Saving Sony! Meet the Newest Family Member…

Today, I was able to successfully save another homeless dog on death row from Miami-Dade Animal Services! Sony is an adorable 7-pound Schnauzer mix who is around 1-year. Before you go thinking I’ve gone off the deep end, don’t worry! Sony is not my new baby, he’s my new little brother– or possibly my nephew if my little sister claims him 🙂

Sony's intake photo from Miami-Dade Animal Services.

I was sitting on my lunch break today browsing MDAS’s Facebook page, Urgent Dogs of Miami, as I do every day. This government-run shelter takes in 100-150 dogs a day and is responsible for strays, criminal cases (when animal cruelty or neglect is involved), confiscated dogs and owner surrenders…basically everything. Thankfully, there are a few helpful rescue organizations in the area but MDAS takes the brunt of the responsibility. Due to this, they have high kill rates and pets are euthanized in tragic numbers. Today, as I was browsing the page, I stumbled upon Sony.

Sony was an owner surrender, meaning his pet guardian came and dumped him at the high-kill shelter, knowing he could be put to sleep within minutes of being dropped off. The reason? He was moving. Disgusting, I know.

As I looked at Sony’s photo, it felt like I was looking at Harley. My family recently lost their beloved Schnauzer, Brandy, and still miss her very much. Now that I think about it, this is the first time in my entire life they’ve not had a Schnauzer. I jumped on the phone, telling my Mom about this adorable death row doggie. Soon enough, I was running back to my office to tell my boss I had to leave. Sorry, serious rescue work in motion! Thankfully, they are supportive of my rescue antics and sent me off with a blessing 🙂

I'm a total cutie!

When I got to Sony’s cage at the shelter, a scraggly, skinny Harley looked back at me. I almost fell over when I noticed him wearing Harley’s first collar- red with a skull and crossbones. I stuck my finger through the bars and he shyed away. So I got him out of the cage– he clung to me for dear life. When I took him to a room to run around, he came alive, prancing and showering me in kisses. He was so happy, jumping up and down and doing the typical Schnauzer move– running in circles. What a bundle of joy! Though his hair is a bit scraggly and long, I know it’s only because he’s never had a haircut! And the little guy could use a bath 😉

I filled out the adoption paperwork and will be going back tomorrow to pick Sony up. I couldn’t bring him home today because he needs to be neutered. He’ll get the surgery tomorrow and I’ll bring him home in the afternoon. Then we will get to keep Sony until my family can come get him and take him to his forever home.

And little by little, a difference is made– today, one more innocent dog’s life was saved!


33 responses to “Saving Sony! Meet the Newest Family Member…

  1. Sony is very cute. I can’t imagine dumping him at a shelter. Glad you rescued him.

  2. Thank you for what you do. You have a BIG heart, Deanna.

  3. So glad for Sony that you rescued him. I can’t believe the attitude of the former owner. Some people should never be allowed to have pets.

    • Thank you Bongo and Laura! It is so sad to see. When I volunteer, we must tell people who surrender their dogs “are you sure you want to surrender him? He could be put to sleep in 5 minutes of you leaving?” And people still do it. Very, very sad. At least Sony will have another shot at a life he so deserves!

  4. You are a wonderful person!

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  6. whether your sister, your brother, aunt, uncle, cousin , grandpa or even your neighbour..we can celebrate that you have saved Sony’s life and for that he will be eternally grateful.

    What a wonderful caring lady you are…

    Have a very Happy Forever Home life Sony

    • Patrecia, you are so right. I could not be happier this little guy’s life was saved — he deserves many more wonderful years and a loving family who will never abandon him. I’m glad we are able to provide him that! He deserves it all and more!

      Have a wonderful day 🙂

  7. Thank you very much for saving the precious life of Sony!!! This happy news made me cried! He is very adorable! You and your family are pawsome! 🙂

  8. Good for you! So glad you saved this super cutie!

  9. Congratulations! He looks so adorable! I am glad he was rescued!

  10. Our house has four dogs dogs, two cats and even one of our horses that have come here for our forever homes. It’s tragic to see what humans do to animals who have never known how to do anything but love their people. THANK-YOU for being so wonderful. You bring tears to my eyes and a smile to my face!

  11. What a cutie pie:) Thanks for sharing and Have a Great Weekend!

  12. Isn’t he gorgeous! I am finding it hard to wrap my tiny little mind around those stats – 100 to 150 A DAY??? That is unbelievable. Where are they all coming from? It’s so sad. I know that in UK their animal shelters are busy too, but I think that because pet shops over there won’t sell cats and dogs, homeless pet numbers at a more managable level.

    • Thanks Flo– he is such a sweetheart! The stats are shocking but true and it’s very sad. There need to be better laws. I believe if someone abandons their dog, they should not be allowed to have another one. I think if a breeder drops off 5 pups they can’t sell, they should not be allowed to breed. I think if an animal abuser drops a dog off, he should go to jail and never get to have a pet again. Sadly, that does not happen and this viscous cycle continues 😦

      I’m glad we were able to save this sweet boy!! I know I can’t save them all but looking in his eyes, I know each life saved makes a difference 🙂

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  14. Wow! What a great story. Sony will be such a blessing. Hello, again, Harley. Welcome back…..

  15. You rock!! Brings tears to my eyes. Blessings to you.

  16. What a blessing you were there for Sony! I’m so glad he will have a forever family 🙂

  17. This is such a heartwarming story! It shows that it takes the efforts of just a few good people to combat the bad. And I love that your employer is supportive of your “rescue antics”! Go Deanna!

    • Thanks Laurie! I may not be able to save them all but I know every single life saved makes a huge difference!! My employer is awesome in that regard and even encouraging– it is very nice to have so much support!

      We hope you have a wonderful day!

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  19. Here is the update on the amazing boy Nietzsche! When he arrived, Ace was certain, he came by for a play date but alas, when he was still here the next day Ace went to his bed and didn’t come out all day. Now, after a week, Ace has accepted him. Little Nietzsche is very intelligent and a stinker. If Ace has something he wants, he simply devises an aversion to distract Ace. Once Ace jumps up to see what is going on, Nietzsche grabs whatever Ace had. Very calculating. It is very funny. Also, he could be trained to act in a circus. He got in my chair at work and would not get out, so I tilted it thinking he would simply land on the floor, but he dug in and backed up on the chair until he was hanging by his back legs on a vertical chair. It was amazing!
    He is house trained, loving, sweet and funny. We cannot imagine why someone took him to the shelter and felt sure we would be seeing some pretty horrific traits by now but there are none. Their loss is our gain. And we thank them for turning him over and most of all, we thank our sweet, beautiful daughter, Deanna for finding him on line and rushing out to save him. Big problem will be in a few years when Krista takes both Ace and Nietzsche to college.

    • Awwww what a little love bug, Nietzshe! Send him a snuggle from us, we all miss him and are glad to hear he’s doing so well in his new home 🙂 Saw the photos on FB and loved them! I will have to share a few on my blog 🙂 Love you, thank you again for rescuing the little rascal!!!!!!

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