Charley Takes to the Ski Slope

When we were in Telluride, we were getting ready to go into town one day when all of a sudden we saw something on the ski slope! Harley spotted him first and thank goodness for that. We watched him run down the slope and plant himself at the end of a raised trick rail. We frantically called him over and he happily came trotting up. Here are some pictures of our time with Charley, the pretty Goldendoodle.

Harley sees Charley on the ski slope.

Meet Charley! We found him running down the ski slope in Telluride!

Charley and Harley checking each other out.

Charley watched TV just like Harley! It was really funny.

Harley and Charley!

Watchin' TV, waiting for Charley's owner to come pick him up. They were very surprised but thankful we found him!

Thankfully, Charley’s owners came to get him half an hour after we found him. Apparently, he got out when the kids left to go skiing and decided to go down the slope, too! Thankfully we saw him running and were able to get him home. He was lots of fun and very polite for the 30 minutes we visited with him 🙂

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14 responses to “Charley Takes to the Ski Slope

  1. You’re a hero, Harley! Charley wouldve turned cold and wet before too long, if you hadn’t spotted him. Good work!

    Love and Licks,

  2. Thank goodness you got Charley back to his owners safe. I had to laugh at them watching tv. BOL!

  3. So good you found his owner. What a cutie though.

  4. That is quite an adventure! *Waggy tail*

  5. God bless you and all of the other animal angels who will stop and help a lost animal find their people! So glad this one had a happy ending! 🙂 Charley is a cutie!

  6. Great job Harley at finding Charley – was he practising for the Doggy Olympics? 🙂

    It’s always good when there’s a happy ending – I’ve found a few Doggies myself and luckily they’ve had phone numbers on their collar so Mum could re-unite them with their owners……

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  7. Brrr, thank goodness you helped Charley and reconnected him w/ his people!

  8. You did a good deed. I bet his people were frantic!

  9. YAY! Great job! Hanging together we dog lovers can protect our babies. 🙂 Loved seeing them watch TV. Isn;t interesting how some dogs love TV and others act disgusted by it or ignore it totally.

    Your friends,

    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

  10. Oh, what a cutie Charley is and it looks like sweet Harley enjoyed visiting with him. That is so cool they watched TV together. We are happy you helped him get back home safely. Hugs and nose kisses

  11. How much fun to have Charley visit for a short time. Glad he got back to his people so quickly.

  12. You’re a terrific pal! I know exactly how those owners must have felt. I had lost Lilly a few years ago but a stranger found her and we got her back. You did a wonderful thing =)

  13. Thank you all 🙂 We’re very happy we spotted him– he really blended in with the snow!! Thankfully Harley is always on the lookout 🙂

    He was such a sweet, well-trained dog!

  14. Looks like he was happy to meet you too.

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