Scarlett’s Teeth

The people who had Scarlett before us did some very bad things to her. If you haven’t read Scarlett’s story, you can by clicking here. Though most of her physical and emotional scars have healed, we will have to deal with the abuse for years to come.

Left: 3/23/11, 28 lbs. Right: 7/28/11, 48 pounds!

We don’t know exactly what happened in Scarlett’s previous home but we do know three of her canines were grinded down. Historically, this is done by dog abusers to limit the dog’s ability to fight back. One of Scarlett’s canines is visibly grinded to a stump; the others are grinded about halfway.

We have to constantly monitor her mouth, gums, teeth and canines for signs of infection or abnormalities. Over the weekend we were doing our check and could see that two of the canines were discolored and looked completely dead. There was some white around the gum area so we knew she had to get to the vet asap. (It never ends in my house!) Our vet told us one canine would definitely need to be pulled and quite possibly the other one, too. We’ll need x-rays to confirm (seriously, never ends!) and then she’ll get one or both of them pulled.

The best picture I have of her teeth...her canine is about the same size as her regular teeth, a little bigger.

The main thing is to catch these issues early and visit your vet as soon as possible if you notice changes in your dog’s mouth, teeth, or gums. Even if your dog was not previously abused or sick, dogs can develop serious dental issues that can be very detrimental to their overall health, even causing heart and lung problems. I suggest every pet owner know what your dog’s mouth looks like, know the color of his/her gums and keep an eye out for plaque build-up, chronic bad breath, changes in gum color or any other abnormalities!

Scarlett is going to be OK; she is our fighter and a few teeth pulled will be a breeze. Now if only I could get my hands on those horrible, sick people who had her before us…


26 responses to “Scarlett’s Teeth

  1. Just horrible – a dog’s teeth are so important for overall health, especially eating. At least there is soft food, but for a young dog to have to start eating soft food so earlier is just sad. Just because a previous owner could not be bothered with something so basic in care to maintain. Like you said this little one is a Survivor and now has a happy place to call home:) Thanks for sharing!

    • It is very sad 😦 I can’t understand why someone would do such terrible things to her because she is so sweet!! Thankfully, she has enough teeth to eat hard food but I’m sure with the loss of two canines, things may change.

  2. So glad Scarlett has a good home with you now. Some people should never be allowed near animals – and probably not near other people either.

  3. Why on earth would someone want to be bad to a dog? We’re so loyal and loving, so many skins don’t deserve us.

  4. OOps the comment about skins not deserving us by Marion’s Reiki was actually written by me, I didn’t realise I was logged into my mom’s blog.
    Foolish Bones

  5. Oh that makes me SO mad! And SO glad at the same time that Scarlett now has you guys for family. I hope you guys have pet insurance! x

  6. we cannot turn the clock back or change what has already happened. Scarlett is lucky that you have found her and I am sure that with your love and care her scares will heal and she will remember only the good part of her life.

    If only we could save all animals from such cruelty

  7. Such a sad tale about Scarlett’s abuse, but at least she has a great loving home now. We have a reverse story on the teeth thing where the vet was bad so I won’t bother sharing that one!! Scarlett does look so much better though, you have worked so hard with her.

    • Oh my! We are very lucky to have such a wonderful vet– I even have his cell phone for emergencies and I know it’s very hard to find someone like that nowadays! We are so glad Scarlett is part of our family now 🙂

  8. We would like to get our hands and paws on those people too! There is no excuse for treating her like that! Please give her lots of hugs from us!

    God Bless You!
    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

  9. It’s unbelievable what some people do to dogs. Scarlett is so lucky to have found you.

  10. Scarlett has found the perfect home. It is unbelievable how anyone can hurt a dog by not taking care of them. If you get a dog and can’t end up taking care of them you should find them another loving home. Not just let them get sick and sicker.

    Happy to hear Scarlett is going to be better. Your Lab is 12 years old and starting to have issues with her teeth and gums. Time to go to the Vet.

    • It’s truly terrible what some people do– I will never understand especially when I look into Scarlett’s sweet eyes– how could anyone do anything to hurt her?!
      Good luck with your Lab’s dental issues! We know they are no fun, especially not for the pups!

  11. That is just heart breaking!!

  12. I feel awful for poor Scarlett. I am glad she will be ok. Very informative post…thanks for sharing. We know the inside of our pups mouths fairly well, especially Miss Stella’s these days with her mouthing and playing.

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