Dog Treats with Luke

Please welcome the star of today’s Dog Treats interview, Luke! An all-around wonderful rescue pup, Luke is a 7 year old Golden Retriever who was rescued by Zach two and a half years ago. Now, Luke lives in style with his parents, Zach and Crystal and fur-family of rescues, Minnie, Scooby and Charlie Machete the foster pup! Be sure to visit Crystal and the crew’s blog, Wayward Dogs, to learn more about Luke and this rescue-loving family’s mission. Both Zach and Crystal are truly rescue superstars!

Dog Treats with Luke

Meet Luke, the rescue pup and Zach, his rescuer.

Love of My Dogs: Hello Wayward Dogs and Luke and thanks for joining us on our favorite series, Dog Treats, to raise awarness about animal rescue and adoption! What are Luke’s favorite treats?

Wayward Dogs: Luke is a big fan of fruits and vegetables. He especially likes apples and carrots.

LOMD: Oh, a healthy rescue pup! How refreshing 😉 When does Luke get his healthy snacks?

Wayward Dogs: Whenever he sits down and looks up at us with a pathetic “Can I have some?” expression. He plants himself near our feet whenever we’re cooking.

LOMD: LOL ours love to do that, too 🙂 So tell us when your life started with sweet Luke, the rescue pup.

Wayward Dogs: My boyfriend Zach adopted Luke about two-and-a-half years ago from The Animal Rescue Alliance.

LOMD: How wonderful! Can you tell us about Luke’s life before he met you and Zach?

Wayward Dogs: Luke spent the first four years of his life on a lakefront property — at the end of a four-foot chain. He was tied to a doghouse 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in all kinds of weather (including a tornado). Fortunately, volunteers from The Animal Rescue Alliance were able to remove Luke from the situation and place him into foster care in Kansas City.

LOMD: That is very sad but, boy, are we glad he was rescued and fostered! Speaking of fostering, we know you also save lives by fostering pups until they find forever families. Tell us about your current foster pup, available for adoption!

Wayward DogsCharlie Machete, our foster black lab/pit bull mix who we found on the trail near our house. He is desperate to get into a home.

The adoptable Charlie Machete! He would make one lucky family very happy!!

Click here to learn more about Charlie Machete and let them know if you can find him a loving forever home! He is a beautiful dog who will spoil his forever family with love and affection for years to come!

LOMD: We hope sweet Charlie finds a home soon! We think you guys are awesome for fostering and saving his life! Who else does Luke share his home with?

Wayward Dogs:

Minnie: This husky mix is also a traildog, found not far from where Charlie Machete appeared.

Scooby: My little miniature pinscher of indeterminate antiquity. He rules the house!

LOMD: We admire you for being a whole big family of rescues! You rock! What is Luke like now that he’s been with you for 2.5 years?

Wayward Dogs: Luke is lot like Cesar Milan’s dog Daddy. Luke is an all-around perfect dog and ambassador for his breed and our home. With his friendly nature, Luke has several times helped us gain the trust of wayward dogs we were trying to rescue, including our foster pup Charlie Machete.

LOMD: You are really great inspirations to the rescue community! Why did you and Zach choose to adopt your pups?

Wayward Dogs: It feels great to know that in the choice to adopt a rescue dog we are not contributing to pet overpopulation and we are giving a once-neglected animal the comfortable life and love he deserves. We feel strongly that adoption should be the first choice for anyone seeking a pet. Every shelter that we know of is chronically overcrowded, and many rescue organizations are stretched to their limits, as well. Why bring more pets into the world when so many are already desperate for a home?

LOMD: We totally agree and wish people would visit a shelter before buying a pet from a breeder or pet store. Please share with us a little about dog adoption and rescue in your community.

Wayward Dogs: Like a lot of municipalities, Kansas City has a chronically overcrowded animal shelter where thousands of dogs are destroyed every year. Our shelter also happens to be located in a decrepit facility with poor ventilation where disease can run rampant. After years of being operated by a controversial for-profit private organization, in 2012, the city turned the shelter over to a non-profit group, KC Pet Project. So far, adoptions seem to be up, and the local rescue community has great hope that we may one day be a no-kill city. In the meantime, there remains intense need for fostering and community education on responsible pet ownership.

LOMD: We recently read that 17 million people get new pets every year. 6-8 million pets enter shelters annually. If everyone would adopt, there would be no need for shelters or rescues. Still, we can only educate people and hope some will consider saving an innocent life!

Zach and Luke- best buds.

LOMD: We absolutely love those photos by BrianRicePhoto! How did you decide to adopt Luke?

Wayward Dogs: Luke was a surprise find – a wayward dog. Zach met Luke as he was running loose in the streets of Kansas City, having escaped from his foster home. Their bromance was instant, but the adoption was planned, as Zach had to prove to the rescue organization that he would be a responsible pet owner.

LOMD: It’s great the rescue is responsible about finding good homes! Can you tell us about the challenges you faced after adopting Luke?

Wayward Dogs: Luke was heartworm positive when Zach adopted him. Recovering from this was a painful and stressful process. Luke also suffered from serious separation anxiety and, left alone, he once nearly chewed through a metal kennel. Once he realized that Zach would never abandon him, Luke became much calmer about being home on his own. (Now, he is never alone because we have a house full of dogs.)

LOMD: We are so glad you stuck with him and Luke is now much better! What is Luke’s favorite thing in the world?

Wayward Dogs: Receiving human attention.

LOMD: Luke sounds like quite the social pup now! What has been Luke’s proudest moment since you saved his life a few years ago?

Wayward Dogs: Once when Luke was staying with a single female friend of ours, a prowler attempted to break into her home through a window. Luke defended the home and scared off the intruder.

LOMD: Way to go, Luke– he is a real hero!! How has adopting your pets changed you and your family?

Wayward Dogs: It’s hard to believe that anyone could subject a sweet, obedient and affectionate dog like Luke to the existence he used to endure. Of course, we understand that animal neglect, abuse and plain disregard are, in fact, all too common. Seeing the love in Luke’s eyes – despite what he’s lived through – makes it difficult for us to turn our backs when we meet another dog who seems lost or in need.

LOMD: We agree with you and wish we could save them all. The more people who choose adoption, the closer we will be!

Crystal with Luke, Minnie and Ginger Rogers out for a nice walk in KC!

 Ginger Rogers is the former foster pup of Emily from Our Waldo Bungie. If you haven’t visited this blog, make sure you check it out!!

LOMD: Thank you so much for joining us on Dog Treats today– we have enjoyed learning more about Luke, the awesome rescue pup! In closing, please share with us any doggy organizations that are important to you and your family.

Wayward DogsFriends of KC Animals helped us give our foster dog Charlie Machete a second chance at life by funding his initial veterinary needs, including neutering, vaccines and microchip. Chain of Hope is another fantastic Kansas City organization that provides food, comfort, resources and rescue to needy animals in the urban core.
LOMD: Be sure to visit Luke and the Crew by hopping over to Wayward Dogs Blog! You can also visit Luke’s rescue organization by visiting


13 responses to “Dog Treats with Luke

  1. I hope those dogs find the best forever homes ever!!!

  2. Thanks, Rumpy– so do we! Charlie looks like such an amazing guy!!

  3. Luke is a life-changer! He nailed it when he said that human attention is his favorite thing. Me, too, Luke! When Mom plays with me, walks with me, and teaches me new things, it makes me so happy, my ears start dancing around on my head. We loved reading your story. You are a brave boy and a hero!

    Love and licks,

  4. Thank you Cupcake and G for your wonderful comments! Luke is such a special boy and he has a wonderful rescue family just like you 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. Thanks for letting us share Luke’s story! He is a very special dog. I hope he helps inspire more people to adopt!

  6. Thank you Crystal, Luke, Zach, Minnie, Scooby and Charlie Machete! We hope more people will consider adoption as their first option– how could they not after hearing about Luke, one of the coolest rescue pups ever!!!

    Thanks for helping us raise awareness about animal rescue and adoption! You rock 🙂

    -Deanna and the Crew

  7. Great interview! We love Luke (and Machete, Minnie, and Scooby too, of course!)

    — Emily

  8. Thanks Emily! We love them too- what an awesome family of rescues 🙂

  9. We cried when we read about him being on a 4 foot chain through a tornado! What is the matter with people? Perhaps I am strange for I would die to save one of our collies or for any animal or human… while I realize not all people would die for a animal but they could have at least let it off the leash so it would have a fighting chance to get out of the way if it got too close… sorry to rant.. but we love our furry family members and this story … well.. you know. We are so glad he is with a loving human now…

    Great Post!

    God BLess You!

    The Collies and Chuck

    • We don’t mind your rant, Chuck! And it’s good to be part of a network of people who do care about the well-being of animals. Hug those beautiful collies of yours tonight! They are lucky pups, too.

    • I know– some people are just so sick and cruel I would love to get my hands on any person who mistreats a poor innocent animal!

      We are very happy Luke has such an amazing home now, too 🙂 He’s a really awesome pup!

  10. Another great interview, thank you so much for sharing these heart-warming stories with us!

  11. Thanks MJ and crew!! We love sharing these wonderful stories– what awesome happy endings for such great rescue pups 🙂

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