Raising Funds for Dogs in Need

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of receiving a question from Sandi, one of our readers and the author of a wonderful blog we love, Training a Service Dog. We would like to share her question and our response in hopes it may help others who find themselves in our situation.

Sandi writes:

Hi Love of My Dogs:

I have the blog “Training a Service Dog“. I was just curious, how do you go about raising funds to help out a dog?  Sometimes I have have friends who had to choose not to save their dogs because the vet bills would be too high.  I am only wondering, Bambi does not need anything, being a puppy, she is in perfect health (and gets spay soon).  Thanks for your time, and reading my blog.  I am so happy your dog is doing so much better.  What an amazing miracle 🙂


Many of our readers know we recently rescued Chelsea, a puppy with a broken/dislocated leg that required a $2,400 surgery. After spending $1,000 on Chelsea’s immediate medical costs, we had nothing left for the $2,400 surgery and had to raise funds to cover the costs.

We’d love to share with how we raised the money for Chelsea. We also have many friends in the rescue community who do the same thing with much success. It took us almost 3 months to raise $2,400 for Chelsea but I’ve heard of people raising funds in days.

The first thing is that you have to blindly commit to the dog, regardless of knowing if you will raise the money. This was the toughest thing for us to do but we wanted to save her so much. We put it in God’s hands and had faith everything would work out.

Next, we got a written quote for the surgery from a veterinarian. We attached this to all our fundraising stuff for verification. We also told the vet Chelsea’s story and he agreed to do the surgery at the lowest possible cost (a very significant discount!)

We made a ChipIn on www.Chipin.com and posted her story and pictures. ChipIn lets anyone raise funds for anything- people donate directly through Paypal. We sent the link to the ChipIn to all of our family members, friends, coworkers, etc.

Then we made fliers and took them to our veterinarian, our groomer, a few local stores, and the shelter we rescued Chelsea from. On the flier, we printed her story, links to the ChipIn and thankfully, every group collected money for us. The shelter even promoted it on their website!

We posted on our blog a lot, in addition to other blogs in the dog community. That was maybe annoying but we did it anyways. It was for Chelsea 🙂

It was absolutely amazing when we finally raised the money and even though it took months, we finally did it thanks to the kindness of friends, family, coworkers and complete strangers. Like I said, the hardest part was committing to Chelsea when we had no idea if we’d ever raise that money. I guess deep down, we knew it would all be okay 🙂

Do you have a tip on how to fundraise, especially when it comes to fundraising for dogs? Let us know below!


7 responses to “Raising Funds for Dogs in Need

  1. Very informative post. Nicely done!

  2. I hope my person never has to do fundraising for me, but she saved that Chipin site in her favorites. She says it might come in handy some day to help someone else.

  3. Very interesting. So glad that it all worked out.

  4. I’ve seen a couple of dog-related Chip-ins over the last month that have been really successful. It’s great to see people being so generous to help others in need.

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