Unbelievable is just one way to put it. Last week, our veterinarian made a shocking discovery while examining Scarlett. While at first completely overwhelmed, we know everything is going to be okay.

My sweet mama, Scarlett.

Scarlett started limping last Monday while she was outside. That’s odd, we thought, but dismissed it once she stopped moments later. On Tuesday morning, the limp was back and she was picking up her back right leg when she stood. Since she has never limped in the year we’ve had her and has not had any accidents since, we took her to the vet for an explanation. After feeling around and noticing her right leg did not extend as much as the left one, Dr. T called for an X-ray. “Could this be the same thing as Chelsea?” I blurted. “It can’t be,” he replied as they walked out.

When they came back in the room, Dr. T’s smile was gone. “Unbelievable,” he exclaimed. My heart sank. I knew before he continued, “Same exact thing as Chelsea.”

Apparently, just like Chelsea, Scarlett suffered an accident that has left her with a broken, dislocated right leg. The leg has since healed incorrectly, on the side of her pelvis instead of in the hip socket, where it should be.


That was certainly my first question. We adopted her almost one year ago, around 10 months old; Dr. T feels this injury happened when she was 2-5 months. The injury is most consistent with being hit by a car but anything is possible. Scarlett is deathly afraid of cars so we think that’s most likely what happened.

The saddest part of all this is that unlike Chelsea, Scarlett had a “home” when she broke her leg. Someone knew she was in gut-wrenching pain and did nothing. Knowing the abuse she suffered there, it wouldn’t surprise me if her “caretaker” caused this accident. Thankfully, Scarlett was seized from this terrible place and taken to Miami-Dade Animal Services, where we adopted her. Though she was in bad shape, there was nothing to indicate a broken leg. Her wounds were consistent with abuse and neglect instead of massive trauma such as a car accident. She has never limped, favored one leg or done anything to suggest such a thing…until last week.

Though we didn’t see anything happen, our vet is hoping Scarlett bumped or overextended it and it’s temporarily sore. Since she has been fine for the past year, he decided not to rush her into FHO surgery and instead put her on anti-inflammatory medicine for two weeks. After a day, we saw significant improvement and in two days, her limp was gone. We are currently eight days in and Scarlett is totally normal–running, playing, no limp whatsoever. We will re-asses the situation next week and decide on our next steps. If she is still in pain, she will have to undergo FHO surgery much sooner than later.

I apologize that we have not been present at all over the past few weeks and promise we’ll be making re-appearances as soon as we can! In addition to Scarlett’s shocking diagnosis, we’ve been working overtime and both our cars broke down, making 10-hour-days turn into 13-hour-days. We also had a visit from our parents and sent Sony to live with them in his forever home 🙂 We do miss you all dearly and can’t wait to catch up and see some adorable doggie photos.

Please say a prayer for me!


29 responses to “Unbelievable

  1. Oh honey, that is unbelievable. How on earth can people be so revoltingly cruel to voiceless, helpless, beautiful creatures? It continues to astound and disappoint me. The positive out of this is that Scarlett now has a loving home and you guys are absolutely amazing. Your strength and support of our 4-legged friends inspires me. Daily. You’re all in our thoughts. Give Scarlett extra cuddles from us. Lots of bubba and puppy love, MJ, Bubba, Bella & Beary xox

    • Thanks guys for the words of support and encouragement! We will give her some extra snuggles from you 🙂 We don’t know what goes through people’s minds…so very sad. We are happy we can help her and if Chelsea taught us one thing, it’s that we can do it with great success!

  2. Ph my goodness! We are so sad to read of this…. please know we are praying. It is great to know Chelsea is doing good. 🙂 We were wondering where you were and were praying that all was okay. Please know we are pulling for you all….

    God Bless You!
    The collies and chuck

    • Chuck and the Collies, thank you for the kind words– we are so grateful for the support during this tough time. Chelsea has taught us that this can be done and though we know it will be much harder with a 50-lb. dog, we are happy we have finally diagnosed her correctly.
      Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  3. Poor baby girl. Life can be so tough, but at least she’s one of the VERY few pit mixes who are fortunate enough to have found a forever home. Please send her our love! 🙂

    • Sarah, you are so right! Just yesterday, I watched as two beautiful Pitties were PTS because no one came to their rescue. So sad. Scarlett is an amazing pup for all she has been through in her short life and we look forward to getting her better and 100% healthy!

      Thank you for the kind words 🙂 CONGRATS on starting your rescue too– YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  4. Oh Scarlett. Life is so unfair. We are glad your sister Chelsea is feeling better and sad that now you are not. We will light a candle that this will pass and you will not need to undergo anything drastic. You are so lucky to have a loving family to make the pain go away. – DogDaz

    • It has been very tough but we’ll do everything in our power to get our sweet girl better 🙂 Thank you DogDaz for the wonderful support– it is so comforting in times like these! We hope you have a great day!

  5. People can be really terribly cruel. I’m going to go hugs my dogs now and. thank goodness there are terribly kind people such as yourselves that sacrifice so much to rescue animals.

  6. I am so sorry that you are going through this again. Sending my thoughts and prayers.

  7. Oh my goodness. Your title really says it all. I’m glad Scarlett’s pain has gone and that she’s not in desperate need of surgery.

  8. I feel so sorry for you, Scarlett and your person’s. I hope you’ll be fine without surgery. It looks like a time of misfortunes, but be sure that better times will come.

    • Thanks for that reminder, angelswhisper! Sometimes after so much rain it is hard to see the light. We are keeping our fingers crossed she continues to improve and surgery is years away! Thanks for the kind words and support 🙂

  9. I’m feeling so sad reading this recent update. 😦 Yet i’m thankful that Scarlett and Chelsea have met such loving and caring parents to help them tide through their difficult times by surrounding them with much love, patience, and unconditional giving. We’re sending Reiki energy over to Scarlett and hopes she continues to heal superbly. Lots of love, hugs, and snuggles from Popcorn and me. Take care furkids! ♥

  10. Oh dear Scarlett, I hope all goes well. My thoughts are with you!

  11. Poor Scarlett. I hope it was just a bump and she has no recurrence of the problem xx

  12. Poor Scarlett. Hope she continues to improve.

  13. We are thinking of you and Scarlett. We hope for all the best. Also, thanks for what you did for Sony!
    Bella and DiDi

  14. Ohhh, Scarlett. I hope that leg heals soon. It must have been agony for you back then when it was dislocated. 😦
    Paw hugs from my doggies.

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