Training: Going Potty in a Certain Spot

If you don’t want to go scooping poop every time your dog relieves himself in the backyard, the simplest solution to keeping your yard poo-free is to train your dogs to go in a certain area, like right along the edges of your property or fence! This makes clean-up much easier and you don’t always have to watch your step when trying to enjoy the great outdoors.

To train your dog to go in a certain area, use a leash when you go outside. Walk your dog along the area you’d like him to go in. If it’s a small area, walk in circles around the spot; along the fence, walk back and forth around the perimeter where you want your dog to go. When he does go in the right area, praise him. If he makes a mistake, do not punish him. Instead, immediately walk him to the desired area and repeat your command (go potty, do your business, etc). Even if you know your dog doesn’t have to go again, saying your common potty command will help him associate the area with the command.

Pretty simple, right? Not so fast! This needs to be done consistently every time you go out, for weeks or more, depending on how fast your dog learns. You will know he is starting to learn when he directs you to the area instead of vice versa. When he gets comfortable enough going in the designated spot and hasn’t made a recent mistake (for at least a week), you can remove the leash.

Remember, you’ll probably still need to direct your dog to the proper spot. Sometimes they’ve picked it up but still need enforcement. If he goes to the correct spot and relieves himself, praise him. If not, immediately walk him to the proper area and repeat your potty command. Remember, do not punish your dog.

You know your dog; use the leash if he still needs the direction and enforcement. If you feel things are progressing the right way and he is going in the correct spot, you can continue off-leash.

Eventually, you will not need to supervise or direct; your dog will go in the spot! Remember that the most important thing when training is consistency. If you are consistent and take good care of your dog, you can train him to do almost anything!

Do your dogs relieve themselves in a certain spot outside? Let us know below!


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4 responses to “Training: Going Potty in a Certain Spot

  1. I almost always use a certain part of my yard because I don’t want a mess in my Frisbee catching area.

  2. We put an x-pen in the yard for puppy. He associates that as his potty spot. We have been walking him around the yard on a lead to do potty too, but if I want it to happen quickly (say it is snowing or cold), into the x-pen he goes for quickest results. 🙂

  3. Great tips! I’m ever hopeful that an outside flushable dog toilet will soon be invented 🙂

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