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Foster Pup Lucky Boy

On Saturday, we picked up a new foster pup named Lucky Boy. Surrendered at MDAS with 6 other brothers and sisters, this little guy’s name used to be White Boy. I think Lucky is more fitting. He’s a Terrier Mix (definitely some Chihuahua in there) who is absolutely precious. Living in a pack setting, probably outside, with owners who weren’t very nice to him has made him a bit timid but he’s got a great little personality despite his battle scars.


dog, foster dog

My freedom ride!

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Saving Sasha, Our New Foster

On Tuesday, Miami-Dade Animal Services (MDAS) put out a list of 42 dogs to be euthanized the next day if no one came to their rescue. Every summer, the shelter gets packed to the brim with animals and sadly, they kill many dogs (and cats) when there is not enough space to house them.

Our wonderful friends at Dogs On The Move threw together a last minute transport effort, in an attempt to save as many dogs as possible. Dogs On The Move is a nonprofit organization  in South Florida that transports pets from high-kill shelters to responsible 501(c)3 rescues and no-kill organizations for re-homing (Facebook page here). With the support of dog lovers, fosters, donors & rescue groups, a plan was in place. By the end of the day, a total of 9 dogs had been saved, 8  from the euthanasia list.

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Sasha’s intake picture from MDAS

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A Forever Home For Enzo

Enzo is going home! Not like on transport to a rescue group to find a home, like HOME!!! The story is really proof that in the end, everything works out the way it’s supposed to be.


Enzo will be going to live in Ridgeland, SC with a wonderful friend of my mom’s. It’s about 20 minutes away from Hilton Head Island, where I grew up (hint, hint: I’ll get to see him whenever I go home!).

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Last Weeks With Enzo

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Our sweet foster boy Enzo is one step closer to home. In a few weeks, he will depart on transport to a rescue organization in Iowa. Originally we were not going to send him on another transport but our partners in Iowa heard the whole story (here, if you missed it) and are confident they can find him a great home in no time. They adore Chows and Enzo’s story, photos and videos have stolen their hearts.

Last weekend, Enzo graduated from Basic Obedience Class. The class is designed off the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen curriculum so he’ll be ready to start CGC training or advanced training with his new family. He’s matured into a wonderfully trained pup and we’re certain we’re going to have a hard time letting go.

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Toys for Dogs Who Chew: Review

If your house is at all like ours then severed rope toys, torn up tennis balls and insane amounts of stuffing on the living room rug are a regular occurrence. Buying tough toys “for aggressive chewers” sounds like a good idea until your dog rips it apart at the seams in less time than it took you to pull the price tag off. We’ve been there many times but fortunately, we’ve found some pretty good toys along the way. Sure, they may not be as fun or cute as others, but they’ll last and your dogs will love them.

Kong Extreme– These rubber toys are even stronger than the original Kongs but are also stuffable and fun to chew. Available in 5 sizes, Kongs are truly the best solution for habitual chewers. Smaller dogs may not like the Extreme version because the rubber is harder to chew. All Kongs are extra durable, from Puppy to Classic, but the Kong Extreme is key for those crazy chewers in your house.


Kong Extreme

dogs with toy

Foster Bethany and Chelsea playing with a Puppy Kong.

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