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Chelsea Update & Awards!

Monday marks one month since Chelsea’s FHO surgery. Though we have a long way to go until she recovers, she is continuing to progress and get stronger each day.

Hello! I'm getting better but it still hurts sometimes!

In the past week, Chelsea has been picking up her leg at times, usually when she’s in the backyard. At this stage in her recovery, the bone mass in her leg and hip socket are fusing together and that can be painful. We have to continuously encourage her, “use your leg, Chelsea” until she puts it down. It’s imperative she put weight on and use her leg so her muscles can also fuse around her leg/hip socket as well as strengthen in her leg.

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Training: Going Potty in a Certain Spot

If you don’t want to go scooping poop every time your dog relieves himself in the backyard, the simplest solution to keeping your yard poo-free is to train your dogs to go in a certain area, like right along the edges of your property or fence! This makes clean-up much easier and you don’t always have to watch your step when trying to enjoy the great outdoors.

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Chelsea’s Weekend

Chelsea spent her last weekend before FHO surgery with lots of outdoor playtime, walks, belly rubs and her favorite homemade treats, Crunchy Wheat-Free Turkey Bites. She is currently in surgery and we are praying for the best! We can’t wait to bring her home even though it will be awhile until she can run around and get into her normal mischief again! (If you haven’t read about Chelsea’s FHO surgery, you can here.) Here are some pictures from this past weekend with little Chelsea.

Hey! I'm gonna get you!

Just hangin' out.

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Leash Training Sundays

Our training has gone exceptionally well the past week! All the pups are walking beautifully together. We’re now starting to work on keeping them  side by side in line. The past week’s most major advancement comes with Scarlett: she is now going on long runs…next to my boyfriend on his longboard. When they go, Scarlett doesn’t want to stop and Dom tells me sometimes he can’t keep up! Enjoy the pictures.


Leash Training Sundays

We have been leash training Scarlett and Chelsea separately until now. Scarlett came to us terrified of leashes and always refuses to leave the yard when she’s on-leash. With consistency, she’s getting better but it’s always a struggle to get her to take the first step off our property. With this in mind, we decided to do Chelsea’s leash training separately so she doesn’t develop any bad habits. Lucky Harley gets to come on double the walks since he’s trained 🙂 Well…Scarlett and Chelsea have been doing so well with their training, we decided to take them on their first walk all together today. It was very exciting and we forgot some of our prior training (pulling!) but overall, everyone did great! If you read about Scarlett’s accident Friday night, then you see she is feeling much better! Here are some pictures from the walk around the neighborhood.

We hope you had a wonderful Sunday and weekend as well. We are going to continue to walk them together since they did remarkably. We’ve come a long way from Scarlett gluing herself to the ground and Chelsea trying to run for cover in every bush within reach.

How did you train your dogs to walk properly on-leash? We’d love to hear your tips!