Dog Treats with Bongo

Today’s Dog Treats Interview Series guest is pretty famous in our blogging community. You can even Google him and find his picture! Please welcome rescue pup Bongo, an 8-9 year old Pointer mix and the star of BongoDogBlog! Bongo (sometimes called BongoDog or just Dog, affectionately) lives in Arizona with his person, his smaller person and a black cat named Scratchy. Check out Bongo’s blog by visiting

Dog Treats with Bongo

Bongo the rescue Pointer mix

Love of My Dogs: Hey Bongo, thanks for joining us today to help raise awareness about doggy adoption on Dog Treats! Tell us, what’s your favorite doggy treat?

Bongo: My person keeps switching my treats and I like them all, but for Christmas she made me some cookies from a recipe she got on this blog. I think they’re my favorites.

LOMD: Wow, we’re flattered! We’ll let our readers know they can find recipes for your favorite treats and more by visiting our Healthy Dog Recipes.
When do you get these yummy treats?
Bongo: I mostly get treats when I come back in the house after being out in the yard. I guess I’d better tell you why. If my person leaves me in the yard by myself and I need a little excitement I jump the fence. So she makes me come back in the house with her, but if she doesn’t have to come after me I get a treat.

LOMD: That’s a good idea your human came up with. We think treats are a much safer bet than jumping the fence!
Besides jumping the fence, what do you like to do? 🙂

Bongo: I have lots of favorite things; catching Frisbees or anything else catchable like balls and stuffed toys, going for walks, and of course eating and sleeping.

LOMD: Good list- our pups love all of those things too! And just like our pups, you are a rescue pup! Where did your forever family rescue you from?

Bongo: I was stuck in dog jail at the Sedona Humane Society. My people came and rescued me from there almost six years ago. It’s the only shelter in the town we live in. Since I was adopted they’ve built a beautiful new building so they can house more cats and dogs. My people have adopted several cats from there over the years, but I’m the first dog they got from there.

LOMD: Your people are heroes! What landed you in dog jail?

Bongo: I was about two and a half years old when I was arrested and taken to dog jail. I was found running loose in a community about ten miles from where I live now and spent about three months in dog jail before my people rescued me. I was already neutered and knew some commands like “sit.”

LOMD: Oh, man! Dog jail is the pits but you are very lucky you were rescued! What do you like to do now with your forever people?

Bongo: I’m happiest when my people are around and I can follow a routine. When they leave the house I have a routine too, but I sometimes get in trouble for it. I love going for walks on the trails near my house and I have lots of adventures which my person lets me blog about.

Bongo playing in the snow!

LOMD: We love your blog, Bongo, and we are very happy you were saved! What has been your biggest accomplishment in your years on earth?

Bongo: My biggest accomplishment was when I convinced my people to release me from dog jail and take me home with them. I also take my person out on lots of walks. She needs her exercise.

LOMD: A wonderful accomplishment, indeed! Can you tell us how your people decided to adopt you?

Bongo: My people had a back yard fence put up while they were remodeling their house so they could have a dog. They know that there are lots of animals in shelters that need forever homes, and they didn’t want to get a dog from anywhere that would support puppy mills, so they checked out the local humane society first and found me.

LOMD: We think it’s awesome your family went to the shelter first! Why do you think dog adoption is so important?

Bongo: There are so many animals needing homes. This shelter and many others make sure that all the adopted animals are neutered, so more unwanted animals aren’t born.
My person says that animals born and living in puppy mills often aren’t treated well, and many pet stores are supplied by puppy mills so it is best not to purchase pets from stores.

LOMD: Puppy mills are horrendous, Bongo 😦 We agree it’s best not to purchase a pet from a pet store– especially when there are so many in shelters and rescue groups who need loving homes!
How has dog adoption changed you and your family’s lives?

Bongo: It definitely changed my life since I now have a forever home. My person is healthier because I take her on walks almost every day, and now she’s busier because she has to help me with my blog.

LOMD: We are so happy you have a loving, forever home! Did your family face any challenges when they first rescued you?

Bongo: My people discovered that I am an escape dog, so I’m not allowed to stay in the yard by myself. I don’t mind being a house dog most of the time, except when it’s really nice outside.
I’m also deathly afraid of thunder and have destroyed a few things when I’ve been left alone in the house during a bad storm. My person just learned about the Anxiety Vest at the end of last thunder season and got me one. We’re both hoping it helps me during our next thunder season.

LOMD: An Anxiety Vest sounds cool! Scarlett could use one of those just about all the time 🙂 Would you like to share with us anything about animal rescue/adoption in your area?

Bongo: We live in an area of small towns and small cities and several of them have their own shelters. My person has not been involved with any of them, other than adopting pets there, but we are very happy those shelters are around for all the animals that need a place to stay until they find their forever homes.

LOMD: We are very thankful for shelters too but dream of a day, shelters are not needed! We need more people like your person to get out there and adopt a pup! Thanks so much for joining us on Dog Treats, Bongo! Please share with us one last thought about you and your forever home.

Bongo: I’m not perfect but my person learned that if she could laugh at what I did it wasn’t so bad, so she started putting funny little things about me on Facebook. She said lots of her friends started asking about me and telling her they liked reading about me, so she let me start my own blog. My person says the adventures we’ve shared and have written about together have even drawn us closer to each other.

Bongo is an awesome rescue pup on the road to adventure!

Be sure to visit Bongo at BongoDogBlog! He is one lucky pup with a family that loves him very much 🙂


37 responses to “Dog Treats with Bongo

  1. This is a great interview with Bongo, one of my favorite blogging friends! So glad to read more about Bongo’s history. Thanks for featuring him today on Dog Treats!

  2. One Handsome Dawg! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mom and I love Bongo’s interview! I am happy he’s out of dog jail. We also love his blog. He’s a cool guy, and has lots of adventures that are fun to read about. Keep up the good work, Bongo! xo

    Love and licks,

  4. Thanks for all the kind comments everybody, and thank you Deanna for interviewing me. This was so awesome – and fun.

    We love Bongo and his blog and even scratchy too! 🙂 Keep up the great posts and
    Lots of Collies Hugs for you all!

    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

  6. Another wonderful interview 🙂

  7. Terrific interview w/ Bongo! What a great spokesdog fur shelter adoptees! Mom’s looking forward to trying some recipes too!

  8. Wow,

    That was a super cool interview – I love Bongo too – he’s cool!!

    I love that he trained his human to give him treats EVERYTIME he comes back in – that’s very impressive, I so wish I’d thought of that – guess it’s never too late to try?! Tee Hee

    Have a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Thank you Snoopy! Bongo is a pretty smart guy…getting his person to give him treats all the time 🙂 We should probably try that with Chelsea as she sometimes doesn’t like to come inside and would rather chew sticks and chase butterflies 🙂

      Have a good one, Snoopy!

  9. That was a great interview with our pal Bongo. We are happy that he got out of jail and that he gets to write his blog.

    the brown dawgs

  10. Great interview with one of the web’s finest – Bongo. Thanks for the fun read – DogDaz

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  12. Ya know what? This interview ROCKS!!!

  13. Great interview! We also love Bongo all the way from across the globe!

  14. Great interview, Deanna! And Bongo, you’re marvellous as well as your person. She has a big heart.

  15. Awesome interview!!! Thanks so much! I love reading Bongo’s blog because it’s always very interesting! Lovely to hear that the ties between his person and him are so strong!!! 🙂
    from Kevin xx

  16. Wonderful interview with Bongo! (I really like his introductory photo at the top of the post, too.)

  17. Just come over from Bongo’s blog to read this interview – a great read 🙂


  18. Oh Bongo…I’m sorry…somehow i missed this when it got posted. Great interview. Keep up the great writing Bongo!

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