Foster Mischief

We love getting updates from our foster dogs’ new forever families! Seeing dogs plucked from the county shelter only to go on to wonderful homes where they are showered in love is worth all the craziness we go through. Check out our before, foster and forever photos from our last three foster dogs below!


shelter pup

Sony’s (now Nietzsche’s) shelter photo from Miami-Dade Animal Services, 3/2/12


Nietzsche (with Harley) in foster, 3/10/12

Nietzsche’s favorite mischief: ‘slithering’ up people to get lots of kisses and loves!


cute puppy

Bethany’s shelter photo from Miami-Dade Animal Services, 4/1/12


Bethany in foster, 4/15/12

Bethany (now Bambi) went to a wonderful no-kill rescue parter in NJ. Here she is in her foster home. Though she hasn’t been adopted, her foster family is thinking about making her part of their forever family! (We understand, we almost kept her too!) Bambi’s favorite mischief is chewing up shoes and carrying her stuffed toy everywhere she goes!

If you are interested in adopting or learning more about Bethany/Bambi, contact Pick Your Paw Animal Rescue. You can find them on Facebook too.


DJ’s intake photo from Miami-Dade Animal Services, 6/3/12

shelter dog in training

DJ in foster, 7/13/12

DJ loving his forever home! His favorite mischief is seeing what he can get away with…DJ always likes to press the envelope!

Since DJ’s adoption last month, we’ve taken a little break from fostering to work on Scarlett’s leg. She is finally getting to a good point– not limping, running full-speed, improving agility and really strengthening her leg muscles. Woohoo!

dog after fho surgery

Pretty Mama, Scarlett

Scarlett’s hair has grown back and she only has a slight scar left.

dog in the bed

Just 5 more minutes, ok?!

This is the longest time (1 month LOL) we’ve gone without a foster dog and our house is starting to feel lonely without one! Yesterday while we were volunteering at an MDAS adoption event, Adopt-O-Mania at the new Miami Marlins Stadium, we watched 80+ dogs and cats find great homes…one almost coming home with us! Dom has wanted a kitten for long time and all the talk (and cuddly kittens getting dumped in my lap) is starting to wear on me. Though I’ve yet to give in, I have a feeling pretty soon we’ll have a new cat, a new foster dog….or both! I think that’s enough mischief for the week 😉

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8 responses to “Foster Mischief

  1. What a happy post! Foster luck, furever homes, small scars, kittens…. Yay!

  2. Hi Y’all!

    Just hoppin’ by to say “hi”.

    So happy for those sweet pups.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. I was so sure Bethany would be snapped up! Let’s hope her foster family decide to keep her, she is such a beautiful girl.

  4. They all look great! Very good news.

  5. bumpyroadtobubba

    that’s a page of happiness – thanks for sharing, we’ve missed you guys!

  6. That last picture is adorable!

  7. it is wonderful and so heart warming to see any animal, whether dog, or cat really settled in their new forever home and being happy, well cared for and above all being wanted and loved

  8. I loved this post! There’s nothing better than when a forever home comes along for these guys.

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