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Last Weeks With Enzo

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Our sweet foster boy Enzo is one step closer to home. In a few weeks, he will depart on transport to a rescue organization in Iowa. Originally we were not going to send him on another transport but our partners in Iowa heard the whole story (here, if you missed it) and are confident they can find him a great home in no time. They adore Chows and Enzo’s story, photos and videos have stolen their hearts.

Last weekend, Enzo graduated from Basic Obedience Class. The class is designed off the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen curriculum so he’ll be ready to start CGC training or advanced training with his new family. He’s matured into a wonderfully trained pup and we’re certain we’re going to have a hard time letting go.

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DJ’s Going Home!

In the three weeks he’s been with us, DJ has amazed us all.  This 1 year old Terrier mix (probably with Rottie) is incredibly smart and also very lucky. Sprung from MDAS at 3 months, he was returned to the high-kill shelter a year later, doomed for death. (Catch up here and also here.) Since DJ had never been taught anything, he had no idea how to behave. He jumped on everyone, tried to fight with the dogs and didn’t know any basic commands. He was an 8-week puppy in the body of a strong, full-grown dog. No one ever taught him boundaries so DJ didn’t have any, whether it came to humans or animals. And DJ was, and still is, one wild, high-energy boy!

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Sweet boy DJ

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Scarlett Goes to the Beach & DJ Calms Down

Scarlett went to Doggy Beach for the first time ever two weeks ago. And though it was her first time on a public beach, the greatest first was much bigger: it was Scarlett’s first time in public since adopting her over a year ago. Scarlett did wonderfully; no barking at strangers and lots of good sniffing and playing with other beach doggies.

Great day at the beach!

Water bugs.

We took her again yesterday and she had a blast; romping with pups and being fed treats from kids. Though it took over a year to get to this place, we couldn’t be prouder of our sweet mama.

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Training: Going Potty in a Certain Spot

If you don’t want to go scooping poop every time your dog relieves himself in the backyard, the simplest solution to keeping your yard poo-free is to train your dogs to go in a certain area, like right along the edges of your property or fence! This makes clean-up much easier and you don’t always have to watch your step when trying to enjoy the great outdoors.

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Leash Training Sundays

Our training has gone exceptionally well the past week! All the pups are walking beautifully together. We’re now starting to work on keeping them  side by side in line. The past week’s most major advancement comes with Scarlett: she is now going on long runs…next to my boyfriend on his longboard. When they go, Scarlett doesn’t want to stop and Dom tells me sometimes he can’t keep up! Enjoy the pictures.