Playtime & New Pets

Slowly, we’ve been letting Chelsea play with Scarlett and Harley. Her leg is continuing to improve though we’re still working to encourage her to keep it down 100% of the time. She is getting much better and we can see her muscles getting bigger and more defined. You can even see her fur starting to come back in. Today, she had a fun time with Scarlett outside.

Sharing a stick.

Hi Mom! We like to share!

Silly pups!

While I took these photos I was reminded of a previous post by Laurie at Laurie Bartolo Photography. In it, she describes a post by Dr. Rayya at Dr. Rayya’s Online Veterinary Journal. Dr. Rayya treated Major, a German Shepherd who had an unfortunate accident with a stick. Thankfully, Major made a complete recovery but this accident reminds us to be aware of what can happen and exercise caution if your dogs play with sticks. If you have not visited these blogs, be sure to take a moment to check them out!

In other news, our family grew by two today. My boyfriend went to the store for dog food and came home with two fish 🙂 They are still unnamed so we are taking suggestions. The orange guy is a Black Oscar fish and the pink girl is a Blood Parrot Chiclid. They are pretty cute.

Hey, what are these things?

Starting to accumulate a zoo 🙂

Tomorrow, we have a beautiful, heartwarming story on Dog Treats, so be sure to tune in!


17 responses to “Playtime & New Pets

  1. I love these photos – Scarlett and Chelsea are just adorable together! And it’s so good to see Chelsea getting to play a little bit! I’m so glad to hear she is doing better. Thanks so much for the mention and the reminder about stick safety! And congratulations on the latest addition to your family! 🙂

  2. So happy to see Chelsea playing and smiling.

  3. That’s great news on C’s recovery. 🙂

  4. I love the cute pictures of the dogs. Scarlett and Chelsea look great together, looks like teamwork:)

  5. Chelsea & Scarlett are adorable. Loved all the pictures of your pets. Thanks for sharing my article. I hope it provides insight on things that can go wrong with playing with sticks. 🙂

  6. Hi!
    We are so happy to see Chelsea playing with her siblings! YAY!!! We are still praying for her and it is amazing how dogs love sticks,.
    Keep getting better Chelsea!

    Your friends,
    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

  7. Great to see Chelsea building up her strength again.

  8. So glad to see Chelsea getting stronger. Great pics of her and Scarlett together.

  9. It is great to hear that Chelsea is getting to have some play time with the others. Plus, Chelsea is getting her muscles back and her fur. I love the pictures of them sharing a stick. Our dog loves to play with sticks. I will have to check out the link you put in our post about sticks.

  10. I am hopelessly behind in reading. Beautiful pictures on this post. Good luck with the fish, (hopefully they are still swimming around ;)).

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