A Special Thank You

Thank you to everyone who donated to help get my leg fixed on Monday!

We’d like to take this opportunity to individually thank each person who donated to Chelsea. Without you, Chelsea would not be able to have this leg-saving surgery! We are so thankful for every single one of you– words can not express our gratitude.

Bob Rodriguez
Hannelore Karpinski
Michael, Christy and Coleen Vito
Rick and Dee Ray
Krista Ray
Amelia Favere and Bill Ray
Gail and Chuck Ehrler and Fam
William and Betty Ray
Ponce de Leon Animal Clinic
Debbie and Ralph Goldstein
Carol Barnes
Patrecia and Neville Upton
Haley Owen
Carla Lanser
Alexis Gomez
Tim Roberts
Skeeter Lang
Teresa Lowenthal
And anyone else who donated anonymously.

Each of you are truly amazing; thank you so much! We are truly blessed to have such wonderful family, friends, coworkers and caring people around us.

We will share updates about Chelsea throughout surgery Monday and as she recovers from this complex surgery. We’ll have live updates Monday on our Twitter and Facebook pages and we’ll write a post after surgery letting you all know how it went. Thank you for your prayers and support! This wouldn’t be possible without you 🙂


9 responses to “A Special Thank You

  1. Mom and I will say lots of prayers for you Chelsea. We will send happy, healthy thoughts your way. Be brave.

    Lots of love & licks,

  2. Healing energy being sent for Chelsea’s quick recovery. – DogDaz

  3. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts! We are nervous with anticipation but can’t wait until little Chelsea can grow and be completely healthy 🙂

  4. Hope everything goes well x

  5. as long as Chelsea is safe and well it was out pleasure to give a helping hand

  6. Thank you all- we are praying for the best! We’ll keep you all updated on her condition 🙂

  7. Praying for Chelsea as she goes through her surgery. So glad so many people were willing to help out.

  8. Best of luck tomorrow Chelsea!

  9. Thank you! She’s in surgery now and we are keeping her in our prayers all day! We can’t wait to go pick her up!!!!

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