Our Foster Dogs

Read funny, moving, heartwarming stories about all of the dogs we’ve fostered—especially if you’re thinking about becoming a foster to an animal in need! Fostering a dog means making a commitment to house a shelter dog until he/she gets adopted. There are many kinds of fostering opportunities available: puppy fostering, dog fostering, short-term and long-term fostering and even kitten/cat fostering. By fostering an animal in need, you will save the animal you foster, free up space at the shelter for more needy pets and socialize and prepare the pet for adoption to a forever home. Fostering saves lives; contact your local shelter or rescue group today to get involved! To read more about what dog fosters go through, read this awesome article by Stubby Dog, Everyday Heroes: Foster Families.

our foster dogs stories


Cheers to 2013!

Enzo’s Back & Searching for Home

Enzo’s Going North!

Foster Boy Enzo


DJ’s Going Home!

DJ Calms Down

We’re Back (Again)


Pool for Dogs

Fingers Crossed for Bethany

We’ve Been Here Before

Introducing Foster Puppy Bethany!


Foster Mischief

Nietzsche Style Mischief

Sony: New Name, New Forever Family!

Sony the Rescue Schnauzer

Saving Sony!


Newest Family Addition: Sweet Chelsea

Chelsea’s Broken Leg

Our Foster Puppy, Chelsea

Fostering Information

Puppy Fostering


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