Enzo’s Going North!

Yesterday, we took our foster dog Enzo to be tested for heartworm, with our fingers crossed. He’s been with us about two months, fighting a positive HW diagnosis with a heavy course of treatment that required him to be crated for the first month we had him. Finally after a few disappointing tests, Enzo’s test came back negative and he’s in the clear to travel North on Miami Dogs On the Move! MDOtM is a new program at MDAS that has saved 800+ shelter dogs since it’s inception last November! (Read more in our previous Enzo post.) He’s going to New Hampshire, to a no-kill rescue group. From there, they will find this boy a wonderful forever home, just as they’ve done with so many MDAS dogs in the past.

rescue dog

Can you believe they were going to kill me?! I’m so pretty & SO happy now I get to LIVE!!!!

When Enzo came to us, his ribs were showing, he refused to eat and was very sick. We tried 7 different dog foods, home-cooked meals and table scraps to no avail. Finally we discovered he would eat wet food when fed by hand– piece by piece. After this daily feeding routine, he slowly started to put weight on. Eventually Enzo started eating by himself and about 2 weeks ago, he started scarfing food down. Though he still needs to gain more, he’s put on about 10 lbs. since he came to us. And with his newfound appetite, his coat has come in extra shiny and soft.

shelter dog miami

Enzo’s intake picture from MDAS

shelter dog rescued

Look at me! I still have weight to gain but I put on 10 lbs!

dog with ball


Enzo has been a fun guy to have around the house. He’s constantly roughhousing with Chelsea, playing Yard Cop with Harley and trying to become Scarlett’s boyfriend. He loves his toys and will play by himself for hours, throwing and chasing them around the living room. He’s also now potty trained, crate trained and learning basic obedience. We’ll miss him bunches but we’re excited for the great new life that awaits this boy!

dogs playing

My foster mom says Chelsea is “The Foster Dog Whisperer”. I don’t know what that means but she sure does like me a lot!

rescue dogs play

I love Chelsea!

dog playing outside

I can’t wait to find my forever home!


11 responses to “Enzo’s Going North!

  1. misswhiplash/Patrecia

    what a beautiful dog..he will make some family very happy

  2. Enzo is SO beautiful! What a smile. Another life saved and made wonderful. Good job! I’m sure he’ll find a loving home and share lots of those smiles with a family that needs him. xoxo

  3. Congratulations Deanna and Dom for finding a home for Enzo and of course, our wonderful rescue Neitzsche! Good job.

  4. That’s wonderful news! He is such a looker that someone is sure to snatch him up soon!

  5. Good Luck on Finding Your Forever Home!

  6. Yay Enzo! You are so handsome and charming; I know you are going to find a really great family in New Hampshire!

  7. Good luck to you Enzo. I know you are going to find the bestest furever home ever!

  8. What wonderful news for Enzo and what a wonderful no-kill organisation. Brilliant job done!

  9. Awesome news, I’m sure he’s going to find a wonderful home!! Great job!!

  10. Yay for Enzo and double yay for you guys being so pawsome! We love the blue tennis ball photo 🙂

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