Our New Rescue Schnauzer

We’ve had a fun first day with little Sony, the Schnauzer mix we helped rescue from Miami-Dade Animal Services. If you haven’t read Sony’s rescue story, check out Saving Sony. We’re fostering him for a week until he goes to live with my parents and sister in his forever home 🙂

Hi I'm Sony!

I brought Sony home after his neuter surgery yesterday and started to get to know him. He had a tick infestation that took me over an hour to eradicate before he could meet my pack. During that time, I felt some protruding bones and realized he’s a little underweight. Sony’s collar was broken and had been retied with a zip-tie. He’s also been abused– most likely hit by humans– as he cowered when I extended a hand to pet him. Still, he would eventually get close and smother my face in kisses, as he did when I met him at the shelter. It is clear this little guy is still a big love bug!

Sony's previous owners tied his collar together with a zip-tie when it broke.

And he's such a sweetheart!

He met my troop one by one in the backyard: Chelsea, Harley and then Scarlett. Sony was terrified of everyone! He was definitely the only dog in his last “family”. He would run to me, plastering his body against me and attempt to “climb” me (I was sitting the whole time for introductions because he was so tiny and scared). As he got more comfortable (rather quickly!), I let the three smallest run freely in the house. At the end of the night, all four were interacting seamlessly together, though Sony was still a bit shy around Scarlett. This is pretty normal considering he’s learning his place within our pack. (Read one of our previous posts: Introducing a New Dog).

When we went to sleep, he did not want to go in the crate. He jumped at the bed, each time his little head peeping over the edge. Then all of a sudden, he was on top of me! We have pet stairs for Harley and Chelsea because our bed is quite high. This little 7-lb. pup hoped right up! Dogs shouldn’t jump after surgery but what could I do at that point?! Running and jumping happen sometimes– I mean c’mon Sony finally has a real family with canine friends! We put him in his crate and after crying for three minutes, he slept through the night with no accidents.

Today, he’s been an absolute delight. All the pups have been playing together and Sony’s having a great time! He no longer shies away when the pups run to him; instead, he indulges their offers to play. He’s been going potty outside and we’re keeping our fingers crossed he continues that, even though he feels the need to do it on my large flower pots (poor guy wasn’t trained properly)! He loves squeaky toys and though he doesn’t know any basic commands, he comes when called and has already learned “let’s go outside”. And he continues to love giving kisses!

Here are some more photos from our first day with Sony. We may change his name but it’s Sony for now 🙂

No longer just a number!

Meeting a cat for the first time. What is this thing?

Sniffing Schnauzers

Can you see the resemblance?

Sony loves Scarlett now 🙂

Woo, toys!

Two dogs chasing tail. Roory is not happy...

Our latest success stories from Miami-Dade Animal Services 🙂

This is how we play around here, Sony...

I'm a love-bug and I want to give you a puppy kiss!

Whew! I am sleeeepy!


26 responses to “Our New Rescue Schnauzer

  1. This brings tears to my eyes! Keep up the awesome work you’re doing down there 🙂

  2. I’m thinking it was Sony’s lucky day when his owner decided to move. Imagine a tick infestation!! How did the vet who neutered him miss that?

    • Hi Jodi! We think so too 🙂 The tick infestation was noted in his medical notes so the vet probably saw it. We got him from the shelter (they did his surgery) and though they all get a dose of Frontline, unfortunately with 100-150 dogs coming in each day, they can’t get ticks off all the dogs 😦 Fortunately we were able to get them off and he is much happier!

  3. GREAT JOB!!!! The Collies roar their approval! We applaud your efforts and keep up the great work!

    Your friends,
    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

  4. How amazing you guys are! Sony is very lucky to have you in his life right now, and even luckier that he gets to stay in your family. I know this post is about Sony, but I love the photo of them all walking away and am so glad Chelsea looks better. Her ears in the photo of her showing Sony how to play? Gives me cuteness pains!

    • Aw thank you for the kind words, MJ and crew 🙂 Sony is such a sweetie and we’re very excited for him to get to his new home this weekend! Chelsea is getting better everyday! With Sony around, she seems to have forgotten all about her leg and it hasn’t been slowing her down at all 🙂

  5. I am kind of surprised they went ahead and neutered him if he is underweight. But he sure is cute and I am sure he will have a great life now.

    • He’s only about a pound or two under but for a little guy like Sony, it is significant. They did the surgery so he could go to his new home sooner than later. He’s fully recovered already and anxious to get to his forever home 🙂

  6. I’m so pleased he’s settling in well… you know you’re not going to want to part with him, don’t you!!

  7. This photo is so much better than the one taken in the centre..he is a really cute little guy and deserves so much love and kindness…here are some kisses for him XXXXXXXXXX

  8. Thank you so much for a wonderful update on Sony. I am so pleased that he is doing well. You are a hero!

  9. *tears* How wonderful you and your family are!!!! Sony looks really happy on the pics. I still can’t believe that he was abused by his previous owners and was almost put down if you hadn’t saved his life from Miami-Dade animal servises because he is such a innocent cute pup.
    We thank you so much for your great love to Sony!!!! 🙂

    • Aww thank you so much for your kind words. We are so happy we could step in and give him the life he deserves. He is such a lover I cannot imagine how anyone could hurt him then dump him! He is going to his new home on Saturday and we are cheering for all his success in the short week we’ve had him 🙂

  10. So glad Sony is adjusting well. And so glad you rescued him. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Andrea Thomson Viner @ Iowa Dog Blog

    What a lucky little Schnauzer!

  12. What a great job!!! Yay for Sony! He must be one happy guy now!

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  14. You have done amazing work in introducing Sony to all your pooches, cat and loving life style. It is just so touching how pets are so forgiving and open and adaptable in spite of any ill treatments they have received. Sony is so going to love his forever home 🙂

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