Florida legislative session over, HB 997 / SB 1322 dead

Thank you to J. Thomas of http://stopbsl.com/ for providing this informative post and sharing ways we can get involved to continue the fight to repeal Miami-Dade’s BSL law.

Stop BSL

The Florida legislature wrapped up on March 9. HB 997 / SB 1322, which would have repealed Miami-Dade’s breed ban, did not make it. HB 997 was waiting on a second hearing, and SB 1322 was stuck in a subcommittee.

However, hope is not lost for Miami-Dade. Florida residents, and Miami-Dade residents in particular, can continue to work for repeal of the county’s breed ban in several ways.

Ask Miami-Dade county commissioners to repeal the breed ban. Of course, people have already asked the commissioners to repeal the breed ban, and they’ve flatly refused (which is why HB 997 came to be in the first place). But commissioners have recently suggested putting the breed ban to a public vote. Also, election times give residents the opportunity to remove pro-ban commissioners and vote repeal-oriented commissioners in.

Miami-Dade County Commissioner email block
district1@miamidade.gov; district2@miamidade.gov; district3@miamidade.gov; district4@miamidade.gov; district5@miamidade.gov; district6@miamidade.gov; district7@miamidade.gov; district8@miamidade.gov; district9@miamidade.gov; district10@miamidade.gov; district11@miamidade.gov; district12@miamidade.gov…

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