Foster Boy Enzo

When people say, “I couldn’t foster because it would be too hard to give the dog up.” I say, “How can it be harder than knowing a dog died because no foster home stepped up?”  Stubby Dog

On Sunday we picked up our newest foster pup from Miami-Dade Animal Services. Enzo (formerly named Rubio) is a 2 year-old Chow/Golden Retriever/Sharpei (we think) who is sweet as can be! He’ll be staying with us while he recovers from heartworm then will travel North to a rescue group to find his forever home.

foster dog miami

Hi I’m Enzo!

Through fostering, we’ve become friends with the awesome gals who run Miami Dogs On the Move, a program currently saving many animals in our community. MDAS (our local shelter) takes in 100-150 dogs every day and has a high kill rate for the unfortunate animals who end up there. Miami Dogs On the Move (MDOtM) transports these pups to responsible no-kill rescue organizations throughout the Northeast Coast. When the dogs arrive on transport, the rescue groups place them in foster homes until they find forever homes. Some of these dogs already have forever homes waiting for them when they arrive on transport! Our previous fosters that have traveled on MDOtM include DJ and Bethany.

shelter dog miami

Enzo’s intake picture from MDAS

Enzo is a beautiful pup with the sweetest disposition ever. He is friendly with other dogs and great with people and kids. He doesn’t bark or jump and even knows to do his business along the edge of the fence. He is about 15-20 lbs. underweight and Dom and I are working to fatten him up. Because he’s heartworm positive and currently going through treatment, he is confined to his crate and doesn’t get to interact with us much. The treatment is very serious (dogs can die if not properly cared for during the treatment) so we have to stick to this rule, even though he doesn’t look physically sick. When he completes his treatment and is no longer HW+, he will get to go on transport and from there, find his forever home.

While we were arranging to foster Enzo, my best friend informed me she was interested in fostering too! Heaps of information, a little reassurance and one day later, Dina came with me to the shelter to pick up Enzo. She left with Lady, a beautiful 8-year-old Mini Schnauzer, who also needed a temporary foster until she’s transported. Beautiful Lady was passed up again and again at MDAS and the shelter recommended putting her down at the end of the 5-day stray hold. She’s partially blind, has periodontal disease and a slight heart murmur and because of those things, she was deemed not worthy enough to live. A wonderful animal rescue sanctuary, Evo and Eli’s Love Box in PA, will be taking this little beauty. Lady will then live out her days in the animal haven, surrounded by canine companions and lots of love. Check out her before and after photos– it’s amazing what a little grooming can do!

shelter dog before/after

Our final update: BETHANY GOT ADOPTED!!!!!!!!!! Surely many of you remember our Bethany stories and photos; she stole our hearts for the 4 months she stayed with us. When Bethany went to Pick Your Paw Animal Rescue, she was fostered by an awesome family and, after about a month, found her perfect forever home! We miss her dearly but couldn’t be happier she can finally settle into her new place called home.

rescue dog

Thanks to everyone who followed my story and said a prayer for me! I now have a wonderful home!


12 responses to “Foster Boy Enzo

  1. What a fantastic post. Love the quote at the beginning – very inspiring. Hope Enzo makes a full recovery from heart worm. I’m stunned by the number of animals taken in per day by MDAS but really glad to hear that there are a number of responsible no-kill shelters that take in so many. Brilliant work you are doing!

  2. Deanna, can I ask your advice. In Feb this year somebody left four 8 week old pups on my doorstep. As I already have 5 dogs I did not want another 4 so decided to have them put to sleep. A friend managed to find a home for 2 and the remaining two were left here. Since they were very small they have both been aggressive and now that they are 8 months old and much bigger they have

    got worse. They have not bitten yet..but they are very frightening to the other animals and to myself and my husband.
    We wanted to rehome them but it would be just passing the problem on to someone else and that is not fair.They have been spayed and fully injected. They have been well treated and loved but it is now getting impossible to cope with them.
    In Bulgaria there are no professional animal welfare helpers at all. Am I wrong in thinking about euthanasia?
    can you reply on please asap

    love your photo of Enzo and every happinest in your new home xxxx

  3. I love these happy stories of dogs being rescued and loved. That grooming make-over is mind blowing! Thank God there are foster families like you to help. Without the rescue and foster care, I never would’ve found my perfect little Cupcake!

  4. Hi Enzo – big loves from us. You look very handsome and wherever your forever home is they are sure lucky you’re on your way to them (even if they don’t know it yet!). I actually burst into tears at Bethany’s happy news. Yay for her and yay for you! x

  5. I’m so happy for Bethany! Hi, Enzo, I hope you’ll find a forever home soon as well. You’re so right about fostering. I’ll keep that in mind 🙂

  6. I’m so glad that Bethany has been adopted. Honestly that sweet face melted my heart.

    Enzo, you’re a lucky guy. You’ve got some great folks taking care of you and it won’t be long before you are in your forever home!

    God speed.

  7. Me again – Just thought I’d drop by to let you know how fabulous I think your blog is, and let you know I’ve mentioned it in my list of Addictive Blogs. There’s an award that goes with the mention – feel free to just know that it’s there or pass it on. Thanks for sharing your stories with us; I look forward to them arriving in my inbox! x

  8. Great news about Bethany.

  9. Super news about Bethany! The time she spent with you was precious and I know Enzo will thrive as well.

  10. It’s so wonderful that people like you are fosters.

    My name is Oskar & I’d like to invite you to be featured on my blog at It’s a great way to meet new blogging friends. If you’re interested you can drop me a line at PBU at comcast dot net.

    Nubbin wiggles,

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