Scarlett Goes to the Beach & DJ Calms Down

Scarlett went to Doggy Beach for the first time ever two weeks ago. And though it was her first time on a public beach, the greatest first was much bigger: it was Scarlett’s first time in public since adopting her over a year ago. Scarlett did wonderfully; no barking at strangers and lots of good sniffing and playing with other beach doggies.

Great day at the beach!

Water bugs.

We took her again yesterday and she had a blast; romping with pups and being fed treats from kids. Though it took over a year to get to this place, we couldn’t be prouder of our sweet mama.

beach dog

I watched the waves roll in.

I hung out with Dad in the shade.

dog ice cream

And I ate some of Mom’s ice cream!


Our new foster dog, DJ, has made enormous strides in the week and a half he’s been with us! Another MDAS shelter pup, DJ had lots of issues when he first arrived at our house.                          —->                   Catch up here.

foster dog

Meet DJ! 1 year, 3 months, Terrier Mix, 40 lbs.

DJ is now an honorary pack member, interacting wonderfully with all of our dogs. He doesn’t have to be locked in the other room or in his crate when our dogs are out. He’s right there playing tug-o-war with Chelsea, licking faces with Scarlett and trying to figure out just who the heck Harley thinks he is. DJ wants to run the house but is quickly realizing he can only be second in command, after Harley, The 7 lb. General.

DJ loves his toys!

We’re training him the same way as we trained Scarlett when she first arrived. At first, we separated the dogs completely; DJ was in the office when our pack was out and vice versa. Daily, we took DJ outside on leash with Chelsea, our most submissive, tolerant dog. When they got more comfortable, we took the leash off and let them interact. Anytime things escalated too quickly or got too rough, the leash went back on and DJ went inside. We also started putting him in the crate in our living room; DJ could watch how our pack interacted and see the lay of the land. Within days, we were taking him out, on leash, to interact with everyone. DJ was finally getting the hang of how to play. Soon, we let him be off leash with Scarlett and last, with Harley. Things went well and when we let them all interact off-leash together, they were great! Since arriving a week and a half ago, DJ’s also learned to sit, give paw and not pull on his leash.


dogs playing

Gotcha, Chelsea!

We’re continuing positive-reinforcement training with DJ and he also has a great trainer working to help him. Though we’re looking for adopters or local rescues for DJ, he is still being considered for the transport program. Miami Dogs on the Move is a great program two volunteers started that places MDAS shelter dogs in no-kill rescues in the north. DJ was supposed to go on the last transport but could not go due to his issues. He is learning and improving so fast, we think he may be ready to go on the next one!

This dog was doomed to be killed two weeks ago. When his aggression issues were discovered, his life was on the line again. There was a time I was so scared of him I didn’t think we could keep fostering. But we did…and look at this dog now! He was misunderstood, failed by humans and not taught anything. I wish more dogs with “issues” would be given a chance. DJ has showed me that lots of love and a little bit of time can do anything.

Doggy kisses.

Contact me at if you are interested in adopting DJ! He is located in Miami, FL and available for adoption through Miami-Dade Animal Services, but can be arranged to be transported anywhere. He’s an extremely smart high-energy lovebug who will make one family extremely happy!

————-> Also keep in mind, our sweet foster puppy, Bethany is now in New Jersey, at Pick Your Paw Animal Rescue and she is looking for her forever home! Contact if you are interested in adopting her 🙂


Contact to adopt sweet Bethany!


27 responses to “Scarlett Goes to the Beach & DJ Calms Down

  1. It shouldn’t, but it always does surprise me what a difference love and patience can make. Your family clearly has plenty of both. Scarlett looks great, and it’s wonderful to see DJ’s progress. xo

  2. It’s great that Scarlett and DJ have made so much progress with other dogs! We have been working with one of our fosters for two months now, trying to get him to ignore dogs he doesn’t know. Fortunately, his interactions with the other dogs in our household were extremely gradual since he was on crate rest for his first month with us but new dogs are quite an obstacle.

    • That is great news about your foster! Congrats! We know how tough it can be but the reward is so worth it! Looking forward to both our fosters finding their forever homes!

  3. I love love love the photo of Scarlett watching the waves roll in. Dog ears make this mumma happy! DJ is one lucky loved up pup to have been fostered by you guys and I hope he finds a home soon. I can’t believe gorgeous Bethany is still waiting for her fur-ever home. She’s such a sweetie! x

    • Aw thanks! We love that photo too 🙂 Isn’t it crazy Beth is still waiting for a home?! She is now in NJ and has lots of potential adopters meeting her. When the rescue group finds the perfect fit, she’ll have a wonderful home!

  4. You have such happy dogs – loving your photos:)

  5. Well done Scarlett, and well done you guys for getting her to this point. We have a soft spot for Scarlett because we reckon that she looks like Flo in some of her pictures. I love the picture taken from behind her head!


  6. I think you do a wonderful job.

  7. Chancy and Mumsy

    Sweet Scarlett we can see you had lots of fun at the beach. Very nice beach too. Love the play time pictures. Hugs and nose kisses

  8. I love what you are doing. I wish I could do it too, I just don’t feel I have the experience or patience for it. Good for you, one dog at a time!!

    • Thanks Jodi! I bet you could do it— you just have to start with the easy ones and hope you don’t fall in love! Have a great weekend 🙂

  9. What a fun beach trip and kuddos to you for bring Scarlett so far along in her life-journey.

  10. Just catching up. You are doing a great job with the dogs.

  11. Oh i love the watching the waves photo! And the Ice Cream!!! O.O Happiness in a CONE! Scarlett does so well at the beach, and around sand! Poppy doesn’t know what to do around SAND. She licks the grains up and starts sneering at the whole world! Lol! Hello DJ! Looks like you’re having a good time there! 😀 *hugs and Poppy kisses!*

    • Thank you 🙂 DJ is such a sweetheart and a few days ago, found his forever home!!! He’ll be going there very soon 🙂 Hope you have a great week!

  12. Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Deanna.

    What a milestone! High paws for Scarlett. Maybe next time, JJ and I can meet you guys there. 🙂

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