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Enzo’s Back & Searching for Home

Our sweet foster boy Enzo is back. About a month ago we sent him to a rescue group in New Hampshire to search for his forever home but sadly, things did not work out. Enzo was failed, had a little incident and his fate was hanging by a thread again. Thankfully, we were able to save him and bring him back down to Miami.

dog in car

Saving Enzo for the 2nd time…he sat on my lap the whole way home 🙂

When we sent Enzo, the rescue group assured us he’d work with their professional trainer to get all the help he needed before being adopted (he was jumpy, very hyper and didn’t know basic obedience). Sadly, Enzo was never seen by the trainer and adopted out to a family instead. His behavior escalated when the family reported Enzo was “growling at their 5 year old”. Instead of removing Enzo from the house immediately, sending a trainer over or even having a trainer call to asses the situation, the rescue did nothing. A week later, Enzo stole a plate of cookies off the table and was eating them when the grandfather came in. As he was picking the cookies up, Enzo “nipped at him”. The bite did not draw blood or require medical attention however the rescue decided it would be best to euthanize Enzo.

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Enzo’s Going North!

Yesterday, we took our foster dog Enzo to be tested for heartworm, with our fingers crossed. He’s been with us about two months, fighting a positive HW diagnosis with a heavy course of treatment that required him to be crated for the first month we had him. Finally after a few disappointing tests, Enzo’s test came back negative and he’s in the clear to travel North on Miami Dogs On the Move! MDOtM is a new program at MDAS that has saved 800+ shelter dogs since it’s inception last November! (Read more in our previous Enzo post.) He’s going to New Hampshire, to a no-kill rescue group. From there, they will find this boy a wonderful forever home, just as they’ve done with so many MDAS dogs in the past.

rescue dog

Can you believe they were going to kill me?! I’m so pretty & SO happy now I get to LIVE!!!!

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This Weekend: A Human Gets Stuck in the Shelter

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Ghandi

pets trust miami

Courtesy of The Pets Trust Miami

This weekend, October 5th – 7th, community animal advocate Michael Rosenberg will “surrender himself” to Miami-Dade Animal Services. He will be locked in a dog kennel, sharing a space with homeless shelter dogs to bring awareness to a great cause, headed by The Pets Trust Miami. The Pets Trust Miami is an initiative to improve animal welfare, increase adoptions and decrease pet overpopulation by providing free and low-cost spay/neuter, low-cost veterinary care and crucial educational programs.

Miami-Dade Animal Services takes in 37,000 dogs and cats each year and an average of 20,000 are killed. More than 400,000 stray cats live on our streets. Miami-Dade voters have a chance to change that on November 6th. Ballet #240 promises to address this issue with proven solutions to ensure substantial reductions in the alarming euthanasia rate at MDAS.

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Foster Boy Enzo

When people say, “I couldn’t foster because it would be too hard to give the dog up.” I say, “How can it be harder than knowing a dog died because no foster home stepped up?”  Stubby Dog

On Sunday we picked up our newest foster pup from Miami-Dade Animal Services. Enzo (formerly named Rubio) is a 2 year-old Chow/Golden Retriever/Sharpei (we think) who is sweet as can be! He’ll be staying with us while he recovers from heartworm then will travel North to a rescue group to find his forever home.

foster dog miami

Hi I’m Enzo!

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Foster Mischief

We love getting updates from our foster dogs’ new forever families! Seeing dogs plucked from the county shelter only to go on to wonderful homes where they are showered in love is worth all the craziness we go through. Check out our before, foster and forever photos from our last three foster dogs below!


shelter pup

Sony’s (now Nietzsche’s) shelter photo from Miami-Dade Animal Services, 3/2/12

loveofmydogs, loveofmydogs.com

Nietzsche (with Harley) in foster, 3/10/12

Nietzsche’s favorite mischief: ‘slithering’ up people to get lots of kisses and loves!

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