forever homes.

dog smiling

I really hope we find Sasha, too!

3 responses to “Foster Pup Lucky Boy

  1. Poor Sasha! She might still be found. There is a dog that has been hanging out down the street since November, and we finally were able to snag a picture and her rescue recognized her. The assumption is she was lost in the spring or possibly fall and owner broke contract by failing to alert the rescue; we also think she may have hung out elsewhere for a few months before ending up here. After almost 3 weeks they still haven’t caught her because she is so skittish, but are working on reestablishing trust in hopes of catching her.

  2. So sad about Sasha, but unavoidable. Once you do your best, there’s nothing else to do. 😦 Lucky Boy is the perfect name for the new guy. He’s beautiful and deserves all the TLC he will receive. Good luck with him.

  3. He is a sweet looking little guy. I think Nietzsche was abused since he reacts very meek when he thinks he is in trouble. Good luck with this fella. How big is he?

    Leaving HK today. I took a fall yesterday and sprained my foot so Dad and Krista got to do the final day tour while I sat on the bed. ARGH.

    Love you,


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