Dog Treats with Casey

Today’s guest on Dog Treats is a cute Beagle/Spitz rescue dog named Casey. 10½ year-old Casey was rescued by Jennifer from treebranchdesign. If you haven’t visited this blog, make sure you stop by to browse Jennifer’s wonderful eye-catching artwork and stunning photography! You can also visit links to organizations Jennifer adopted Casey from, as well as her other rescue pups, Max and Duke:, &

Dog Treats with Casey

Casey the rescue pup!

Love of My Dogs: Thanks for joining us on Dog Treats, Casey and Jennifer! What is Casey’s favorite dog treat?

Casey and Jennifer: Peanut butter, and anything she get a hold of.

LOMD: Peanut butter is delicious! Jennifer, when did you adopt Casey?

Jennifer: We adopted Casey from the Anne Arundel County SPCA,  April 2001

LOMD: That is wonderful. I bet you guys are very close having been together so long! Can you tell us anything about your pup before she was rescued by you?

Jennifer: Her mother arrived at the pound and delivered her there. She looked completely different from her litter mates (looked like a beagle). I knew she was special when I picked her up and set her on the floor. She ran around then I called to her and she came.

LOMD: That is special! What does Casey like to do nowadays?

Jennifer: Chase things outside and bark at the neighbors Labordoodle. She is still very sweet and loves ear massages.

LOMD: LOL our dogs love “having conversations” with the neighbors dogs too. Why did you choose to adopt your pup?

Jennifer: We wanted to adopt or buy a pure breed Aussie. But we have always rescued dogs so it was a gut feeling to visit the pound after seeing a breeder. Oddly my husband really wanted a beagle. And there she was. Best decision ever. She is smart and quick to learn. She passed all of her/my training with flying colors.

LOMD: How wonderful that you found such a special girl like Casey! You’ve had her so long; what is her greatest accomplishment?

Jennifer and Casey: She went through training and testing to become a certified Therapy Dog and participated in a reading program involving children. She and I participated for about two years. She would actually “Climb up on the table, and finish off a complete meal of pork chops, greens beans, and mashed potatoes, as my person left to go check on my crying miniperson. I can still remember her stunned face as she caught me standing on top off the table, right in the middle.”

LOMD: That is too funny- sometimes they know better but can’t help themselves 🙂 Did you face any challenges when you adopted Casey?

Jennifer: She was a puppy, so I trained her right away when she was old enough. The only problem was trying to convince my husband it’s ok for her sleep on the bed. He changed his mind shortly after a few sad puppy dog looks his way.

LOMD: No one can resist those sad puppy faces! Please share with us why pet adoption is important to you?

Jennifer: It just seems the right thing to do. I also believe mix breeds can be healthier.

LOMD: We admire you for rescuing sweet Casey! She is adorable. How has pet adoption changed you and your family?

Jennifer: My kids love and appreciate our dogs and they recognize the importance behind adopting and even fostering/rescuing. I was blessed with her being very obedient/trainable so being able to participate in the Therapy Dog program made me feel good about helping others in difficult situations.

LOMD: We think it is so wonderful she went through Therapy Dog Training! Thank you for joining us on Dog Treats to raise adoption awareness! Casey is another fine example of a rescue pup who went on to do great things and even give back to her community! Bravo, Casey and Jennifer 🙂

Make sure you check out Jennifer’s photo blog, treebranchdesign. You can also visit her website by clicking here!

—>If you have a rescue pup and would like to be featured on our Dog Treats Interview Series, click here!


14 responses to “Dog Treats with Casey

  1. The kids were tickled pink to read Casey’s interview. Thanks!

  2. I love your story, Casey! You look very pretty in your picture. I’m a rescue and a therapy dog, too! We are a lot alike, except I never ate a pork chop in my whole life. You’re my idol!

    Love and licks (and a little drool),

    • Ooh, that’s right– we are so honored to have had the chance to interview TWO therapy dogs!!! How cool is that?!
      Our pups have never had pork chops either and I guess I better not mention it to them or they will be drooling, too 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, Cupcake! Have a great day!

  3. Great to meet you Casey. My person follows your person’s blog and it’s nice to get to know the dog side of her family. Thanks Deanna for interviewing Casey today.

  4. Great interview! Keep them coming! 🙂

  5. Casey sounds like an amazing pup and a great addition to the family. : )

  6. Another great interview. Nice to meet you Casey.

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