Feelin’ the Love

It’s been two weeks since Scarlett’s FHO surgery and she is recovering slowly but surely. Yesterday, we took her back to the vet to get her stitches out and though the wound is healing and her personality is back to normal, the recovery is just starting. After continuing to hobble on three legs for a week and a half despite daily stretches, exercises and walks through tall grass, we decided we needed to stricter plan to get her using her leg.

dog, dog surgery

“I only have three legs.”

Along with constantly saying, “use your leg, Scarlett”, we implemented a new exercise that somewhat forces her to put weight on the leg. While she stands with the right leg dangling at her side, we take it and gently move it forward and properly touching the ground, instead of dangling beside it. The key is putting it in front of her back left leg. Then we lead her forward and she puts weight down because she needs to move her back left leg first to walk– moving the right one forward again is awkward and since her back legs are not parallel, she can’t hobble easily from the position.


Pushing her leg forward.

dog walking after leg surgery, dog

The position forces her to put pressure on the leg when walking forward.

Luckily, we have the wonderful, much-needed support of our blogging buddies πŸ™‚ We received four more awards from our friends at Bassa the Dog, Fluffy PopcornΒ andΒ Hey…It’s Jet Here. Thank you all for these awesome awards– we are really feelin’ the love!

Bassa the Dog awarded us the You Make Me Shine Award— thank you so much, sweet Bassa! To commemorate Bassa’s blog’s 1 year anniversary, Bassa nominated 52 blogs that inspire— and many of these blogs we really love, too! Be sure to visit this great blog, accompanied with awesome photos of Bassa’s hometown of Tbilisi , here!

Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Bassa! Thanks again!


Fluffy Popcorn awarded us The Sunshine Award and the One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you, Poppy– we think you’re pawsome! If you have not visited this adorable little Poodle’s blog, make sure you check it out!

The Sunshine Award requires we thank the blogger that awarded us, answer a few questions and award up to 10 people. Since this is our second Sunshine Award, we’ll try to come up with some new answers this time.

What’s your favorite number? 3– the number of pups in our family. We’d say 4 and include Roory the cat, but c’mon, we’re dogs. No room for cats in regards to luck!

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Water! There is nothing like some cold refreshing agua after a hot Miami day.

Facebook or Twitter? Neither…we want Mom all to ourselves. We know she likes to share our tales with the world but hello, sometimes we just want to play!

Our Passion: Harley- chasing lizards, keeping everyone in line; Scarlett- sunbathing in the backyard; Chelsea- causing trouble!

Favorite Pattern: We like solid black, golden-tan and black/brown πŸ™‚

Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday! We play all day long with Mom and Dad.

Favorite Flower: Anything we can tear up. We also like Mom’s Siam Tulips but she won’t let us too close to them.

dog and flowers

Tulips + Scarlett πŸ™‚

Poppy also award us the One Lovely Blog award. Besides thanking and linking back to the blogger, we get to nominate up to 15 other blogs for this lovely little award!

Our nominees for theΒ Sunshine Award and One Lovely Blog Award:

Thriving Pessimist

Fabulous Fur Friends

Learning Dog

Collies of the Meadow

Chancy the Gardener


Baxter Boo Blog


Hey…It’s Jet Here also nominated us for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Thank you to our wonderful pal, Jet and his fam! Like us, Jet lives in Miami– he’s even from the same shelter as our pups! Stop on by Jet’s blog and say hello!

To accept this award, we must thank the blogger who nominated us, share 7 things about us and nominate up to 15 other bloggers. Here we go!

7 Things About Us

1. We live on a lake and LOVE to harass the ducks by barking at and chasing them. Mom doesn’t like it so much because they poop on the lawn and we try to eat it. We’re so gross!

2. We all love to play fetch. And the smaller the toy, the better because then the other dogs have trouble stealing it away!

3. Harley knows the most tricks. Scarlett listens the best. Chelsea is the funniest.

4. We all love traveling in the car, except Scarlett.

5. We prefer couches and human beds over dog beds…still, we don’t always get our way.

6. We all like to eat the kitty’s food if we can get to it. Despite acting like we don’t like cats, we really do like having Roory around πŸ™‚

7. We never know if Mom’s going to come home with another dog. It seems to happen all the time…

OurΒ Very Inspiring Blogger Award nominees:

Wayward Dogs



Fluffy Popcorn

Jodi Stone

Thanks again to our friends for nominating us! To see other awards our blog has received, visit our Awards Section.

dog after FHO surgery

Have a great weekend! Scarlett will be awaiting the day her fur grows back πŸ™‚


33 responses to “Feelin’ the Love

  1. What a great idea to get Scarlett to use that leg! Teddy says, “Woof!” He thinks that Scarlett is really pretty & says that if he was a younger man he would really like to meet her! πŸ™‚

  2. Scarlett will learn to use that leg… Whether she wants to or not! Good job Mom and Dad. Congratulations on winning all those awards. They are well-deserved.

    Love and licks,

  3. Continuing to send well wishes:) Happy Saturday!

  4. It’s wonderful that Scarlett is begining to heal. It sounds to me like she has good people to help her. And congrats on the awards- you have a great blog and they are well deserved!!

  5. Good luck to Scarlet as she continues to recover. She’s in great hands, obviously. And thank you for the recognition. I’m flattered. You inspire me.

  6. Scarlet,

    Feel better! As much as it seems like you only have three legs look down and remember that you have four. You have a great fur mom in Deanna. Also, congrats on all of your awards!

    Bella and DiDi

  7. Chancy and Mumsy

    Oh, sweet Scarlett you are doing so good, just keep on putting that foot down, you will be back on all fours and doing great before you know it. We are still sending up prayers for you beautiful girl. Hugs and nose kisses

  8. Scarlett is gorgeous, how wonderful that she is beginning to heal up. Lovely post πŸ™‚

  9. Hey Crew, Jet here. Hi Miss Deanna,

    Scarlett is so brave, please deliver lots of Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to her, we have an endless supply! Extra for you, too Miss Deanna for all your extra special love and care.

    • Hello Jet!! Thank you so much! She is finally feeling better– we even took her to the doggy beach on Sunday! Hope you guys have a great week! And oh my goodness, is there another game tonight?!? GO HEAT!!! πŸ™‚

      • Hey Miss Deanna, great, great news…

        May we ask which doggy beach? We finally have leashes which Mom can use at the beach since we’re new to that environment!

        Yes, we already have our colors on for tonight Miss Deanna… GO HEAT!

      • Hi Jet! Sorry we’ve been away so long! We were at Key Biscayne doggy beach πŸ™‚ Thinking about going again this weekend if this darn rain goes away! How ’bout them HEAT?!?!?! πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful day!

  10. We hope that Scarlett will be using her leg very soon. πŸ™‚ She is looking good. Congratulations on your awards, you deserve them and more!!! We also thank you for the two awards you sent us! YAY! We are very honored!

    God Bless You and a big hug for Scarlett!
    the collies and chuck πŸ™‚

  11. I awarded you too, lol: http://angelswhisper2011.wordpress.com
    Scarlet looks great πŸ™‚

  12. Well done on the great work. I know what you are going through. 5 years down the line, my dog still favours her leg that was operated on. Good luck!

  13. Congratulations on your awards!
    We all also wanted to wish Scarlett a good recovery.
    Sending healing thoughts and wishes,
    The Lonely Dogs & Kathryn

    • Thank you so much, Lonely Dogs and Kathryn! We are awaiting the day she starts to use it without instruction. “Use your leg” is getting to be an old phrase around our house πŸ™‚

  14. Great to hear that Scarlett is making progress – I love the photos. Congratulations on the awards – well deserved!

  15. Congratulations on all of your awards and thank you so very much for bestowing the Very Inspiring Blogger on us.

    I love the way you are working Scarlett on moving that leg. I think that is a very creative way to do it. I sometimes do wish they could speak and understand EVERYTHING we say to them, so we could explain….um hon, you have to use the leg. πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Jodi– and you are so welcome! We love your blog πŸ™‚

      Can’t wait until Scarlett is better and stops hobbling around!! And I sooo wish I could talk to her LOL!!!

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