Repealing Miami’s Pit Bull Ban: Voter Checklist

On August 14th, Miami-Dade voters will take to the polls for the Primary Election, with a very important question on the ballot: “Shall the ordinance repealing the county’s 23 year old law prohibiting ownership of pit bulls as a dangerous breed of dog become effective?

Read: Repealing Miami’s Pit Bull Ban: Voters Will Decide

Pit Bull enthusiasts and dog lovers everywhere are sure to turn out to the polls in numbers, hoping to overturn the archaic law that murders dogs based on what they look like. As the county counts down days to the election, here are a few important tips for voters to know.

end BSL!


*The deadline to register to vote was July 16. If you were not registered to vote in Miami-Dade county elections before this date, you will not be able to vote in this Election.

*Click here to see your voter’s registration status, including if you are eligible to vote in the upcoming Election.


*Click here to learn about the different ways to vote.

*Click here to find your polling precinct. (This is where you go to vote.)

*Click here to see what you need to bring to your polling location on Primary Election day.

*Click here to learn about the voting system, including the process you’ll go through on Primary Election Day.

*Click here to view a sample ballot. (You must be registered to vote.)

*Click here for voters with special needs.

*Click here for voting FAQ’s.

*Click here to access the homepage to Miami-Dade County Elections. This site has everything voters need to get prepared for the upcoming Aug. 14 vote.


*Click here to learn about early voting. Early voting takes place August 4th – August 11th.

*Click here to request an absentee ballot for the Aug. 14th Primary Election.


*The question uses unnecessary language and is confusing. Remember to VOTE YES.

*Things to Take To Your Polling Location on Election Day:

  • A current, valid form of identification. Click here to see all accepted ID forms.
  • Your Voter Information Card. Though not mandatory, it will expedite the process.

*Polling locations are open on Election Day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Remember to encourage friends, neighbors and colleagues to vote in the upcoming election and remind them why it is so important that we repeal BSL in Miami. The sad story of Lennox has recently sparked an international debate about BSL. Vote YES to repeal Miami’s Pit Bull ban and help send a message that no dog should be targeted, labeled or senselessly murdered based on his looks. Breeds don’t make dogs dangerous…people do!


5 responses to “Repealing Miami’s Pit Bull Ban: Voter Checklist

  1. Will you be out at your local polls educating people Deanna? If not, what about a flyer campaign explaining the complicated wording and encouraging people to vote yes. You could enlist a bit of help in passing them out.

    • I will be out there in full force!!! Tomorrow is the big day and I’m volunteering with Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation– handing out flyers all day. I am sooo nervous/excited/anxious for the vote!!

  2. Reblogged this on Hey… It's Jet Here and commented:
    Our friend, Miss Deanna, posted detailed info on our BSL legislation up for a vote this week. Please vote if you live in our county.

  3. What a great resource you have put together for your community. I hope the ban gets repealed!!!

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