DJ’s Going Home!

In the three weeks he’s been with us, DJ has amazed us all. ย This 1 year old Terrier mix (probably with Rottie) is incredibly smart and also very lucky. Sprung from MDAS at 3 months, he was returned to the high-kill shelter a year later, doomed for death. (Catch up here and also here.) Since DJ had never been taught anything, he had no idea how to behave. He jumped on everyone, tried to fight with the dogs and didn’t know any basic commands. He was an 8-week puppy in the body of a strong, full-grown dog. No one ever taught him boundaries so DJ didn’t have any, whether it came to humans or animals. And DJ was, and still is, one wild, high-energy boy!

foster dog

Sweet boy DJ

About a week ago, DJ started learning to interact with the dogs properly and since has started his basic training. He knows “sit”, “down” and “down stay”– all without verbal commands. This week, we’ve also been working on “down stay” while we walk away 30 feet. DJ has not mastered it yet but usually will do it correctly 3 times in a row. He’s very active and high-energy so with too many repetitions, he gets bored and wants to do something else. So we move on. Progress is progress, right?

dogs laying down

Good doggies.

DJ’s progress and incredible ability to pick things up quickly combined with his strength and activity level have led us to strongly consider agility training. Sadly, we do not have a budget to pay for lessons and haven’t found anyone willing to let us join a class for free (yet!). DJ currently goes to basic dog training, where he’s a breakout star and his trainer is amazing. She offered us free group training classes for any of our MDAS foster dogs. We could not be more grateful to her selfless dedication to help these shelter dogs get proper training so they can find amazing homes.

Since she doesn’t offer agility training, Dom has taken it upon himself to start constructing an agility course in our yard. So far, we have the weave poles complete. Today, he’s building the jump. He’s wanted to build one for a long time because Harley memorizes routines very easily (he’s already going through the weave poles without guidance!) and it would be good for continued FHO surgery rehabilitation with Chelsea and Scarlett. Now that DJ is here, it’s icing on the cake.


DJ and Harley are ready for an agility course!

Because DJ is so high-energy, smart and active, he needs the right family. Through our efforts to find him a home, I posted an album on Facebook featuring adorable DJ photos. My 4th grade teacher, whom I recently reconnected with on Facebook, emailed me. She said she had to have DJ. After a few more conversations, plans were finalized and DJ will be adopted by Ms. Patty, my 4th grade teacher/dog rescue fanatic! In a word, we think it’s AMAZING!

She lives in NC, so we’re currently looking for ways to get him transported to his new forever family. We’ve been working with Pilots N Paws, a website that connects pilots of small aircraft with rescues and needy pets who need transport. We’ve also been working with a ground transporter, Tour de Paws, who transports rescue pups all over the US. One way or another, DJ will get to his new home soon! We are so excited for this big lovebug to get to his forever family. We couldn’t think of a better place for DJ to call home ๐Ÿ™‚

We Love You, Sweet Boy, DJ!

dog with toy

Dreaming of my new forever home….

17 responses to “DJ’s Going Home!

  1. Yay, DJ! And double yay for Ms. Patty. Best of luck to this wonderful new family match-up.

    Love and licks,

  2. That’s great news Deanna!! BTW I’m leaving you an award at my blog. I love your dedication to these guys!

  3. That’s fabulous news! Well done. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to say though, and you probably feel the same, while it’s heartwarming that there are so many people out there who are willing to donate their time and services to these little animals, it makes me really annoyed/sad that there is a need for it. And I find it hard to accept that a perfectly healthy puppy that’s just in need of some basic training could be earmarked for euthanasia just because it fits in the ‘too hard’ category. Grrrrr.

    • Thank you Flo! I know what you mean– I feel the same way. I would love for the day to come where I don’t have to do this anymore because all doggies have homes. It’s very sad at our shelter– 100-150 dogs come in a day and most don’t ever make it out. They wanted to kill DJ due to issues; Scarlett was hours from death due to suspected Distemper disease; Chelsea was pulled 1 hour before death due to a common cold– sniffles!!!! Very, very sad.

  4. Sounds like a happy ending.

  5. Chancy and Mumsy

    Oh, what good news we wish sweet DJ lots of happiness in his new forever home. Bless you for taking him and preparing him for his new home. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. What a wonderful ending for DJ!! You have to take a lot of credit for the amazing help he got from you.

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