Halfway There Rescue

According to the ASPCA,  5-7 million pets enter shelters every year. Sadly, 3-4 million are put to sleep because there are not enough homes for them and shelters simply don’t have enough room. A number of things can be done to combat this growing problem: proper IDs for pets, spaying/neutering, volunteering at shelters, donating to responsible rescue organizations and choosing to adopt, not buy. Because shelters cannot do it alone, people must step in to create change. It can be as simple as donating a few dollars or as complex as dedicating your life but every person who does something contributes to something much larger: saving innocent lives, one precious animal at a time.

Lifetime dog enthusiasts Sarah Lewis and Abbey Sloan recently started Halfway There Rescue, a rescue organization dedicated to saving unwanted shelter puppies and dogs and placing them in forever homes. Co-founder Sarah Lewis says, “Our mission is to save dogs in the local area (the Carolinas) and transport them to areas where they can be adopted out, particularly in the New England area…Millions of dogs are euthanized every year and they do not even get a chance to live.”

Sarah recently shared her story of saving Scarlet, her Pit Bull rescued from a dog-fighting operation on our Dog Treats Series. Sarah and Abbey have already saved more than 20 dogs from local shelters and hope to save many more with Halfway There Rescue. They are requesting donations of any amount possible to help launch their rescue and save puppies’ lives. “We are requesting donations to help pay for food, vet bills, spay/neuter costs, etc.  Whatever you can donate, even if it is $5, that would be amazing.  $5 can pay for deworming of puppies. 100% of donations will go to help save these puppies from being euthanized.” Sarah said.

Scarlet the Pittie playing with her roommate, Madeline.

If you live near Halfway There Rescue, (Lancaster, SC/Charlotte, NC area) and would like to get involved, contact Sarah and Abbey at halfwaythererescue@gmail.com. They are looking for puppy fosters, one of the most rewarding ways to help pet rescue! As a foster, you provide love and a home until the puppy finds his or her forever family. Click here to learn more about puppy fostering.

If you’d like to see the puppies Halfway There Rescue has available for adoption, click here to view photos from their Facebook page. Give their page a “like” and help grow recognition of such a wonderful cause!

Brothers Riley (black) and Beau (brown) both available for adoption from Halfway There Rescue!


Bravo Sarah and Abbey on starting Halfway There Rescue and helping save the lives of so many homeless puppies and dogs! We think you guys are paw-some 😉



4 responses to “Halfway There Rescue

  1. Thank you for highlighting the wonderful efforts of Sarah Lewis and Abbey Sloan. They are an inspiration!

  2. I love this – wish there were more people in the world who were such strong advocates for the voiceless. Yay for fur-ever homes! x

    • Thank you 🙂 We are so inspired by their dedication to these sweet animals and love when we see these shelter pups going to wonderful new homes!

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