Dog Treats with Duke

Please say hello to today’s guest on Dog Treats, a handsome fella named Duke! Rescued by Jennifer from treebranchdesign when he was just a baby, 3 year old Duke now shares his home with Jennifer and her family, including Beagle/Spitz rescue, Casey. Casey shared her story in an earlier interview; click here to read it. We are mixing it up today; instead of our usual interview, we have a fun video accompanied by Duke’s story and information about his rescue organization 🙂

Dog Treats with Duke

Say hello to Duke!

Jennifer’s children created a wonderful YouTube video starring Duke! Click here to view “Got Cheese? Dog Gives the Look” on YouTube. The kids did a wonderful job and it’s nice to see Duke has such a loving forever home now!

Duke’s Story As told by his family

Duke was found as a puppy with his twin brother on the streets. He was rescued from a local animal shelter by MAS rescue. A kindhearted foster volunteer took him in and raised him for about a year. She feel in love with him and decided to adopt him. Who wouldn’t ? He is the sweetest dog, even though he may look the opposite.

Sadly, the volunteer passed away in her sleep. The animal control came and took him away along with the other animals she was fostering. With incredible graciousness and quick thinking, a neighbor found out this had happened and rushed to the Animal Shelter.

They had already been there for a few days days. She took all of the animals that had not been adopted and that were at risk and put them up at a local Kennel. 2 dogs were left. She then posted an email to her neighborhood about needing to place these animals to good homes or just for fostering.

Not knowing any of this had occurred, I stopped by my mom’s who lives in the same neighborhood. She mentioned this story and I immediately wanted to do something.

When I first met Duke, he was so incredibly sweet and I realized he was very special. Needless to say he came home with us. On the way home we picked up my children. I will remember the looks on their faces when they saw him peaking up over the back seat!

At the time, we had 3 dogs. The strangest thing is that our oldest dog was not doing well at all. Then when Duke came he started acting like a puppy. We’d like to think Duke helped Max live a few extra months. Duke has been the perfect addition to our family. Though he’s been through some hardship, he has had lots of love in his short life.


The Maryland Animal Sanctuary & Rescue Organization (MAS) is a small non-profit animal shelter dedicated to helping unwanted shelter pets whose time has run out. Since opening in 2005, MAS Rescue has placed more than 1,300 pets in loving forever homes! Click here to visit the MAS Rescue website where you can learn more about the organization, browse their adoptable pets and donate to this wonderful cause. Visit the MAS on Facebook by clicking here and be sure to “like” the page and join the conversation!

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GET INVOLVED>>>If you have a rescue animal who would like to be featured on Dog Treats, let us know! Though we mostly feature dogs, it’s just as easy to do a Cat/Horse/Bird Treats edition- and we’ve never interviewed another animal before 🙂


8 responses to “Dog Treats with Duke

  1. It was great to hear Duke’s story. So glad Jennifer save him and he found his forever home.

  2. Thanks for featuring me. – Duke

  3. Duke sure didn’t get the best start in life. However, it is always worth waiting for the perfect forever home 🙂

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  5. We love Duke! He can come visit Maggie anytime! 🙂 🙂

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