We Are Lennox

Murdered for looking a certain way. That’s what happened to Lennox, a beautiful family dog from Belfast, Ireland last week. A beloved member of the Barnes family, Lennox was seized two years ago for looking like a “Pit Bull type dog”- a dog deemed dangerous and illegal to posses in the U.K. due to BSL. Lennox had been licensed for 5 years but was suddenly deemed dangerous. Though DNA tests proved the majority of Len’s genetic breed make-up was American Bulldog, authorities and the Belfast City Council deemed otherwise. He looked like a Pit Bull, they said. After 2 years of legal battles, petitions, celebrities’ pleas and offers to adopt Len to a country where his look is permitted worked. The Belfast City Council murdered Lennox on July 11, 2012 without even letting his family say goodbye.

Though needlessly killed by people far more dangerous than himself, Lennox did not die in vain. Lennox is now an international symbol of justice for all dogs, a name that paints a personal story on the ugly face of BSL and undeniable proof that something must be done to stop the ignorance and save our dogs. If an animal can be murdered simply for looking a certain way, where have we come to as a society? What message are we sending, that we as humans cannot come up with a better solution than murder? BSL started because people wanted a solution to reduce dangerous dogs and stop dog attacks. But BSL does neither; it simply spends taxpayer dollars to murder dogs, like Lennox, who look the wrong way.

A movement on Facebook called I AM LENNOX has started and encourages people to post photos of their dogs who could fall under BSL. I encourage everyone to go and post photos of their beloved dogs, whether you own a Poodle or a Pittie. The fact is, any dog could be singled out and killed, so all dogs are affected by BSL. Think BSL only affects Pit Bull type dogs?

75 Dogs Restricted/Outlawed Due to BSL

In my community of Miami-Dade, voters are exactly one month away from the vote to repeal the ban of Pit Bull type dogs. Lennox’s injustice has helped bring awareness to the issue of BSL and why it so desperately needs to be stopped, from Miami, FL to Belfast, Ireland and all over the world. No dog should be killed for how he looks and no person in their right mind should think otherwise.

dogs, we are lennox

We Are Lennox

What would you do if your dog was murdered for looking a certain way?


14 responses to “We Are Lennox

  1. It’s hard to know what to say. This is such a sad situation.

  2. Now that they saved the world from Lennox is it safe? Didnt think so….. sigh…. whats next.. killing people because they look like they could hurt someone? Hope Lennox is at God’s side when their judgement time comes….

    • Good point, Chuck. I just don’t understand how people can think murdering something for the way they look is right, just and fair. I’m sure Lennox and Trevor are playing at the Bridge right now. God Bless them.

  3. BSL is terrible, and Lennox will stand as the face of BSL, as unfortunate as this case was, I think some good can come from it. Education is key and the punishing the crime, not euthanizing because of a look.

  4. Judge by deed, not breed. It was shocking that they murdered Lennox for the way he looks, or rather, looked. In humans that would be called racisim. Why is it any different for animals?


  5. I read through the list of ‘dangerous’ breeds in the US and clutched my furry loves to my side, thankful we are in Australia. 3 of the 4 breeds that make up my beloved Bella and Beary are on that list. x

  6. Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Deanna.

    Thanks for honoring Lennox and keeping BSL in the forefront. We never heard back from the bully rescues for Champ. Big Dog is full. We’ll keep trying.

    • Hey Jet, sorry to hear about Champ. If you want to send me a photo and little blurb about him, I can try to get him put on the Urgent Dogs of Miami wall for a rescue or adopter. They have 15,000 fans and a very active community there. forloveofmydogs@gmail.com

      • Wowee, wow, wow…

        Mom has to take JJ into Dr. Shaffer next weekend for yet another ear check… so she’ll ask for more details then and report to you.

        You are the BEST… sending extra Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you, Miss Deanna.

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