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Welcome to For the Love of My Dogs blog, starring ♥Harley: Miniature Schnauzer, 5 years, ♥Scarlett: Vizsla mix, 2 years, ♥Chelsea: German Shepherd/Terrier mix, 8 months and ♥Roory: Tabby cat, 13 years.

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Posted on May 19, 2012 | 9 Comments

What is a good blog today without social media? Betty White and the Dalai Lamaare on Twitter; the ASPCA is using Klout and Time and NBC are using Pinterest. Most people, companies and brands are on Facebook; the average internet user spends 1 in 8 minutes online on Facebook!



We love how things on Twitter can spread like wildfire; we use it to raise awareness about issues we’re passionate about. It also doesn’t hurt to tweet old blog posts for those who might have missed them :) The most important thing on Twitter is connecting and supporting our friends! Rumpydog,bumpyroadtobubba and Bassa’s blog are just a few of us who like to retweet (RT) each other’s blog posts, have fun conversations and promote each other.

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Pinterest recently took off and has become a wonderful way to drive traffic to your site. Users pin images they like to categorized boards to create a visual pinboard of images from the web. By clicking the pinned image, users are directed to the site where the image was pinned from. Pinterest is fun for everyone– not just dog lovers :) We use our account for a broad spectrum of things we love!

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A fun tool, Klout has an algorithm that measures the effectiveness of your use of social media. It’s fun for bloggers because it provides insights with graphs and charts as to how others respond to what you say. Klout measures the actual number of people you reach, how responsive your audience is and how influential your audience is. Friends play fun role in Klout; they can give you points if you have influenced them in certain topics.

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Though there are many other social media outlets we enjoy these– in addition to our Facebook page, of course– for connecting with friends, promoting causes important to us and driving traffic to our blog. What social media outlets do you use to promote your blog? Let us know below and don’t forget to visit us in the social media world :)

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Pool for Dogs

Posted on May 12, 2012 | 24 Comments
Recently we bought a large vinyl-sided kiddie pool to help rehabilitate our dogs who recently had FHO surgery. We couldn’t take Chelsea to the beach as much as we wanted; when we learned Scarlett also needed FHO surgery and took in a foster puppy in the same condition, we knew we needed a solution! This $20 kiddie pool from WalMart was the answer– and an added backyard perk for Harley, the water bug :)

pool, dogs, dog pool

Our first doggy pool experience.

Swimming is a great post-surgery workout; it strengthens the diminished leg muscles and improves muscle function. Additionally, dogs heal much faster than those who do not swim. At first, we put both Chelsea and Bethany on leashes and walked them around the pool in circles. When they got comfortable, we removed the leashes and let them splash around.

Bethany is still looking for her forever home! Click here to learn more about her!

Click here to watch a YouTube video. Also, be sure to check out our YouTube page for more doggy videos!

fho surgery, fho rehabilitation dog, dogs

Chelsea and Bethany working their leg muscles!

pool, puppy, swim

Such a cutie!!!


Scarlett took some convincing. The first attempts to get her in the pool ended with her clearing the 2.5 ft. wall and taking off across the yard. Eventually, she started to tolerate it and was just standing around. Though she hasn’t yet had FHO surgery, she was putting even pressure on all her legs, including the bad one. We’re getting her used to the pool so when she gets surgery in the next month, pool rehab will be easy.

pool, dog, dog in pool

Checking it out.

dog pool, dog, love

She isn’t so sure about this pool thing…

pool, dog

If I look pathetic will you let me get out?

Harley isn’t injured at all but he is obsessed with the pool! As far as he’s concerned, it’s his pool. He’s the only one small enough to have to swim; he hops in from a chair and swims around in circles for 15 minutes at a time! When he’s done, he swims to an edge and props his front paws up, gets on his hind legs and hops out.

dog, schnauzer swimming, schnauzer

Harley goes swimming.

dogs swimming, dogs, swim

Hey! Come back here, Harley!

We also took Chelsea and Bethany down to the lake– they were not fans :) I guess only our 7 lb. terror can handle the big, scary lake!

lake dog, dogs

What are you doing, Dad? Take us back to the pool!

dog lake, lake, dogs

It’s scary in here!

Off I go! I love the lake!

One day, we hope to have a real pool they can swim in! Until then, doggy pool will have to do :) Do your dogs like to swim? Where do you take them for fun in the water?

dog, funny, dog humor

Have a good rest of the weekend! -Your pal, Scarlett

Fingers Crossed for Bethany

We received some good news this week in the dog department! After talking to the Humane Society of Greater Miami, we came to a decision to continue to foster her at our house until she gets adopted. Originally, they wanted to put Bethany in a cage at the shelter, hoping a family would come and adopt her. Still, no one wanted to put her in a cage when she was thriving at our house. Sometimes when dogs go back into the shelter they can lose all hope and also forget their previous training. Bethany also needs exercise to recover from FHO surgery and we wanted to make sure she receives proper care.

dog, puppy, lab

Hi! I’m still here!


We also have a few families interested in adopting this sweet girl. We’ve had 5 letdowns with Bethany, so we’re not counting our eggs before they hatch. We simply continue to hope the right family comes along and makes her a part of their forever family. Letdowns can be rough especially when something seems so promising. We’re hoping she fits in well with one of the families currently interested.

Bethany is recovering dramatically faster than Chelsea and already has a bigger range of motion in her leg than Chelsea currently does. It’s most likely because Bethany had surgery much younger and when the injury was fresh. Chelsea had surgery about 5 months after her injury; Bethany only waited about 2 weeks. Unlike Chelsea, Bethany still has a slight limp and her shaved leg continues to grow back in.

dogs, love

What you lookin’ at?

dogs, puppies

I want it back!

Smiles from Chelsea (even though I blinded her with the flash!)

Bethany is running and playing now. We do daily leg stretches and take her on daily walks to improve leg muscle and extend range of motion, including walking in high grass and sand. We are waiting to take her swimming; it’s a great exercise to improve muscle function and stimulate growth but it’s been raining every weekend for the past 3 weeks! When the sunshine comes, Bethany is going to the beach :)

dog, puppy

Patiently waiting for my forever family!

dogs, pups, adopt

Scarlett, Harley, Bethany and Chelsea :)

Hooray for MrChewy!

With so many pups at our house, it seems like we are always running out to the pet store to buy food, toys, treats, supplies and more. Recently, we received a $50 credit to try MrChewy, a website specializing in a variety of pet supplies. In the past we’ve shopped online for pet supplies but never pet food. Since it’s the #1 thing we go to the pet store to buy, we decided to try buying it online.

dogs, pets, puppies

A pack of beggars :)

Though we love to cook for our pets, they still eat pet food a lot of the time. MrChewy has a nice variety of food; we chose Blue Buffalo– and boy, do the pups love it! It was nice to have the big bag of food delivered to our door and even better because every order over $49 includes free shipping.

Scarlett, Chelsea and Harley check out the new food.


Besides the dog food, we bought Greenies Dental Chews, a few antler bones and some Greenies Pill Pockets for Roory. The dogs love their antler bones and we love the fact the small ones are $3.99– way cheaper than any of the pet stores around here. I love antler bones for the pups because they’re natural, healthy and long-lasting.

Our favorite bones for our pups!

Dental chews for the dogs and Pill Pockets for the kitty.

The thing I loved the most about our first MrChewy shopping experience is how fast our shipment came. Since we spent more than $49, shipping was free and we selected standard shipping. We placed our order late Monday night and received it on Thursday. It was awesome and needless to say, the pups were totally excited…

Smells good in here!

And the final thing I love about MrChewy? They give to pet charities that help shelter pets and have a referral program for bloggers and pet lovers alike. When you create an account, they give you a unique code to share with your friends using email, social media or your blog. Every time someone uses your code when checking out with MrChewy, they get 10% off and MrChewy donates $10 to one of three pet charities you can choose from. Talk about a great way to make a difference!

Foster puppy Bethany and big mama Scarlett enjoying their antler bones.

If you’d like to give MrChewy a try, use our special code FORL8109 and get 10% off. You’ll also help us raise money for a good cause since $10 per order will go to pet charity!

dogs, bones, puppies

Waiting patiently for their bones :)

Do you ever shop online for pet supplies? Would you ever purchase pet food online? Let us know in the comments!

Versatile and Lovely

Posted on April 21, 2012 | 4 Comments
A few weeks ago we were awarded the Versatile Blogger Award from Bella and DiDi over at Paws to Talk! We are honored to receive this award from these two sassy Standard Poodles; we love reading their blog because they always have great pup advice! If you haven’t visited their blog, be sure to check them out! Thanks Bella and DiDi for this cool award!

Thanks, Paws to Talk!

Hey…It’s Jet Here also nominated us for One Lovely Blog Award! How exciting is that?! Jet lives in our neck of the woods so we have a lot in common! Thank you, Jet for nominating us; we always love receiving awards from blogs we adore. If you haven’t been to Jet’s blog, visit Hey…It’s Jet Here and see what he’s up to!

Thanks, Hey…It’s Jet Here!

In addition to thanking to bloggers who nominated you, part of accepting these awards means we have to tell you 7 things about ourselves. We’re no stranger to these lists and it’s been a challenge to think of things you don’t already know. Since we’ve been doing lots of rescue work lately, we thought we’d do 7 Things About Us: Rescue Edition!

1. We usually adopt black dogs, like Harley, Chelsea and previous foster dog, Sony. Black dogs are the “least desirable” and consequentially get put to sleep the most. There are no reliable statistics but black dogs are constantly the last to be adopted, if they ever are. Check out this article about Jake, a black Lab who looked for his forever home for  more than 3 years.

2. Harley is from a retired breeder; Scarlett and Chelsea were rescued from Miami-Dade Animal Services and Roory is from the streets of Miami-Dade. Foster puppy Bethany is from Miami-Dade Animal Services but is now a Humane Society of Greater Miami pup, thanks to them stepping in to save her and pay for her surgery.

3. We love fostering but it is super hard. There is nothing better than saving lives and fostering is a great way to do that but it is impossible not to get attached. We’re always sad when our babies leave despite knowing they are going to wonderful homes.

4. The shelter I volunteer at is, in a word, terrible. There’s a lack of resources, funding, space, employees, protocol, policy, etc. You name a problem, they’ve got it. Sadly, it turns many people away but the committed rescuers and volunteers stay because they know it’s the only way to save the innocent pets that wind up there.

5. If I won the lottery, I’d buy a huge plot of land and start a giant pet rescue, taking in as many unwanted babies as I could. It’s my #1 dream and I hope someday I’ll be able to do it, lotto or not!

6. We saved four dogs from Miami-Dade Animal Services in the past year and our goal is to save more this year.

7. My favorite part about having rescue pets is that they truly know they were saved. Many times people will tell you their rescue dog actually rescued them. If you have a rescue pet, I bet you know what I mean :)

The dogs taking me on my daily walk.

A big thank you to Paws to Talk and Hey…It’s Jet Here! In lieu of nominating bloggers for these awards we’d like to extend the opportunity to any of our blogging friends! If you have yet to receive either of these awesome awards, please accept them on our behalf :)  We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wordless Wednesday: Bethany

Posted on April 18, 2012 | 6 Comments
While Bethany looks for her forever home, she’s been having a great time with our crew. Here are some shots from the past week. She’s available for adoption and looking for a wonderful home! Click here to read more about sweet Bethany. Enjoy the photos :)

Nietzsche Style Mischief

We just received photos and an update from our last foster dog! We are spoiled with updates about Nietzsche since his forever family happens to be my parents and sister however the photos we received were extra special :) Just by looking at them, we can tell in addition to adoring his new family, Nietzsche is very loved– and also very mischievous! Thanks to my mom for the wonderful photos.

Hi! I love my new family!

Nietzsche with his brother, Ace and my dad

Nietzsche still loves giving kisses!

My sis and the babies.

The Mischief…

Apparently Nietzsche and his brother, Ace have a constant battle over the doggie bed in the kitchen. Nietzsche is a smart little guy so if Ace has the coveted spot, Nietzsche creates a distraction. He runs full-speed to the windows, barking like mad. Ace jumps up to see what the fuss is about only to be beat back to the doggie bed by Nietzsche.

Hey, that bed looks comfy! Let me in!


Victory is mine!

Sometimes, we come upon a mutual agreement…

This post is part of the Monday Mischief Blog Hop! Visit the sponsors of the blog hop: Alfie’s BlogSnoopy’s Dog BlogMy Brown Newfies and Luna, A Dog’s Life… and click the photo below to get involved!

Join the Mischief!

Keep in mind we still have Bethany available for adoption! She’s an 11-week Lab/Golden Retriever mix who desperately needs a forever home! Click here to read more about her :)

Please adopt me!

Tree Hunting

Scarlett and Harley teamed up with intentions of digging up this gigantic tree. No idea what they were going for but it was definitely something! Harley and Scarlett are the hunters of the pack so they’re always trying to get at lizards, ducks, iguanas, junebugs and other “yard invaders”. What do you think they’re doing?

Get it!!!

I’m almost there…

Just a little bit farther…

You go from that side and I’ll go from this side…

Let me at ’em!

…And no, they didn’t come back with any “trophies” for Mom ;)

We’ve Been Here Before

Posted on April 13, 2012 | 19 Comments |
Last Tuesday, our foster puppy Bethany had emergency FHO hip surgery. We took her to a pre-op consultation Tuesday morning when it was decided she needed surgery ASAP to repair her fractured femur and pelvis. We left her and she went into surgery Tuesday night. She came home to us on Wednesday looking like Chelsea’s quarter-shaved twin. We’re going to continue to foster Bethany for a week; if she’s not adopted by then, we’ll take her to the Humane Society so she can go on the adoption floor and find her forever family. Frankly, the thought of putting her back in the shelter is not my favorite so we’re hoping to find an adopter before next Thursday!


Please adopt me!

Just like Chelsea, Bethany had FHO surgery on her back right leg. Same post-op rules apply: no running, jumping or playing- talk about a challenge with a 10-week puppy! She’ll need lots of TLC to heal her leg but she is already improving dramatically. (If you’d like to learn more about FHO rehabilitation in dogs, check out a previous post about our puppy, Chelsea and photos of her recovery.) We are very optimistic about Bethany’s recovery; she had surgery younger than Chelsea and before the injury had completely healed incorrectly. Bethany will make a full recovery and thankfully, her surgeon did a wonderful job :)

One day after FHO surgery.

She feels better than it looks!

We’re glad we’ve had experience with this injury– it’s been much easier this time around. Though we are still in the end stages of Chelsea’s rehabilitation, she has almost completely recovered. With Chelsea, we’ve been walking, running and swimming; with Bethany, we’ve been walking slowly and building back strength. And if you saw our post about Scarlett’s leg, you know we’ll be here again (in two or three months).

Little Bethany is still available for adoption and looking for a home that can give her lots of love! If her injury gives you reserves, I can assure you she will be fine. I have no doubt from watching Bethany through the first week, she’ll recover faster than Chelsea. She has done wonderfully and is already putting weight on and using it to walk! Unlike Chelsea, she doesn’t seem to pick it up at all.

She loves her toys!

As we get to know her more, we adore this little bundle of love. Bethany is irresistible, tenacious, playful and such a sweet baby. Beyond these things, she lives to please and always wants to be by your side. Bethany loves the cat and the dogs but she and Scarlett have become best friends and never leave each other’s sides :) She would be a great addition to any family!

Sharing food with Scarlett.


Doggy love affair.

Thank you for all the wonderful words of support and encouragement for Bethany! We apologize for getting so behind in our reading (ok, maybe we’re a bit overwhelmed!) and hope you are all doing well! Please spread the word about sweet Bethany; she’s available for adoption through the Humane Society of Greater Miami but I can send her anywhere. She is one beautiful girl who deserves a second chance at life. Please contact if you’re interested in adopting sweet Bethany!


Waiting for my forever family!

Happy 5th Birthday, Harley!

Posted on April 8, 2012 | 4 Comments

Harley, 5 weeks

Harley, 1 year

Harley, 2 years

Harley, 3 years

Harley, 4 years

Harley, 5 years

Lucky for Harley, his birthday happens to fall on Easter! I think someone may get some yummy food to celebrate :)

Look familiar?

As for all who’ve been wondering where we’ve been– Bethany had FHO surgery Tuesday. We’ll post more about that later :) Wishing all our friends who celebrate the holiday a very Happy Easter! Enjoy your day!

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Introducing Foster Puppy, Bethany!

Hello friends! We would like to introduce you to our new foster puppy, Bethany. She’s an 8 week, 11 lb. Lab/Golden Retriever mix who has big brown eyes and a “sunny” disposition despite all she’s been through in her short life. Bethany is available for adoption and looking for her forever family! Could you give this little bundle of love a home?

Meet Bethany, a Lab/Golden Retriever mix looking for her forever home!

I received a call last week from Miami-Dade Animal Services with a desperate plea. Bethany needed a foster home fast. The Humane Society of Greater Miami, a partner of MDAS, wanted to take Bethany under their “Guardian Angel Fund”. This fund helps injured shelter pets by providing funding for surgery and rehabilitation but until they could arrange the surgery, Bethany needed a foster home. She was seriously injured, needed to be out of the shelter for surgery and her time was up at MDAS. Because of her injuries and the scope of rehabilitation, she could not go to just anyone. Solution? Call me– the foster who specializes in back leg injuries ;)

Who can resist this face?!

So yes, we now have a third dog with back right leg injuries. Unfortunately, Bethany’s are much worse than Chelsea’s or Scarlett’s. She has a broken femur and a fractured pelvis; both very painful. Her smashed pelvis is pushing on her colon, making potty time a terrible experience. We have no idea what caused the injury; it could have been anything from a car accident to a birth injury.

Bethany thinks Scarlett is her mother. Scarlett thinks Bethany is her daughter.

I can’t wait til I get surgery and can walk without pain!

Her pre-op is scheduled for Tuesday and surgery could be as early as Wednesday since this is somewhat of an emergency and we want her to be ready for adoption ASAP. When they informed us of who would be doing her surgery, we were shocked! It is none other than Dr. Sardinas of Miami Veterinary Specialists, the wonderful vet who operated on Chelsea! We have full confidence in him and are very happy he’s going to be performing Bethany’s surgery.

Once surgery is complete, we’ll help Bethany with recovery until she’s ready for adoption. Depending on who wants to adopt her, she could leave us in weeks or months. Regardless, another sweet baby saved from MDAS will have a chance at a long life with plenty of food, grass to run in, toys to play with and people to love.

Brown-eyed girl

Mom says I’m too cute for my own good :)

If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting cutie-pie Bethany, please let us know!!! She is obsessed with dogs (especially big ones) and loves cats.  Strong and playful, Bethany loves to please and will make one lucky family very happy!

Could you give me a forever home? In return, I promise to love you forever and ever!

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Happy Coming Home Day, Scarlett!

Today marks one year since Scarlett came home with us!!  On March 23, 2011, we went to Miami-Dade Animal Services in the midst of a shelter-wide Distemper outbreak. A highly contagious disease, they needed to clear the shelter to disinfect it; to do this, all dogs needed to be adopted out or they would be put to sleep.

Scarlett’s intake picture from Miami-Dade Animal Services, 3/23/11, 28 lbs.

When we brought Scarlett home, she was severely malnourished and starved, terrified of everything and fear aggressive towards animals. She tried to kill Harley and almost succeeded. At the vet, she was tested and diagnosed with Distemper. No one was sure if she would survive, let alone ever learn to function as a well-adjusted dog. We also didn’t know she had an old injury that went untreated: a broken, dislocated leg.

Things we considered normal were all new and frightening to her. She would lash out, run away or plaster herself to the floor. Once I yelled during a football game on TV and she freaked out, crying and darting around the room. At the time, we knew she had been abused but had to learn all of her triggers.

Scarlett, 3/22/12, 51 lbs.

Though it is amazing to see how far she’s come, training with Scarlett continues every single day. She is still frightened of things like loud noises, cars and new people. Her aggression has subsided considerably but it’s something we work on daily. She amazingly survived Distemper; only 20% of infected puppies live through it. Her leg is improving with medicine and we continue to pray that FHO surgery is months or years away.

Yes, I even like kitty cats now!

I’m a lover, not a fighter!

Scarlett is our big mama, our tough survivor and our proof that all dogs can change. After all, dogs are only reflections of their caregivers.

Happy 1st Coming Home Day, Scarlett! I am so lucky to call you “mine” :)

Who saved who?

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Sony: New Name, New Forever Family!

Since Sony went to his new forever family two weeks ago, he’s been nothing but wonderful! Three weeks ago, Sony was rescued in the nick of time from Miami-Dade Animal Services, a high-kill shelter in Miami. (Read our previous post about rescuing Sony the Schnauzer mix here.)

Sony, now Nietzshe, was rescued from dog jail!

Sony and Chelsea having fun :)

We fostered him for a week, until his new family (my parents and little sister!) could arrange to get him to his new home in South Carolina. It was a long week of waiting for them as they prepared to meet their new baby. It was a fun week for us as we got to spend some quality time with Sony. My dad was in Miami on business and after saying goodbye, we handed Sony off to him at the airport. Sony flew home in the cabin with my dad, where he was a wonderful travel companion– even when the flight got delayed and took hours longer than expected!

Ready to meet my forever family with my new haircut!

In his new home, he’s been getting lots of loves, learning new tricks and even going to work with my mom. At her company, everyone is allowed to bring their dogs to work :) It’s pretty awesome.

My sister gave Sony the new name Nietzsche (Nich-a). Nietzshe was a 19th-century German philosopher known for his substantial influence, radical style and deep central philosophy. Our Nietzshe is a black wiry Schnauzer mix who gets nothing but love– from his humans and canine companions, Ace the Maltipoo and Patrick the Wheaten Terrier. Sometimes he and Patrick have small tiffs but I’m told Nietzshe holds his own, just like any typical Schnauzer :) His favorite things now are playing with his toys and Ace, snuggling up with his humans, giving kisses (still!) and acting as a little shadow.

Enjoying his new home!

“He really knows he was saved,” My mom told me. “I didn’t realize they know.” And oh, they do. Please consider adopting, donating to or volunteering at a shelter, spaying/neutering your pets or fostering homeless pups– every little bit makes a difference!

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Chelsea Update: 2 Months Post-Surgery!

Yesterday marked two months since Chelsea’s FHO surgery. She continues to improve daily and her hair is slowly but surely growing back. We’ve been walking, swimming and stretching to continue rehabilitation but Chelsea’s favorite part is finally being able to play with Scarlett and Harley. She can also run now and we play fetch outside daily to continue to grow her leg muscles. When she’s running, she uses both back legs equally as opposed to slightly favoring her “good” leg when she walks.

I love playing fetch with palm fronds!

Though we are only a third of the way through Chelsea’s complete rehabilitation, it is clear she is healing fantastically. Last week, we got a sweet surprise as we watched her jump on the sofa for the first time ever unassisted! She just pulled herself on up– something she has never been able to do, even before surgery. It was a very proud moment for all of us :)

2 months after FHO surgery.

Her double coat is starting to grow back in…it’s currently very rough and patchy!

All this rehab is tough work!

We also want to thank everyone for the kind, supportive comments and encouragement for our baby girl, Scarlett. She is really improving on these meds so we have our fingers crossed that FHO surgery will be months or even years away!

Happy St. Patricks Day to all of our two and four-legged friends! We hope you have a great weekend :)

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Unbelievable is just one way to put it. Last week, our veterinarian made a shocking discovery while examining Scarlett. While at first completely overwhelmed, we know everything is going to be okay.

My sweet mama, Scarlett.

Scarlett started limping last Monday while she was outside. That’s odd, we thought, but dismissed it once she stopped moments later. On Tuesday morning, the limp was back and she was picking up her back right leg when she stood. Since she has never limped in the year we’ve had her and has not had any accidents since, we took her to the vet for an explanation. After feeling around and noticing her right leg did not extend as much as the left one, Dr. T called for an X-ray. “Could this be the same thing as Chelsea?” I blurted. “It can’t be,” he replied as they walked out.

When they came back in the room, Dr. T’s smile was gone. “Unbelievable,” he exclaimed. My heart sank. I knew before he continued, “Same exact thing as Chelsea.”

Apparently, just like Chelsea, Scarlett suffered an accident that has left her with a broken, dislocated right leg. The leg has since healed incorrectly, on the side of her pelvis instead of in the hip socket, where it should be.


That was certainly my first question. We adopted her almost one year ago, around 10 months old; Dr. T feels this injury happened when she was 2-5 months. The injury is most consistent with being hit by a car but anything is possible. Scarlett is deathly afraid of cars so we think that’s most likely what happened.

The saddest part of all this is that unlike Chelsea, Scarlett had a “home” when she broke her leg. Someone knew she was in gut-wrenching pain and did nothing. Knowing the abuse she suffered there, it wouldn’t surprise me if her “caretaker” caused this accident. Thankfully, Scarlett was seized from this terrible place and taken to Miami-Dade Animal Services, where we adopted her. Though she was in bad shape, there was nothing to indicate a broken leg. Her wounds were consistent with abuse and neglect instead of massive trauma such as a car accident. She has never limped, favored one leg or done anything to suggest such a thing…until last week.

Though we didn’t see anything happen, our vet is hoping Scarlett bumped or overextended it and it’s temporarily sore. Since she has been fine for the past year, he decided not to rush her into FHO surgery and instead put her on anti-inflammatory medicine for two weeks. After a day, we saw significant improvement and in two days, her limp was gone. We are currently eight days in and Scarlett is totally normal–running, playing, no limp whatsoever. We will re-asses the situation next week and decide on our next steps. If she is still in pain, she will have to undergo FHO surgery much sooner than later.

I apologize that we have not been present at all over the past few weeks and promise we’ll be making re-appearances as soon as we can! In addition to Scarlett’s shocking diagnosis, we’ve been working overtime and both our cars broke down, making 10-hour-days turn into 13-hour-days. We also had a visit from our parents and sent Sony to live with them in his forever home :) We do miss you all dearly and can’t wait to catch up and see some adorable doggie photos.

Please say a prayer for me!

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Wordless Wednesday: Jumping for Joy

Posted on March 7, 2012 | 16 Comments

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Our New Rescue Schnauzer

Posted on March 4, 2012 | 26 Comments
We’ve had a fun first day with little Sony, the Schnauzer mix we helped rescue from Miami-Dade Animal Services. If you haven’t read Sony’s rescue story, check out Saving Sony. We’re fostering him for a week until he goes to live with my parents and sister in his forever home :)

Hi I’m Sony!

I brought Sony home after his neuter surgery yesterday and started to get to know him. He had a tick infestation that took me over an hour to eradicate before he could meet my pack. During that time, I felt some protruding bones and realized he’s a little underweight. Sony’s collar was broken and had been retied with a zip-tie. He’s also been abused– most likely hit by humans– as he cowered when I extended a hand to pet him. Still, he would eventually get close and smother my face in kisses, as he did when I met him at the shelter. It is clear this little guy is still a big love bug!

Sony’s previous owners tied his collar together with a zip-tie when it broke.

And he’s such a sweetheart!

He met my troop one by one in the backyard: Chelsea, Harley and then Scarlett. Sony was terrified of everyone! He was definitely the only dog in his last “family”. He would run to me, plastering his body against me and attempt to “climb” me (I was sitting the whole time for introductions because he was so tiny and scared). As he got more comfortable (rather quickly!), I let the three smallest run freely in the house. At the end of the night, all four were interacting seamlessly together, though Sony was still a bit shy around Scarlett. This is pretty normal considering he’s learning his place within our pack. (Read one of our previous posts: Introducing a New Dog).

When we went to sleep, he did not want to go in the crate. He jumped at the bed, each time his little head peeping over the edge. Then all of a sudden, he was on top of me! We have pet stairs for Harley and Chelsea because our bed is quite high. This little 7-lb. pup hoped right up! Dogs shouldn’t jump after surgery but what could I do at that point?! Running and jumping happen sometimes– I mean c’mon Sony finally has a real family with canine friends! We put him in his crate and after crying for three minutes, he slept through the night with no accidents.

Today, he’s been an absolute delight. All the pups have been playing together and Sony’s having a great time! He no longer shies away when the pups run to him; instead, he indulges their offers to play. He’s been going potty outside and we’re keeping our fingers crossed he continues that, even though he feels the need to do it on my large flower pots (poor guy wasn’t trained properly)! He loves squeaky toys and though he doesn’t know any basic commands, he comes when called and has already learned “let’s go outside”. And he continues to love giving kisses!

Here are some more photos from our first day with Sony. We may change his name but it’s Sony for now :)

No longer just a number!

Meeting a cat for the first time. What is this thing?

Sniffing Schnauzers

Can you see the resemblance?

Sony loves Scarlett now :)

Woo, toys!

Two dogs chasing tail. Roory is not happy…

Our latest success stories from Miami-Dade Animal Services :)

This is how we play around here, Sony…

I’m a love-bug and I want to give you a puppy kiss!

Whew! I am sleeeepy!

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Tag! We’re it!

Posted on March 3, 2012 | 15 Comments
Woohoo! We were recently tagged with some questions to answer by Laurie, Webster and Daisy from Laurie Bartolo Photography and Chuck and the Collie troop from Collies of the Meadow! If you haven’t been to these can’t-miss blogs, be sure to check them out!

Roory, Chelsea, Scarlett and Harley

Here are our answers. We loved the way Laurie answered for everyone so we thought we would do the same :) Enjoy.

1.  Describe yourself in 7 words. 

Harley: smart, leader, loyal, stubborn, human, active, hunter

Scarlett: cuddly, shy, fast, strong, wiggly, spunky, pointer

Chelsea: playful, mischievous, laid-back, escape artist, soft, lover, adventurous

Roory: dog, social, loud, survivor, tough, affectionate, tiny

2. What keeps you up at night?

Harley: When the bigger dogs try to take my spot on the bed.

Scarlett: When the small dogs take my spot on the bed and kick me to the floor.

Chelsea: Nothing, I sleep like a princess!

Roory: Nothing, it’s the only time the dogs can’t harass me!

3. Who would you like to be?

Harley: King of the World

Scarlett: A hunting dog– specifically, pointing and retrieving!

Chelsea: Ah, who cares! I’m happy being me!

Roory: The only animal in the house!!!

4. What are you wearing right now?

Harley: My black silky coat and blue collar. I only wear clothes when I’m cold.

Scarlett: My pretty amber coat and pink collar.

Chelsea: My silky coat with a bit of patchy fur growing back on my leg and my green collar.

Roory: Long fur that is coming off all over the house.

5. What scares you?

Harley: Nothing at all.

Scarlett: Pretty much everything: big cars, strange people, loud noises, yelling, the vacuum, bubble wrap, other dogs sometimes…I’m getting better though.

Chelsea: Realllllly big dogs. I think they might squish me and hurt my leg.

Roory: Only Harley. And only sometimes when he’s trying to play ruler of the land.

6. The best and worst of blogging.

Harley: The best: Showing off everything that I can do! The worst: When mom makes me take a million pictures. She knows I will pose but geez, it gets annoying! Last week, she used me for a news story her company was doing. I need an agent.

Scarlett: The best: Flaunting how far I’ve come since I was rescued a little less than a year ago. The worst: Sometimes I want to play and Mom is busy blogging it up!

Chelsea: The best: Meeting new friends and having so much support after my FHO surgery! The worst: When I want to go outside and Mom is blogging.

Roory: The best: Convincing people that I– not Harley– am the leader of this house. The worst: When the dogs steal my spotlight.

7. The last website I visited.

Laurie Bartolo Photography and Collies of the Meadow to answer these questions!

8. What is one thing I would change about myself.

Harley: Mom says I should lose a pound or two. I say I’m fine.

Scarlett: I wish I wasn’t scared of lots of things, especially strangers. Every stranger I’ve gotten to know in my new home is very nice and caring!

Chelsea: Nothing! I am awesome the way I am– I’ve never even gone potty in the house.

Roory: Mom says I should gain weight. Maybe that would be good so I could get bigger than Harley!

9. Slankets yes or no.

Harley: And mess up my high sense of fashion? No thanks.

Scarlett: Sure! I love snuggling up in small, comfy spaces :)

Chelsea: Maybe…then I could rip it all apart! I love reeking havoc!

Roory: Only to curl up and sleep on top of.

10. Tell us something about the dog that tagged you.

Laurie Bartolo Photography: Laurie’s dogs Webster and Daisy are beautiful dogs that live with their mom in their forever home. Laurie loves to photograph them and other dogs in her community and we enjoy reading their heartfelt posts and seeing their stunning photos!

Collies of the Meadow: Chuck’s dogs are a fun-loving bunch of Collies who love to play with their dad, share wonderful stories and make us laugh with funny photos and comments. The love Chuck has for his Collies comes through every post and we enjoy their blog a lot!

We see lots of our friends have already been tagged, so we’ll extend our tagging to anyone who has not yet had the chance to participate in this fun post!

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Saving Sony! Meet the Newest Family Member…

Posted on March 2, 2012 | 33 Comments
Today, I was able to successfully save another homeless dog on death row fromMiami-Dade Animal Services! Sony is an adorable 7-pound Schnauzer mix who is around 1-year. Before you go thinking I’ve gone off the deep end, don’t worry! Sony is not my new baby, he’s my new little brother– or possibly my nephew if my little sister claims him :)

Sony’s intake photo from Miami-Dade Animal Services.

I was sitting on my lunch break today browsing MDAS’s Facebook page, Urgent Dogs of Miami, as I do every day. This government-run shelter takes in 100-150 dogs a day and is responsible for strays, criminal cases (when animal cruelty or neglect is involved), confiscated dogs and owner surrenders…basically everything. Thankfully, there are a few helpful rescue organizations in the area but MDAS takes the brunt of the responsibility. Due to this, they have high kill rates and pets are euthanized in tragic numbers. Today, as I was browsing thepage, I stumbled upon Sony.

Sony was an owner surrender, meaning his pet guardian came and dumped him at the high-kill shelter, knowing he could be put to sleep within minutes of being dropped off. The reason? He was moving. Disgusting, I know.

As I looked at Sony’s photo, it felt like I was looking at Harley. My family recently lost their beloved Schnauzer, Brandy, and still miss her very much. Now that I think about it, this is the first time in my entire life they’ve not had a Schnauzer. I jumped on the phone, telling my Mom about this adorable death row doggie. Soon enough, I was running back to my office to tell my boss I had to leave.Sorry, serious rescue work in motion! Thankfully, they are supportive of my rescue antics and sent me off with a blessing :)

I’m a total cutie!

When I got to Sony’s cage at the shelter, a scraggly, skinny Harley looked back at me. I almost fell over when I noticed him wearing Harley’s first collar- red with a skull and crossbones. I stuck my finger through the bars and he shyed away. So I got him out of the cage– he clung to me for dear life. When I took him to a room to run around, he came alive, prancing and showering me in kisses. He was so happy, jumping up and down and doing the typical Schnauzer move– running in circles. What a bundle of joy! Though his hair is a bit scraggly and long, I know it’s only because he’s never had a haircut! And the little guy could use a bath ;)

I filled out the adoption paperwork and will be going back tomorrow to pick Sony up. I couldn’t bring him home today because he needs to be neutered. He’ll get the surgery tomorrow and I’ll bring him home in the afternoon. Then we will get to keep Sony until my family can come get him and take him to his forever home.

And little by little, a difference is made– today, one more innocent dog’s life was saved!

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Wordless Wednesday: Progress

Post-FHO Surgery

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

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Queen of the Leaf Pile

Mom and Dad ran out of time after a day of yard work, leaving leaf piles all over the backyard! Later, when Mom called the pups in after a potty break, Scarlett and Harley came running but there was no sign of Chelsea. Mom kept calling but nothing– odd, this never happens. After lots of searching, Mom stumbled upon Chelsea at the edge of the property…Queen of the Leaves.

Just me and my throne.

Don’t bother me– can’t you see I’m busy?!

Thank you for collecting all of my sticks in one place! They better still be here tomorrow…

This post is part of the Monday Mischief Blog Hop! Visit the sponsors of the blog hop: Alfie’s BlogSnoopy’s Dog BlogMy Brown Newfies and Luna, A Dog’s Life… and click the photo below to get involved!

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Wordless Wednesday

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Chelsea Goes to the Beach

It was only right to take advantage of the wonderful weather yesterday by taking Chelsea to the beach for the first time! She had a fabulous time exploring, digging in the sand, meeting other doggies and swimming in the ocean! Here are some pictures of Chelsea’s exciting day.

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Playtime & New Pets

Slowly, we’ve been letting Chelsea play with Scarlett and Harley. Her leg is continuing to improve though we’re still working to encourage her to keep it down 100% of the time. She is getting much better and we can see her muscles getting bigger and more defined. You can even see her fur starting to come back in. Today, she had a fun time with Scarlett outside.

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Flattered! Another Award to Share

We are so excited to share another wonderful award we received from our dear friends at Cupcake Speaks! We are absolutely flattered– four awards in one week and this is our second Liebster Award!! Chelsea is throwing her front paws in the air, Scarlett is doing her whole body wiggle and Harley is running in circles! Roory is…well, Roory is sitting on the back of the couch and looking pretty ;)

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Chelsea Update & Awards!

Monday marks one month since Chelsea’s FHO surgery. Though we have a long way to go until she recovers, she is continuing to progress and get stronger each day.

In the past week, Chelsea has been picking up her leg at times, usually when she’s in the backyard. At this stage in her recovery, the bone mass in her leg and hip socket are fusing together and that can be painful. We have to continuously encourage her, “use your leg, Chelsea” until she puts it down. It’s imperative she put weight on and use her leg so her muscles can also fuse around her leg/hip socket as well as strengthen in her leg.

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Species Reversal

A few months ago, I caught Harley climbing around on Roory’s cat tree. Today I came home and could not find the kitty anywhere. After a few minutes of following the “meows” I found her– in Chelsea’s crate! Seems no one in this house knows if they’re dogs or cats (including me hehe :) )

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Sweet Brandy Girl ~ 2000-2012

My childhood dog, sweet Brandy girl, went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday morning. Our family is devastated because we thought she had more time but comforted knowing she was not in pain. With tears in my eyes, I write this while Scarlett licks away my tears. Dogs just know.

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Scarlett’s Teeth

The people who had Scarlett before us did some very bad things to her. If you haven’t read Scarlett’s story, you can by clicking here. Though most of her physical and emotional scars have healed, we will have to deal with the abuse for years to come.

We don’t know exactly what happened in Scarlett’s previous home but we do know three of her canines were grinded down. Historically, this is done by dog abusers to limit the dog’s ability to fight back. One of Scarlett’s canines is visibly grinded to a stump; the others are grinded about halfway.

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Operation Destruction!

Well, aren’t Mommy and Daddy silly! They got very lazy and left not one but twothings out for the pups to get to! High heels and dog-themed playing cards. Jeez, talk about some mischief!

The evidence:

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Post-FHO Surgery: Chelsea on Film

Posted on January 21, 2012 | 7 Comments | Edit

Chelsea has been recovering exceptionally well from FHO surgery! (If you haven’t read Chelsea’s story, click here.) Though adjusting to the “recovery rules” hasn’t been easy, Chelsea’s leg is healing incredibly.

During FHO surgery, Chelsea had her leg completely detached and put into her hip socket. This was for a preexisting injury and therefore, Chelsea had lost a lot of muscle mass in the bad leg.

Because we had to fundraise to pay for the surgery, we did not want her to lose more muscle mass as time went on. During fundraising efforts, we took Chelsea on long walks every day, encouraging her to use her leg. We wanted her to have as much muscle as possible and get used to walking on it. This continued for two months leading up to surgery.

Now, 5 days after a very successful surgery, Chelsea is walking on all fours beautifully! She still has an obvious limp but we don’t have to encourage her to use it as we were told we would. We walk her four to five times a day, around our yard, on leash. This will help her strengthen her muscles and get used to walking normally.

Click here to see a video of us walking around the yard! We also just started aYouTube Channel, so be sure to visit us! We’ll try to add new videos a few times a week :)

Welcome Home, Foxy Chelsea!

Posted on January 17, 2012 | 25 Comments | Edit

We brought Chelsea home this afternoon!!! She is doing considerably well and we are amazed at her resilience. She is one little trooper!

For the next ten days, Chelsea needs to take it easy. That means no running, jumping or playing. Chelsea will be crated at night to make sure she’s safe. She will be separated from Harley and Scarlett when we aren’t around and even though she’ll hate it, it’s for her own good. We don’t allow them to interact with Chelsea beyond a little sniff or lick when they’re together. Harley and Scarlett have been very good with her but we still need to limit and constantly monitor their interactions.

When we take Chelsea outside, we leave the other dogs inside and walk her a very short distance on leash. The doctors told us to encourage her to use her leg with “mini-walks” around the yard 3-4 times a day. We’ve also been massaging her leg to stimulate muscle growth.

We look forward to sharing Chelsea’s progress with you! For now, we are so relieved she is home and happy that she finally has a chance to live a healthy pain-free life! Thank you to everyone for all the prayers, encouragement and support; it has been truly amazing and we can’t thank you enough!

Here are some pictures of little Chelsea post-surgery.

Chelsea’s Just Fine!

Posted on January 16, 2012 | 13 Comments | Edit

Chelsea got out of surgery at 4:30 p.m. It went well and she is currently waking up from anesthesia. Because the surgery was so complex, they want to monitor her overnight. We miss her but are comforted knowing she’s in very good hands.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers, encouragement and words of support during this difficult time! It means so much to us to have so many friends and family members who are so supportive!

We’ll keep you updated as things progress! We can’t wait to see Chelsea and bring her home tomorrow!

Chelsea’s Weekend

Posted on January 16, 2012 | 19 Comments | Edit
Chelsea spent her last weekend before FHO surgery with lots of outdoor playtime, walks, belly rubs and her favorite homemade treats, Crunchy Wheat-Free Turkey Bites. She is currently in surgery and we are praying for the best! We can’t wait to bring her home even though it will be awhile until she can run around and get into her normal mischief again! (If you haven’t read about Chelsea’s FHO surgery, you can here.) Here are some pictures from this past weekend with little Chelsea.

Thanks to everyone for praying for Chelsea– we will post an update as soon as possible! We are happy we have such a strong little pup and we know she will pull through and be back to her normal mischievous ways soon :)

A Special Thank You

Posted on January 14, 2012 | 8 Comments |

Thank you to everyone who donated to help get my leg fixed on Monday!

We’d like to take this opportunity to individually thank each person who donated to Chelsea. Without you, Chelsea would not be able to have this leg-saving surgery! We are so thankful for every single one of you– words can not express our gratitude.

Bob Rodriguez
Hannelore Karpinski
Michael, Christy and Coleen Vito
Rick and Dee Ray
Krista Ray
Amelia Favere and Bill Ray
Gail and Chuck Ehrler and Fam
William and Betty Ray
Ponce de Leon Animal Clinic
Debbie and Ralph Goldstein
Carol Barnes
Patrecia and Neville Upton
Haley Owen
Carla Lanser
Alexis Gomez
Tim Roberts
Skeeter Lang
Teresa Lowenthal
And anyone else who donated anonymously.

Each of you are truly amazing; thank you so much! We are truly blessed to have such wonderful family, friends, coworkers and caring people around us.

We will share updates about Chelsea throughout surgery Monday and as she recovers from this complex surgery. We’ll have live updates Monday on ourTwitter and Facebook pages and we’ll write a post after surgery letting you all know how it went. Thank you for your prayers and support! This wouldn’t be possible without you :)

Prayers from Friends

Posted on January 11, 2012 | 15 Comments |

As many of our readers and friends know, Little Chelsea is going into FHO surgery this Monday to fix her broken/dislocated leg. After that, the journey really begins. Her recovery will take 6-8 months. If you haven’t read about her surgery, you can do so here. We are looking forward to getting it fixed so Chelsea can live a healthy pain-free life!

We would like to thank everyone who has offered support, encouragement, prayers and donations during this time from the bottom of our hearts. You all are truly wonderful and we are so blessed to have you as family and friends. We are so happy to share with you all the funds for Chelsea’s surgery have been raised!!!!

Today, we would love to thank a few of our very special friends who have shared Chelsea’s story throughout their own communities, blogs and websites. Thank you, Bongo! Thank you, Collies of the Meadow! Thank you, Uptown Dog! We are very grateful for your support and words cannot express how much your prayers and support mean. Thank you for being such great friends!

If you don’t know these guys, you have to check them out! In addition to being wonderful, caring friends, they all have awesome blogs that are among our favorites :)

Jump over to Bongo Dog Blog to say hello to Bongo and his family, including cat, Scratchy. Bongo is a hilarious pup who shares cool pictures and stories of his adventures with his Person (and occasionally Scratchy). They like to do all sorts of stuff, like hiking and jogging on nature trails. Thank you, Bongo for your awesome post about Chelsea. We loved reading everyone’s words of encouragement!

If you haven’t spent some time visiting with Chuck and his crew of 12 Collies at Collies of the Meadow, you are missing out. This big loving bunch is always up to something and their Dad, Chuck, shares beautifully written stories about his Collies of past, present and future. Chuck and the Collies also share some funny stories and gorgeous photos, so make sure to pay them a visit! Thank you, Chuck and the Collies for your prayers and such a touching post about our little girl. We are blessed to have you as friends!

Uptown Dog helped us campaign during our fundraising efforts by posting regularly to Twitter about little Chelsea. Uptown Dog is an adorable rescue pup living in NYC—Uptown Dog and Chelsea even have the same ears: one up/one down :) We don’t think it can get much cuter. Skip over to this blog to catch up with Uptown Dog. You’ll find adorable photos, posts to make you smile and even some doggy awareness stuff! Thank you Uptown Dog for all your support during our fundraising efforts; it means so much to us!

We’re looking forward to sharing Chelsea’s journey with you as we navigate through this. Thankfully, Chelsea is strong-willed and has the support of her family, friends, even complete strangers! Please continue your prayers for Chelsea as she goes through surgery and recovery. We’ll keep you updated!

Don’t You Want to Play?

Posted on January 9, 2012 | 12 Comments |
Baby Chelsea loves Roory probably a little too much. She’s about 6 months now and wants to play with everything and everyone. She doesn’t understand that not everything can be played with and not everyone wants to play with her all the time–especially not the cat! It’s a good thing Roory is one tough kitty and tolerates it most of the time :)

Enjoy our photos from the weekend mischief between these two!

FHO Surgery: a week from Monday

Little Chelsea is finally getting her surgery on January 16! (Click here to read about her procedure.) We are so excited to have it scheduled– it has been a long time coming. Through donations of friends, family, our readers and even strangers, we have raised $1500 of the total $2400 required for surgery and aftercare. Thank you to everyone who donated, shared Chelsea’s story or gave words of support and encouragement! We truly would not be able to do this without you. The $1500 should almost cover the surgery and we’ll continue to fundraise to try to cover her aftercare costs which include medicine, post-visits, physical therapy, rehabilitation and hydrotherapy. If you’d like to donate or share with your readers, you can visit Chelsea’s ChipIn page to make a secure online donation:

We’ve been enjoying Chelsea’s last weeks as a playful puppy; after her surgery, she won’t be mobile for a while. The estimated recovery time for this surgery is 8 months but when our vet saw her yesterday, he said he thinks it will be more like 6 months. This, because we’ve been working with her daily to maintain muscle mass in her bad leg. We also stopped giving her pain medicine unless she really needs it (rarely now–none for a week). She doesn’t limp nearly anymore at all, but we can obviously tell she’s compensating. She will be limping next Monday, that’s for sure!

During her surgery, they will shave off the dead bone mass that formed and reattach her leg in the correct spot. It will not be completely normal; rather the bone will fuse to the hip and muscles will grow around it, forming a support system. She should gain 90% function in her leg; seeing her now, we have no reason to believe she can’t be 100% after proper recovery.

Her last mange treatment is next Thursday (this is, in part, why we delayed surgery). She gets a chemical dip bath and then must air-dry. This is the suggested treatment for the type of mange she has, Demodectic mange but can take the longest. She has received a dip per week since we got her ($65 per dip!). We can tell the mange is healing completely and looks much better. We’re lucky it didn’t spread past her elbows.

Please keep Chelsea is your prayers; she is going to need lots of TLC throughout the recovery process. In 6-8 months, Chelsea should be completely healed, healthy and ready to live her life. She is one of the many rescue dog success stories and we are looking forward to a long, healthy life for our little angel.

We also received the Versatile Blogger Award from one of our new friends,DogDaz. It’s a wonderful blog starring two pups, Sophie and Louise and three kitties, Connie, Noel and Muffin who are always up to something. They are new and deserve many more followers, so be sure to check them out! Thanks, DogDazfor awarding us with our second Versatile Blogger Award! We are honored to be in such great company as the other blogs you selected :)

You can see my previous Versatile Blogger Nominations by clicking here. Enjoy!

Versatile Blogger Award


We have just received the Versatile Blogger Award from our pal, An artist’s eye at treebranchdesign. Thank you so much, Jennifer for this cool award! We are honored to be nominated from a fellow dog lover and rescuer :) If you haven’t been to treebranchdesign, make sure you check it out! Jennifer is a talented artist with many beautiful photos on her blog. She also has two rescue pups, Casey and Duke. Visit treebranchdesign by clicking here!

The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are as follows:
1. Thank the award giver and link back in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to as many as 15 blogs you enjoy reading and let them know about the award!

7 Things About Us
1. Nicknames- we each have lots!
Harley: Har, Sheriff, BooBoo, Killer
Scarlett: Scar, Big Mama, Baby Girl
Chelsea: Foxy Chelsea, Princess, Bunny
2. In terms of speed we rank as follows: Scarlett, Harley, Roory, Chelsea.
3. Our favorite toys are Kong toys- we have a bunch of different ones and love them all! Our parents love them because they are super durable.
4. Scarlett loves sprinting beside a skateboard, Harley loves running beside a bicycle and Chelsea is too slow for both but hopefully when her leg is fixed she’ll find something :)
5. Harley drinks water from a human glass/cup. He refuses to drink from the water bowl and thinks he’s a person. He kind of is!
6. Chelsea is Scarlett’s little shadow. She does everything like Scarlett and the two are best friends.
7. When outside, Scarlett carries a big floppy pink stuffed dog around everywhere like it’s her baby. It gets very comical when she’s protecting the yard, the pink dog muffling her bark :)

Now here’s the fun part…giving the award. Be sure to check out these cool blogs and dogs!

1. 2browndawgs
The 2browndawgs are two gorgeous Chessies who hunt with their parents and have many training accolades and accomplishments. They are about to get a third Chessie and always have cute puppy pictures to coo over.
2. BongoDogBlog
Bongo is an adventurous rescue pup who lives in Arizona and loves hiking, exploring and getting into it with Scratchy the cat. His stories always make us laugh out loud and he’s one of our favorite blogs!
3. Collies of the Meadow
Chuck and his 12 Collies always have something going on at their Collies of the Meadow blog. These gorgeous dogs love telling heartwarming stories with their dad and there is never a dull moment on this blog.
4. Iowa Dog Blog
Iowa Dog Blog stars Gertie and Duke, Andrea’s rescue pups along with dog-friendly events, important canine causes and fun posts where we always learn something neat.
5. Chancy the Gardner
Chancy stars in this blog and shares hilarious stories about himself and his brothers and sisters, all adorable rescue pets. Right now his parents Mumsey and Pop have 3 dogs, 3 cats and a guinea pig, though they say the number is always subject to change :)
6. Wayward Dogs
Crystal shares wonderful stories about dog rescue and helping dogs find their way on Wayward Dogs blog. An active rescuer, Crystal saved 6 dogs in 2011, and her mission is to help dogs find their way while searching for meaning and community along the path of life. So cool!
7. Uptown Dog
Uptown Dog is an adorable rescue pup who lives with doting parents in the Big Apple. Uptown Dog even has the same ears as Chelsea- one up/one down :) A posh pup, Uptown Dog always has cool posts about adoption and rescue, NYC doggies, latest fashions and funny stories.
8. Alfie’s Blog
Alfie is a beautiful Entlebucher Mountain Dog from London. His posts are fun to read and he’s always up to something mischievous! Alfie hosts a weekly blog hop for pets that every dog blog should join!
9. Laurie Bartolo
Laurie is an accomplished photographer who shares expressive dog photographs on her blog. Her pictures are beautiful and truly capture the spirit in each dog. Laurie is also an active advocate and volunteer in dog rescue, adoption, responsible pet ownership and improving dogs’ conditions in her community!
10. Live, Bark, Love
Live, Bark, Love is a wonderful dog blog by Kas featuring her wonderful rescue dogs. They love agility training, sports and anything active and their mom is big in animal rescue, adoption and fostering to save innocent pets’ lives!
11. Rumpy Dog Blog
Rumpy is a sweet rescue dog who is a passionate advocate for animal rescue and adoption and is always sharing stories to bring awareness to dogs and cats who need homes. Rumpy also has fun weekly columns, interviews and feel-good stories that are sure to make you smile.
12.  Basset Mamma
Basset Mamma blogs about life with her two adorable Basset Hounds, Fred, a 20-month puppy, and Gloria, a 5 year old, who they actually got after little Freddie. They are adorable pups and their mom, Janet, also has delicious pup-friendly recipes if you like cooking for your pup like we do :)
13. Bassa’s Blog
Bassa is a giant Caucasian Shepherd dog from Tbilisi who shares thoughtful and funny stories on her blog. She lives with her person, De and a little person, too. Bassa always has something new to learn on her blog and we enjoy reading it everyday!
14. Snoopy’s Dog Blog
Snoopy is a Bearded Collie living in California with bright blue eyes. A beautiful pup, Snoopy gets into lots of mischief and is always having fun with Mum, Annette, who is currently writing a dog novel and a series of children’s books…we think that is so cool!
15. LuzeyevieW
Luisy is a photographer from our town: Miami, FL! She takes lots of beautiful photographs and deserves many more followers on this fun blog. Luisy also loves dogs and animals and has some adorable dog photographs to check out.

I hope you enjoy these blogs! They are all full of great posts and each person behind the blog is a cute canine or big time dog lover :)

*By the way, my new domain address is You can still access from my original but this one should be much easier and eventually I’ll phase out my old one. Thank you!

Telluride Mischief

 Talk about a whole week and two past weekends of mischief! We celebrated Christmas this year in Telluride, Colorado and it was absolutely beautiful. While Scarlett and Chelsea stayed home, making mischief of their own (tearing up the rug!), Harley came to Telluride with us. This Miami Pup became Snow Puppy instantly, jumping through the powdery snow like a bunny. His favorite activity was terrorizing skiers and snowboarders as they came down the run. Here are some pictures from the past mischief-packed-vacation.

UPDATE: You can now access For the Love of My Dogs by pointing your browser to Our original address, still works however we hope this is easier :)

Big Dogs

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 How big do you think the heaviest dog in the world weighed? You may be surprised at the number, a Guinness Book Record held by Zorba, a massive tan English Mastiff. Though she sadly passed away in 2008, Zorba held and still holds the record for the world’s largest pup. Click here to see some amazing pictures of this gentle giant. Still wondering about her weight? 343 pounds! Let me assure you that was no typo, Zorba weighed 343 pounds!

English Mastiffs are the largest dogs in the world and can weigh over 200 pounds. Their average size is 120-230 pounds (click here to see my source).

Other large dog breeds include Burmese Mountain Dogs, a favorite breed in Telluride, CO, as well as Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands and Great Danes.

How big was the biggest pup you ever had? The biggest I ever had was Jenny, a 110-pound Bouvier des Flanders. She was a beautiful gentle giant who was often mistaken for a small black bear. Here’s a photo of me, Jenny and Stanley, our Standard Schnauzer, from back in the day :)

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Happy 2012

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After a wonderful week in Telluride, Colorado, we are back with our doggies in Miami, FL. We hope you all had a great, relaxing holiday–we sure did! We can’t believe 2012 is already here! Happy New Year to all of our readers and friends :)

We’re sorry we’ve been out of touch and look forward to catching up with each of you! We’re sure there are lots of great holiday stories and we definitely have a few to share too. We want to start the new year with a list of the Top 3 Events for Each Doggy in 2011. Enjoy and Happy 2012!

1. Getting two little canine sisters in one year!
2. Being the only dog to come to Telluride this Christmas.
3. Starring in For the Love of My Dogs Blog :)

1. Getting rescued March 23, 2011!
2. Learning to love other animals and not fight.
3. Doubling in weight and learning to walk on leash.

1. Getting rescued just in time on October 27, 2011!
2. Having so many people who care donate to get her leg fixed.
3. Scheduled surgery for a completely normal, healthy life ahead!

Do your pups have a Top Event of 2011? Let us know!

Colorado Christmas

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday! We’ve been in Telluride, Colorado since Christmas Eve. Lucky Harley got to come with us…he’s having a great time despite a little altitude adjustment (we went from 0 to 10,000 ft. elevation!). Scarlett, Chelsea and Roory are at home, being looked after by our wonderful pet sitter. She tells us they have been good and nothing has been destroyed…yet :)We do miss them very much!

Meanwhile, Harley is just having a blast in the snow and he’s enjoying being the only pup–so much attention! He even got to open all the pups’ Christmas presents and now probably thinks they are all for him. Sorry we have not been posting or visiting our dear friends recently; we have limited internet access! We should be back to full speed after the New Year :)

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a blessed New Year!

Happy Holidays!

We wanted to share our Christmas card with all of our blogging buddies :) The quality isn’t great because I had to scan it but we do hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and best wishes for a blessed New Year!

Leash Training Sundays

Our training has gone exceptionally well the past week! All the pups are walking beautifully together. We’re now starting to work on keeping them  side by side in line. The past week’s most major advancement comes with Scarlett: she is now going on long runs…next to my boyfriend on his longboard. When they go, Scarlett doesn’t want to stop and Dom tells me sometimes he can’t keep up! Enjoy the pictures.

Holiday Dogs

Harley and my grandfather sharing words of wisdom a few Christmases ago.

The picture on my family’s Christmas card a couple years ago. Rescuing dogs runs in the family :)

We have also been awarded the Collies Choice Award from Collies of the Meadow! Thank you Chuck and the Collies for this wonderful award; we are so proud to receive it :) If you don’t know Chuck and his troop of 12 beautiful Collies, jump over to Collies of the Meadow Blog and see what this fun-loving bunch is up to!

We wish you all a warm, wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Awards Season!

We are so excited! We have just been awarded our second award, the Kreative Blogger Award, from Bassa’s Blog. Thank you, Bassa and De, for this wonderful award! We are honored to receive this from a blog we enjoy so much. If you don’t know Bassa, the Caucasian Shepherd dog from Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia, check out her blog by clicking here!

So to accept this award, we need to tell you 10 things about us you don’t know. Though frequent readers may know some things on this list, I hope you learn a few new things about the pups :) Enjoy!

10. Harley is the only pup who has lived outside of Miami. He’s from Texas and spent the first months of his life with me in Charlotte, NC. Scarlett and Chelsea were both born and raised in Miami-Dade, FL.
9. Harley got to live with two other dogs while I was in college. First, there was Bella, a little white Maltipoo and then Beanie, a teeny Chihuahua.
8. Scarlett and Chelsea never need haircuts however Harley must go once a month to maintain his good looks!
7. Chelsea’s favorite way to play with Scarlett is to bite her back legs and ankles mercilessly.
6. Scarlett is terrified of water. Harley LOVES it.
5. Since we rescued Chelsea at 3 months old, she has never gone potty in the house.
4. Roory’s favorite dog is Harley.
3. Harley once fought off a 5-foot iguana. He’s 8 pounds and suffered one tiny scratch on his side.
2. The hierarchy of the house goes as follows: Roory, Harley, Scarlett, Chelsea.
1. All the pups sleep on the bed with us. Harley sleeps under the covers.

Now the fun part! We’ll be giving out 4 awards to some of our favorite blogs (who we have not already passed awards to). Congrats to all of our recipients! If you don’t know these blogs, check them out by clicking the links below.

Fabulous Flo
Fabulous Flo is a blog starring Flo, a young Rhodesian Ridgeback who lives in Australia with two cats and their human. Great posts about everyday life with Flo, including breathtaking photos make this blog one you don’t want to miss out on! Hop over to Fabulous Flo and get to know this truly gorgeous pup!

Collies of the Meadow
Collies of the Meadow is a beautifully written blog written by Chuck, “the Old Guy”, dedicated to his Collies of past, present and future. Chuck and his family have twelve Collies they love dearly and share stories, photos and videos about life with their wonderful companions. Be sure to check out Collies of the Meadow!

Just Ramblin
Just Ramblin’ is a clever, well-written blog about living the chaotic life with family and pups, Stella and Sadie. This blog features thoughtful posts including photos of Stella the Newfie and Sadie the Chessie, accompanied with interesting, truly creative captions. Visit Just Ramblin’ and get to know these pretty pups!

Live, Bark, Love
Live, Bark, Love features four pups who love all sports, especially agility training and canine disc/disc dog. Evee, Bailey, Diesel Wayne and Kylie Ann live with their parents, Kas and her fiancé and they are always up to something fun. Kas is heavily involved in dog rescue and has fostered 24 animals since 2005! Stop by and say hi to this fun blog with lots of great action photos.

Walk Like A Cat

Someone in this house thinks he is a cat. He thinks he can jump up on the dining room table, just like a cat, and jump through the air to the cat’s food bowl, just like a cat. The problem is, Harley is not a cat. He can jump on the table but he can’t make the leap of faith to the food. So he just gets stuck and has no way to get back down.

Snoopy's Dog Blog
This post is part of the Monday Mischief Blog Hop. Check it out and join above! Be sure to visit the hosts of Monday Mischief, Alfie’s BlogSnoopy’s Dog BlogMy Brown Newfies and Luna, A Dogs Life…

Leash Training Sundays

We have been leash training Scarlett and Chelsea separately until now. Scarlett came to us terrified of leashes and always refuses to leave the yard when she’s on-leash. With consistency, she’s getting better but it’s always a struggle to get her to take the first step off our property. With this in mind, we decided to do Chelsea’s leash training separately so she doesn’t develop any bad habits. Lucky Harley gets to come on double the walks since he’s trained :) Well…Scarlett and Chelsea have been doing so well with their training, we decided to take them on their first walk all together today. It was very exciting and we forgot some of our prior training (pulling!) but overall, everyone did great! If you read aboutScarlett’s accident Friday night, then you see she is feeling much better! Here are some pictures from the walk around the neighborhood.

We hope you had a wonderful Sunday and weekend as well. We are going to continue to walk them together since they did remarkably. We’ve come a long way from Scarlett gluing herself to the ground and Chelsea trying to run for cover in every bush within reach.

How did you train your dogs to walk properly on-leash? We’d love to hear your tips!

Scarlett’s Scary Accident

Last night, Scarlett and Chelsea were playing under our coffee table. It has a glass top with curved metal legs. All of a sudden, I heard her screaming in pain. I looked over to see her front paw, twisted and stuck in one of the metal legs. It was absolutely horrific. Instincts took over and I threw myself on her, trying to push her body forward. She was trying to pull her paw out with every ounce of strength; she was twisting her body, yanking herself and yelping in a way I never, ever want to hear again. Her paw needed to be twisted and properly slid up, to where the curved metal got wider and would free her. It took everything I had to push her towards the table, relieving the pressure. Thankfully, at that point, my boyfriend ran out of the bedroom (this was like 15 seconds from when it started but felt like an eternity). He got behind her, pushing her forward. This allowed me to get to her paw, properly twist and slide it out. She was biting me, yelping and throwing herself all over. I thought her foot was crushed for sure. Finally when I slid it out, she cowered and jumped on the couch, moving away from us. She wasn’t holding her paw but looked terrified of both of us. We backed off for a minute, observing from a distance. When we asked if she wanted to go out, she sprang off the couch, using the front paw normally. She ran around outside and circled back to us, licking our faces and wagging her tail.

We brought her in and looked at it. She had a small cut by her nail from where the metal sliced into her as she tried to free herself. It was bleeding a little bit but she was not licking it or anything. We decided to wait it out and take her to the vet if anything got worse or if she seemed to be in pain. Today she is completely normal, running, playing and eating. She still has a small cut but it is nowhere near what I thought. Thankfully, her reaction to being trapped was much worse than her actual injury. I’m glad she’s alright but it broke my heart to see her reaction. Here’s a little about Scarlett’s past you may not know.

When we rescued Scarlett amidst a Distemper outbreak at our local shelter, she was severely neglected and abused, at 10 months and 28 pounds. She actually tested positive for Distemper but symptoms never started and she survived the disease (only 20% of puppies infected overcome it). The past abuse and neglect came with physical evidence: she was severely underweight, had missing teeth, a few canines were grinded down, open wounds on her paws, “armpits”, head and body and scars all over. This is how “Ruby” came to be Scarlett. Her emotional scars were much worse. She was terrified of any person, besides myself. It took a week for her to warm up to my boyfriend. There were other things that terrified her: cars, loud noises, men, yelling, snapping, making a kissing noise and a lot of other stuff. It was so sad. Her ears and tail were down the first two weeks she was with us; we didn’t know they actually went up. But sure enough as she got comfortable, up they went :) She got considerably better as time went on and she learned we were not going to hurt her. And oh yeah, she’s 50 pounds now!

Besides being terrified, she was very animal-aggressive. Although it wasn’t that way in the shelter, in a home environment, that changed in an instant. Despite being properly introduced to Harley and getting along for the first few hours, she snapped when he ran over to me in the yard. She rushed him, bit his neck and held him, pinned. Off to the hospital we went, and a few stitches later, Harley was better. This terrible event put everyone on edge: “give her back”“have her put down”“give up on her”“she will never learn”. We felt awful for Harley because honestly, the fight was my fault but we also knew we would not give up on Scarlett. We vowed to do whatever it took to rehabilitate Scarlett and keep our home safe for Harley and our kitty, Roory. It was three and a half months of very intensive training; we used Leerburg’s method, catering it specifically to our situation. As most of you know, Scarlett is now the most gentle, well-trained girl of the bunch. Besides loving Harley, Roory and Chelsea, she loves all dogs now. And she is a beautiful dog inside and out.

Though we will never exactly know the extent of Scarlett’s past, we understand it was terrible. Last night’s accident gave us a glimpse into that reaction of sheer terror. I will never understand how people can mistreat dogs and after hearing those blood-curdling yelps, I don’t know how anyone could live with themselves when they are the source of the inflicting pain. For those of you wondering, we’re getting rid of the coffee table ASAP. It was a freak accident but we’re not taking the chance.

Friendly Pups

Fundraising for Chelsea

We are raising money to help pay for Chelsea’s FHO surgery. She needs it in order to keep her leg and we’ve got to get it done as soon as possible so it does not atrophy any more or keep causing her pain. If you haven’t read about our rescue pup’s story, you can by clicking here. The money we raise will help us pay for everything she needs including a veterinary specialist, months of physical therapy, in-home rehabilitation, hydrotherapy sessions, medication and even massages to stimulate her muscle. She has recovered from a host of problems including an upper-respiratory infection, hookworms and mange but still has her biggest obstacle to overcome: FHO surgery and months of recovery.

You can donate on Chelsea’s ChipIn page by clicking here. The link is if you would like to share it with your readers or friends. If we collect more proceeds than needed, all funds will be donated to Pick Your Paw Animal Rescue in New Jersey. They helped me save Chelsea and recently rescued, transported and re-homed 16 dogs from Miami-Dade Animal Services– a shelter with an extremely high kill-rate.

We’ve created a graphic you can copy and paste on your blog or website if you’d like to support us! You can download them from below and link them to

<< 237 x 271

 <<156 x 240

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We are so grateful for the support and look forward to a happy, healthy Chelsea.

Woohoo! Today, we were nominated by one of our dear friends for our first ever award! This is exciting stuff; the pups are jumping, slobbering and running in circles over here :)

Liebster means Dearest in German, so the Liebster Blog Award is the Dearest Blog Award. It’s an award intended to recognize worthy, lesser known blogs and to help expose their work. Of course, accepting The Liebster Award comes with a few rules!

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Reveal your top five picks {with less than 200 readers} and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Hope that the people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favorite up-and-coming bloggers and keep it going!

A giant-sized Thank You to Bongo for nominating us for this award! It is such an honor to receive an award from a blog you love to read. Bongo shares wonderful stories about himself and his person- they are always hiking cool trails and taking great pictures. Sometimes Scratchy the cat hijacks the blog. If you don’t know Bongo, check out some of his fun stories!

Now, it’s time to nominate some of my blogging friends for the award! We learn new things everyday from all of our dog blogging buddies and always get a few good laughs looking at adorable puppy pictures. I’m giving my awards to dog blogs starring rescued pups, as dog adoption is something I strongly support! Thank you to all of my nominees for choosing adoption.

Wayward Dogs is a feel-good blog about finding and helping dogs who have lost their way. Along with heartfelt stories about reunion, rescue and adoption, Wayward Dogs has thought-provoking stories about finding purpose in life. 

Iowa Dog Blog features our boxer pals, Gertie and Duke. Their mom and rescuer, Andrea takes lots of wonderful pictures of them and also posts about doggie events and important canine causes.

Chancy the Gardener stars Chancy, the rescue pup and his fun adventures with his mom, dad and siblings. The animal family consists of three dogs, three cats and a guinea pig, all who were rescued or adopted.

Uptown Dog is one of my newest blogging buddies from The Big Apple. An adorable Corgi mix rescue, Uptown Dog shares his stories about his new life in NYC. His stories always make us smile!

Rumpydog always has a fun story, a great interview or a helpful tip to offer readers. Rumpy was rescued from the side of a busy street and now shares a nice house with his mom, Jenny, and another dog and kitty.

Harley Takes Telluride

This year, my parents surprised us and (King) Harley with a trip to their mountain house in Telluride, Colorado for Christmas. We are so excited to spend Christmas in the snow– a nice change of pace from Palm-tree-Christmases in Miami.

The best part about Telluride, Colorado is that it’s a dog-lovin’ town! Everywhere you go, you are bound to run into a few pups on the way. Dogs go everywhere with their owners, every shop in town has a pooch behind the counter and dogs are pretty free to do what they like. They hang out in parks with their owners, ride the gondolas and hang at the outdoor bars by the fire pits. It’s pretty awesome.

Here are some pictures of Harley from four years ago, the last Christmas we spent in Telluride. He was just a baby but he LOVED the snow. He gets to come this year too and even though he doesn’t know it yet, he is going to be so excited the moment I pull out his travel bag.

Do you have holiday plans yet? Will your dogs get to spend the holidays with you? Harley gets to come but Scarlett, Chelsea and Roory will be holding down the house in Miami, spending Christmas with themselves.

Chelsea’s FHO Surgery

Yesterday, we took Chelsea to the vet  for her pre-operation consultation. She’s getting a femoral head oestectomy, more commonly known as FHO surgery, on her back right leg and hip for a pre-existing injury. If you haven’t read her story,check it out here.

Without FHO surgery, Chelsea will lose her leg. The muscle has already atrophied and will continue to do so until she loses all function in her injured leg. She is expected to recover from surgery exceptionally well because she’s only 4 months, manages her pain well and currently still uses it though it’s cracked. Our vet feels her chances of successful surgery are higher due to those factors. Here is a picture of her X-ray, taken by Dr. Jorge Tonarelly of Ponce de Leon Animal Clinic. Dr. Juan Sardinas of Miami Veterinary Specialists will perform the surgery.

After the surgery, Chelsea will physical therapy, rehabilitation and daily exercise. It will include physical therapy sessions, in-home exercises and massages and possible hydrotherapy. In 6-10 months, Chelsea should regain 80-90% function in her back leg and lead a normal, pain-free life.

It will cost $2,500 and Pick Your Paw Animal Network from New Jersey is helping us fundraise for her expenses. They are awesome and recently rescued 16 dogs from Miami-Dade Animal Services! We hope to have the funds raised as soon as possible so Chelsea can have her operation and start to recover!

Keep this little angel in your prayers; FHO surgery requires lots of care! We are very optimistic and look forward to sharing her recovery process with you.

Adverse Flea Med Reaction

My mom sent me a message today about her baby, two-year-old Maltipoo, Ace. He contracted a terrible skin bacteria infection from his Frontline Flea and Tick medicine. He takes it monthly and has never had a negative reaction until this last time. Ace had a tiny, red patch where the flea medicine was applied the day after the application. The vet told my mom it should go away but within two days, it was considerably worse. She took him in and it turns out, the area was badly infected and required antibiotics. Here are some pictures, so you get an idea what it looks like and what to look out for if your dogs take topical flea/tick medicine.

Our dogs take Comfortis, a flea/tick medicine in pill form. I fished out one of their old packages of topical K9 Advantix that states, “Individual sensitivies, while rare, may occur after using ANY pesticide product for pets.” While obviously true, my mom thought nothing of these warnings since Ace received the same medicine for months without any problems. Have your dogs ever had an adverse reaction to topical flea medicine?

Bottom line, if your dog experiences a bad reaction to flea medicine, take him or her to the vet and get it treated immediately!

Maryland Mischief

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There is continuous excitement and stuff to get into when visiting new places! Harley, Scarlett and Cheslea visited their grandma’s house for the first time during Thanksgiving weekend. There was so much to do: lots of attention, backyard chases, digging in new places, hunting for small creatures in the ivy, and endless exploring.

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend as fun as ours was :)

Snoopy's Dog Blog
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Pups in Maryland

Harley, Scarlett and Chelsea have had fun in Maryland! We had an awesome time with family and friends but we’re looking forward to seeing Roory and catching up with our animal blogging buddies :) Here are some pictures of the dogs from the weekend- we hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving, people and pups alike!

Roadtrippin’ Pups

Today, the pups are on the way to Maryland with us for Thanksgiving. Since we usually fly, this will be their first time visiting their Maryland grandparents. The sedan is packed full; Scarlett and Chelsea are taking over the back and Harley’s in my lap, despite his pillow bed on the center console.
Harley and Chelsea love the car; Scarlett had some bad experiences and was terrified the first few times. She likes it more each time and has been wonderful today!
Do your dogs like the car? Will they be traveling over the holiday?
Do have a warm, wonderful Thanksgiving!

I like this car thing.I like this car thing.
I still don't really like this...I still don’t really like this…
It's go time!It’s go time!
Don't mind me...Don’t mind me…
We're relaxin' now!We’re relaxin’ now!

The Elusive Lizard

If you didn’t know a lizard lived in one of our outdoor chairs, you would think my Schnauzer, Harley, had a strange furniture obsession. The particular chair in question is the rusty one of the bunch with a hole at the back, perfect for a lizard’s home. Every time we open the back door, Harley goes flying outside, as fast as he can, straight to the chair. Our other dogs run to the yard to play or go potty but not Mr. Harley. He knows there’s a lizard and he won’t stop until he takes it down. Most lizards are no match for him but this lizard is special…it eludes him every time.

Harley is well-trained and never the one causing mischief however, this weekend, the lizard must have finally pushed him over the edge. By the time I caught him, the damage to the cushion had been done so I grabbed the camera instead.

Alfie's Blog
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Roory the Rescue Kitty

Roory is angry because her story has never been told and she’s actually a pretty cool dog-lovin’ cat. All of our dogs get their stories told so Roory says she should, too. She’s our Tabby cat we rescued from a street in our neighborhood, basically on the verge of death. She was insanely skinny (almost 4 pounds) and had no fur at all, except a few patches on her head. There was a large scar on her side; we assume it was from a previous car accident or fight with a large animal. Still, she was the friendliest cat who loved to meow and ask for pets and treats.

She came right to us; we called the veterinarian’s office and took her in. Among the problems our vet discovered: she had a severe case of hookworms, a flea infestation and allergy that caused her to scratch and lick all her fur off and a hyperactive thyroid. Roory also had an unregistered microchip, meaning she once belonged to someone. Our vet estimated she had been living on the streets for at least a year (we believed this after watching her hunt!!!). All of Roory’s problems were treated; her fur came back in a soft, silky coat, she gained weight and stayed happy throughout the whole thing.

Today, she is one of the most social cats we know. Many friends call her cat-dog because she shares many dog similarities including coming when called, lining up at the backdoor to go potty outside, playing fetch, sleeping in the dogs’ beds and seriously playing with the pups as if she herself were a canine. She craves social attention and approval and will cry if you don’t say hello to her when you come in the door (of course, after all the slobbery, clumsy pups get out of the way). She has no hiding places in the house and would rather sit beside us, one top of the pups or, even, beside you! And if you start petting…she may never let you stop!

We love Roory especially because she doesn’t tolerate any foolishness and will hiss or bat down any member of the family to get ‘em back in line (especially the pups if they get a little too frisky!). She is an awesome rescue cat and we are so happy we could help save her life.

Do you have a cat? We’d love to hear about him or her! Copy and paste the cat profile below into the comments and change your answers.

Cat Profile
Name: Roory
Nickname: Roor-Cat, Roor, Cat-Dog
Breed: Tabby
Age: Approx. 13
Favorite Treat(s): Whiskas Temptations and yummy salmon flakes
Favorite Activity/Activities: Being petted or hunting animals in the backyard
Three Words to Describe: Friendly, Resourceful, Playful

Newest Family Addition: Sweet Puppy, Chelsea

I broke the cardinal rule of fostering: I kept our foster puppy, Chelsea! Our family fell in love with her during the three weeks she stayed with us and she became part of our family. She is a four month German Shepherd/Terrier mix from Miami-Dade Animal Services who will probably be small. Chelsea gets along with all of our other babies–especially Scarlett, loves to play and give kisses and is 100% potty trained and has never had an accident. It’s unreal.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Our Foster Puppy Chelsea, I rescued her less than 24 hours before her euthanasia date. A rescue group from New Jersey, Pick Your Paw Animal Rescue, agreed to save her but couldn’t arrange the transfer before her euthanasia date (unfortunately at the Shelter, infectious sickness=euthanasia). Chelsea had an upper-respiratory infection and her time had run out. When I took her home that day, I noticed her leg was messed up. Off to the vet we went, only to discover her hip was broken, her leg was out of socket and she required FHO surgery to repair it. The worst thing was no one at the Shelter noticed anything was wrong for 10+ days she was there. Poor little thing couldn’t catch a break! (Read more about Chelsea’s Broken Leg here.)

During the three week foster stint, Chelsea fit into our family perfectly. She slept on top of Scarlett and was allowed to share a food bowl with the pack leader, Harley. I told Pick Your Paw how much I wanted to keep her and they offered to help me fundraise to get her surgery done. They didn’t have a home for her yet and were able to take two healthy dogs in her place. Partnered with another rescue group in New Jersey, they saved sixteen dogs from Miami-Dade Animal Services in one trip alone. They have more planned and are living proof that animal rescue efforts have no boundaries, especially when you have a passion and love for dogs!

FHO surgery can cost anywhere from $1,500-$5,000. Since our vet doesn’t perform the surgery, we got a referral and have an initial appointment next week to confirm the diagnosis and get a quote. We are praying it all works out and trusting that it will. Her sweet, positive attitude reminds us she can handle anything however we know she deserves nothing but the best. We are so happy Chelsea is part of our family and we can’t wait until she’s healthy and able to do everything she wants to do.

Good Dog Weekend

The pups took a trip to South Carolina with us for the weekend and stayed with their grandparents. Here are some pictures from the pup-filled weekend, with six dogs under one roof. They had a wonderful time!

The dogs love the flowerbeds however we have to be especially careful and watch them at all times because the palms are Sago palms and they can be harmful to pups!

Chelsea and Harley in SC.

Sweet Brandy girl, my parents’ Miniature Schanuzer.

Little Brandy; Patrick in the background.

Chelsea and Scarlett are best buddies.

Still sleepy all the way home.

Did you have a doggy-filled weekend, too? We’d love to hear about it!

The Weekend Ahead

Tomorrow, our pups get to come on a roadtrip to SC with us for the weekend. When the pups get to stay with their grandparents they live the good life. From healthy food, lots of green space to run, more dogs and people to play with and a beach nearby, life could not get much better! They love playing with their extended dog family: Brandy, the Miniature Schnauzer, Patrick, the Wheaten Terrier, and Ace, the Maltipoo. Should be a fun weekend for the pups :D

Chelsea’s Broken Leg

After bringing our foster puppy Chelsea home, we noticed something was wrong with her leg. She seemed exhausted though we brushed it off as symptoms of her upper respiratory infection and  just coming out of the shelter, in the sick ward nonetheless. We decided to take her out and when she wouldn’t come on her own, I carried her and put her down in the grass. We immediately noticed a limp. In addition, her hip protruded outward and she barely put weight on her right paw. She did run around, chasing Scarlett and Harley like it was her job. We knew her right leg/hip was messed up but wondered how she could be managing so well. Inside, Chelsea played when Harley or Scarlett went to her but mostly, she layed down or slept.

My boyfriend brought Chelsea to Miami-Dade Animal Services first thing Monday to have her examined. We are only foster parents; until Chelsea goes to her rescue group in New Jersey, she belongs to MDAS and they wanted to see her. Because of her respiratory infection, she wasn’t allowed to come inside so they waited for a doctor outside. He told my boyfriend her leg was or had been broken at one time and it required an x-ray, though they didn’t have a machine. Chelsea received pain medicine and instructions to get her an x-ray. Still, it’s sad she was previously at the shelter for 10 days and no one detected it.

Our veterinarian, Dr. Jorge Tonarelly is a blessing. As a professional, he is knowledgeable and understanding; as a person, he’s caring and always willing to help. We brought Chelsea to him Monday after going to MDAS. He knew Chelsea’s situation and helped us beyond words can say. It is not the first time he’s helped us; we are privileged to have such a wonderful veterinarian.

Dr. Tonarelly told us her leg/hip was definitely messed up and confirmed it with this x-ray. This x-ray was taken by Dr. Tonarelly at Ponce Animal Clinic in Miami, FL. (Thanks Dr. T for everything!)

As you can most likely tell, poor little Chelsea’s leg was severely damaged. She’s laying on her back in this x-ray, so the hurt leg is on the left. It is completely twisted the wrong way and has healed incorrectly. Dr. Tonarelly told us most likely, what should be the connecting head of the femur is now essentially dead bone, above her femur bone (that little circle).

The good news is that it has healed and cannot get any worse at this point but Chelsea will need surgery to fix her leg. The rescue group in New Jersey is arranging all of her medical care and we could not be more thankful. She even has a foster home waiting for her when she gets there until she is adopted.

For now, Chelsea is being medicated for pain as needed and getting all the love she deserves. She is the most adorable thing and the best thing about her is that her broken leg does not detour her in the least. After 4 days at my house, she has learned her name, not gone potty inside, fallen in love with the dogs and cat and is learning fetch. I hope someone makes her part of their permanent family soon; she deserves the very best!

Our Foster Puppy, Chelsea

This is Chelsea, an adorable 3-month old puppy we are fostering for Miami-Dade Animal Services until she can go to a rescue group in New Jersey or be adopted to a forever home. While I was volunteering today at MDAS, I overheard her story and had to help save her life.

Chelsea was a stray brought to the shelter a few weeks ago but because she was so small, she got a respiratory infection and was moved to the upper-respiratory (sick) ward of the shelter. Animals from the sick ward are adoptable though not many people, if any, walk back there. Since no one saw her or had the chance to interact, she had a slim chance of getting adopted and because she was sick and had been at the shelter for some time, she was scheduled for euthanasia tomorrow morning. A rescue group in New Jersey found out about her and wanted to save her but couldn’t coordinate the trip for another week or two. The MDAS staff were all searching for a foster who could take care of her until the group could coordinate the trip.

By the end of the day, little Chelsea still didn’t have a foster and she had less than 24 hours, so I jumped in. I have the space, a house full of fur and plenty of dog food already, I mean, c’mon, wouldn’t you?! The volunteer coordinator, Melissa (nicest, most caring person ever), gave me a short orientation and after filling out some paperwork, we went to save her.

Chelsea looks like a Terrier/German Shepherd mix and she is 12 pounds, 3-months old. She’s loving Harley and Scarlett and they seem to like her a lot, too. She hasn’t done much since we got home; lots of pooping and sleeping. She’s a very calm, quiet dog…that will probably change once she’s not so exhausted and sick. She limps a little so she may have an old injury to her back leg; I’m going to get it checked out next week just to be sure it’s healing but other than that she is a such wonderful dog! I hope she finds a home and a family as loving as she is. She likes to be held like a baby and nuzzle in your neck…it’s just too cute!

If you are interested in helping animals, consider puppy fostering! You will save dogs, get to love little fluff-balls and help animal rescue efforts all over the country. To get started, contact your local shelter, Humane Society, or any local rescue group. Believe me, they can use all the help they can get! I’ll post more in-depth about puppy fostering as I learn from this experience, so if you’re interested, be sure to check back soon.

Would you be a puppy foster?
Yes, I do foster pets!Yes!Maybe.No.

Birdcage Doggie

Harley, the Mini Schnauzer, loving my little sister’s parakeets. These were taken during one of our visits to see my family. He was absolutely intrigued and surprisingly didn’t try to attack them.

Hope you enjoy! The last is one of my favorites.

Cat Dog Buddies

Scarlett, our one-year old Vizsla/Pit Bull and Roory, our 13-year old kitty sharing some lounge time. When we first got Scarlett, she wanted to eat Roory (and Harley, and every other animal and person in sight). Seven months later, after lots of consistent training and a few good scratches on Scarlett’s nose, they are buddies. Of course, that doesn’t stop Scarlett from getting batted every now and then…

I came into the living room this afternoon to find this. Harley always uses the bridge he’s standing on to walk between the couch and chair but I’ve never seen him attempting to get in the little nest. I should have reprimanded him but I had to grab my phone and snap a picture instead. Roory is probably mad at me as she does not like any of her things to smell like dog.

To Swim or Not to Swim?

Harley can’t get enough of the water. We’re lucky we live on a lake and Harley can swim anytime! Scarlett could too, if she wasn’t so scared. Now, she finally creeps into the water, inch by inch, but as soon as the water hits her chest, she’s outta there! Harley never wants to come back, so he has a lifejacket. His favorite activity (and mommy’s least favorite) is chasing the ducks. Luckily, there were none this time.

Is your dog a swimmer or a scardy-cat?

Pup Close Ups

My favorite pictures of the day. Scarlett, Roory and Harley. Hope you enjoyed!

Couch dogs

I’m not going for the cat…

The girls, Roory and Scarlett.

Copying my big brother…only I’m not 8 pounds!

She loves her daddy :)

Princess of the couch

Little buddies

Harley’s best girlfriend, little Beanie aka Nugget. Her mommy is my little sis in my sorority/old college roommate and she’s the cutest little thing!

He adores his puppy bag and still climbs into it when he gets the chance.

The talented Miss Roory
Loooong day…
They’re all from my cell phone so the quality isn’t as great but I hope you still enjoyed them!

Mini Schnauzer vs. Vizsla/Pit

My boyfriend and I painted the bedroom recently. The dogs had way too much fun with the plastic tarp on the floor. This is Harley’s method of attack…little guy wins every time!

Do you have a big dog/small dog house? Who’s in charge? At our house it’s Sheriff Harley.

TV Watchin’ Dogs

Harley, my 8 pound Schnauzer LOVES watching TV and not only dogs that run across the screen during PetSmart commercials. Granted, animal shows are his absolute favorite and he’ll jump up and down in front of the screen when we let him (usually only when new friends are over because they find it hilarious). I’ve seen other dogs watch TV but never to the extent that Harley does. If he’s really into it, he stands as close as possible but usually he watches from the couch, only getting close during the cat food commercials. Besides Animal Planet, he loves action movies; I think it probably has something to do with all the movement.

According to the American Kennel Club, 87% of pet owners say their pets watch TV. Scarlett, the Vizsla/Pit Mix and Roory, the kitty, don’t seem to notice at all, even when Harley is attacking the ‘gators on Swamp People.

Do your pets watch TV? What are their favorite shows?


“Thanks for the IPad, Mommy!”

Saving Scarlett

Miami-Dade Animal Services made a public plea on WSVN in March 2011. The shelter that takes in 37,000 dogs and cats annually had a terrible Distemper outbreak and asked the public to take the possibly infected dogs home before they would be forced to euthanize the entire shelter in two days. For those of you unfamiliar with Distemper, it’s a highly-contagious, viral disease. Some dogs recover but still suffer from chronic health conditions. Many times, dogs succumb to neurological complications brought on by the disease progression. Puppies infected with Distemper have a low chance of survival are are highly susceptible to contract the disease. Plain and simple, no one ever wants to watch their pup go through it. All it takes to prevent this terrible disease is vaccination. It is so, so important!
Animal Services in Miami never turns a dog away so they get dogs in many conditions. Though they test and vaccinate the dogs when they are boarded, Distemper has a varying incubation period and first symptoms are brief and easy to miss (runny nose, puffy eyes, fever). The outbreak at the shelter was major and they would have to completely evacuate and quarantine the shelter to properly clean. In their plea to the public, they said they would waive the adoption fee but warned any adopted dog was possibly infected.
When my boyfriend and I arrived at the shelter, I was overwhelmed. We turned on the single-lane access road and cars lined both sides. The parking lot was overflowing. We pulled up to a man standing by the fence of the shelter. He asked if we knew what was going on. We said yes and he pointed us further up the road to some makeshift roadside parking. When we walked inside, it was complete chaos. Hundreds of people were in the main room. There was a take-a-number station. That should have been my hint to take one but I didn’t, instead pushing my way to the back, down the winding hallways to the dogs. People were everywhere, groups of people in front of every cage, in every room. Some were frantically scribbling pet ID numbers down and running off. I asked one what he was doing. He said he’d been there for 5 hours because every time he found a dog he wanted, it was gone by the time his number was called. Realizing it was impossible to interact with these dogs for more than a few minutes, we focused on a few and finally zeroed in on Ruby. She wanted nothing to do with the hoards of people and was in bad condition. Her sheet pinned to the cage had few details: owner surrender, 10 months, 28 pounds, fearful, abused. Every bone in her body was visible; she had a number of open wounds, scars and missing teeth. Though she was fearful, she let me pet her, eventually licking my hand jammed through the chain link fence. An employee who took notice informed us Ruby was just seized from her owner and that some terrible things had happened to her. She said Ruby had only been at the shelter three days and though she was severely abused and neglected, she was still so sweet. We scribbled down Ruby’s ID number and took off to the front.
We grabbed a ticket: #79, looked up and saw #51 was being served. Not bad, we thought, especially after seeing people running back and forth so frantically. We started talking to 2 of the 300 people in the room and they asked us our number. We proudly showed them. “No, you have G-79, see? They’re on E-51 they just don’t have the letters up there.” Now it all made sense.
While we were waiting, we went back to visit her and ran into the same employee we talked to before. She asked if we were going to adopt Ruby and we said we wanted to but knew she’d probably be gone by the time our number was called. We were bummed. We wandered for another hour, going back every 10 minutes to see if Ruby was still there. While watching the entire kennel clear out we asked if these were the last dogs. They said there were two more kennels full. After half an hour of spreading this news to our new friends, we had a guided tour through the back. There were at least 200. Again, I thought there was no way they’d all be saved. We found a few more we liked and wrote down their IDs as backup but we were already completely attached to Ruby.
Though it seemed impossible we would get her, 8 long hours later, she was ours! Of course, this was only the beginning!
The best news…every single dog was adopted! The response went so well, they continued the adoptions for a week, until all dogs had homes. How amazing!

Kitty Runs the House

My dog is trained. My cat? Not so much!


The Beginning!

My name is Deanna and I’m a dog enthusiast with a passion for rescuing and training dogs. I’ve grown up with dogs my whole life and currently have two dogs and a cat. Most recently, we brought an abused Pit Bull mix to a home with two animals under 10 pounds. The sweet, submissive ‘Lab mix’ we saved at the shelter became a teeth-baring, dominant fighter in an instant. Today, they’re all best friends and we have three wonderful pets…well, children :)
I hope to share my experiences and insight with you and look forward to hearing from you as well. It takes a lot of patience, consistency and knowledge to properly integrate another animal into your family and/or train a dog who has been abused, fought, neglected, etc. but IT CAN BE DONE! Not all dogs can be saved but they all deserve the chance. My Pit is now a 46 pound lapdog who loves nothing more than to lick our cat’s ears.

Next post: What to Know Before You Adopt

Quote of the Day: “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you want.”-Steve Jobs

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