Dog Treats with Scarlet

We have some special visitors today on Dog Treats– my friend of 9 years and her rescue dog who shares her name with one of our pups! Please welcome Sarah and Scarlet, a white and tan Pit Bull around 4 years old. Though Scarlet had an extremely rough past, she now lives a happy life with her mom, Sarah, who describes her as playful, affectionate and loyal. In addition to being a great friend, Sarah is an active volunteer in dog rescue and has saved many dogs who otherwise had no chance. Please take a moment to visit one of the great organizations Sarah is involved in, the American Pit Bull Foundation.

Dog Treats with Scarlet

Scarlet and Comet, roommates and best friends!

Love of My Dogs: Hi guys! Thanks so much for joining us on Dog Treats! Our first question is easy! What is Scarlet’s favorite treat?

Scarlet:  Anything my mom is eating.

LOMD: Same with our pups 😀 Where and when was Scarlet adopted?

Sarah: I was volunteering at the York County Humane Society in Fort Mill, SC when I noticed a car speeding away from our front parking lot. As I went to the window to investigate, I noticed a terrified and scary looking pit bull at our front door. While I was appalled at her condition, I instantly fell in love with her pitiful face. A year and a half later, my once-a-fighter pit bull, is now nothing but a lover.

The day Sarah brought Scarlet home.

LOMD: Wow, what a terrible thing- look at her sad face! We are so happy you stuck by her and saved her. Do you know anything about Scarlet’s past?

Sarah: Scarlet was used as a bait dog in a fighting operation in a nearby town. Although you probably know, bait dogs are dogs used to test a dog’s fighting instinct and are often mauled or killed in the process.

LOMD: There is nothing more cruel and horrible than dog-fighting. Our Scarlett came from a similar situation and it can be very challenging to help and rehab them. Tell us about the challenges you faced when you brought your Scarlet home.

Sarah: Scarlet had extreme aggression issues toward other dogs. It took six months of intense training to “rehabilitate” her. Additionally, my entire family was opposed to the breed and showered me with “those dogs kill people” and “you’ll never be able to fix her” comments. With time and patience, I have been able to prove to each one of these family members that the pit bull breed is truly remarkable.

Scarlet getting a kiss from sister, Sola.

LOMD: You are a savior for stepping in and doing so much to help her get over her fears and aggression! It can be so tough without support. Tell us a little more about what Scarlet is like now.

Sarah: Scarlet is a happy, 55 lb. white and tan pit bull who loves nothing more than to cuddle with you on the couch.

LOMD: Aww, a snuggle bug! What is Scarlet’s proudest accomplishment since she was rescued a year and a half ago?

Sarah: Being that Scarlet was once used to fight, she had tons of aggression issues to overcome. There were nights when I cried myself to sleep wondering how she would ever function as a family pet. Scarlet graduated from an intensive behavior obedience program in March 2011 and has since grown in to the most wonderful, loving four-legged friend. Although she does not love every dog she meets nor will she ever forget her past, she is able to happily share her home with four other canines.

Scarlet playing with her roommate, Madeline.

LOMD: Scarlet’s story brings tears to my eyes. Words cannot express how happy we are she found you! What other canines does Scarlet share her house with?

Sarah: Scarlet shares her home with her sister, Sola, foster brother, Rambo, and her two roommates, Comet and Madeline.

LOMD: We love that you foster- what a great way to save lives and make a difference! Please share with us a little about pet rescue in your community.

Sarah: The greater Charlotte-Mecklenburg area has many rescue organizations! Being that I live south of the city and across the border in South Carolina, I try to focus my efforts on South Carolina shelters that demonstrate the greatest need. I work closely with Lancaster Animal Control in Lancaster, SC. Lancaster Animal Control represents your typical southern pound: a small facility with little to no resources. The dog runs are cleaned by an inmate and the shelter has absolutely no veterinary services for any of the dogs or cats. With that being said, when a puppy, kitten, dog or cat needs medical attention, they are humanely euthanized. They euthanized approximately 80% of puppies/dogs and 94% of  kittens/cats who entered their doors last year. The statistics are shocking. With the help of other dog lovers, I have been able to pull 21 puppies from this facility this year and all have been placed in loving homes and/or reputable rescues. Sadly, they continue to have numerous litters dumped each week and there are simply not enough places for these animals to go.

LOMD: That is heart-breaking but what you have been able to do is truly amazing! You are proof that everyone can make a difference with hard work and determination! Do you have any advice for someone considering adoption?

Sarah: DO IT! As soon as you decide you have the time, money, and patience for welcoming a new friend into your family, make the decision to rescue. The lives of so many innocent animals are in constant jeopardy and they have no one to turn to but us. If you don’t have the time to adopt, donate money or supplies to organizations in your area. If you don’t have the money to donate, foster. Fostering is another amazing, rewarding way to save a life and most good rescues pay for all expenses. Either way you go, you will be making a world of difference for an animal.

LOMD: Great advice! Why did you choose to adopt your dogs?

Sarah: When I moved away to college, I began volunteering with a local animal shelter, Franklin County Dog Shelter. It was then that I really became aware of the depressing reality of homeless animals. Not only do most shelter dogs have heartbreaking pasts, but most never make it out of the shelter doors.

LOMD: It really is heartbreaking, especially when you see it first-hand. The first time I entered a shelter as a volunteer, I knew in that moment I could never choose anything but adoption when so many innocent babies needed help.
I am constantly inspired by your dedication to help shelter dogs. I know you work with many, so please share with us some other organizations you’re involved with.

Sarah: I also work closely with The American Pit Bull Foundation, which is based out of Charlotte, NC. They are responsible for saving my most wonderful foster dog, Rambo. Rambo is a 1-year-old pit bull mix who has the sweetest, most submissive demeanor. Not only would Rambo never hurt a fly, but he is scared of flies! Rambo has likely been abused by humans but his love for people continues. His resiliency and forgiving nature reminds me every day to keep advocating for the breed.

Rambo patiently awaiting his forever home! Contact us if you are interested in adopting this sweet boy!

LOMD: Rambo is too cute and he sounds like an amazing pup! We hope your sweet pup will find a forever home soon! **If anyone is interested in making Rambo a part of your forever family, please let us know!
In closing, please share with us how adopting your dog has changed your life.

Sarah: Scarlet has shown me that no matter where someone comes from, they can always overcome their past. I have made it a point to dedicate my life to rescuing dogs in honor of the millions of those who haven’t be so lucky.

LOMD: We couldn’t be happier Scarlet found you- thank you for sharing your amazing story today! And a big THANK YOU for everything you do to help homeless shelter dogs and for being such an inspiration to me and so many others!

Sarah: Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity me to blabber on about my favorite thing in the world! Save a life, adopt a homeless pet 🙂


21 responses to “Dog Treats with Scarlet

  1. Wow – super interview and great work with the rescue. Thanks for sharing, Woof woof woof

  2. Great interview! Those doggies are as cuddly and snuggly as me! I love them!


  3. Thank you for a wonderful interview! I take my hat off to Sarah and to Scarlet!

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  5. I’m so happy for Scarlett, I have a question for Sarah. What did Scarlett’s rehabilitation include, specifically I’m curious as to how you help a dog become non-aggressive towards other dogs?

    Thank you and God Bless you for what you do.

    • Hello Jodi, thanks for stopping by! I will contact Sarah and ask if she can reply to your question– I’m sure it is not a short explanation by any means! Our rescue pup, Scarlett (funny, huh :)) came from a very similar situation and I’d love to write you and tell you how we helped her become non-aggressive (it’s also very long!)

      In the meantime, I’ll let Sarah know about your question 🙂 Thanks for reading this wonderful story and thanks for your comments!

    • Hi Jodi! Our trainer’s philosophy is very much like Cesar Millan’s. He trained me to be the “pack leader” and to teach Scarlet that I was the one in control at all times. This meant many things including not allowing her to be anywhere that is on higher ground (you can see from the pictures that I’m not as consistent as I should be!) and to submit to me on command. I would love to go in to great detail about this. Is there an easier way to contact you?

  6. What an awesome post. It’s nice to hear a success story!

  7. This is really a great story. So thankful for people like Sarah who help dogs find forever homes.

  8. I am so glad Scarlet found a great home.

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