Dog Treats with Bella Destiny

Welcome to our first interview in Dog Treats, a series on our blog we hope will raise awareness about pet rescue and adoption. Each week, we’ll feature an awesome rescue pet– and the family that saved his or her life. With pet overpopulation at it’s worst, there are millions of homeless pets who never have a chance. Here’s a story from a pup who was saved and now has a loving family and a wonderful place to call home.

Bella Destiny is an adorable German Shepherd/Kelpie rescue dog from Australia! She’s 6 years old and lives with Mum, brother Beary and baby Bubba. And boy, is Bella loved– by pups and humans! She has so many nicknames: Bell, Bells, Fuzzy Love, Fuzzy Soul Mate and My Puppy. What a Princess this rescue pup is! Make sure to check out Bella and the crew’s blog by visiting bumpyroadtobubba!

Dog Treats with Bella Destiny

Bella Destiny

Love of My Dogs: Hey Bella, thanks for joining us in this cool new series, Dog Treats! Tell us what your favorite dog treat is?

Bella: Anything I can get my snout around that’s outside of normal breakfast and dinner time. Having Bubba is great, because there are usually extra little treats handed from the high chair to a pup who may be sitting patiently beside the high chair waiting. Bubba is just learning to share, and I’m very happy to be the recipient. Beary doesn’t pay enough attention – and isn’t really too patient – to get the treats from Bubba, but that’s okay by me.
I’m also quite partial to peanut butter on toast, sometimes when mumma makes some she gives me and Beary the crusts!

LOMD: Bubba sounds like quite the accomplice! What about treats from Mum?

Bella: Not as often as she used to 🙂  Age isn’t very kind to us girls is it? A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips and all that!

LOMD: Oh, we feel your pain! Our pups love to get to human food when we aren’t looking!
So Bella, we know your Mummy rescued you, you lucky girl! Do you remember where you are from?

Bella: It seems like so long ago now, but mumma adopted me from a rescue society foster home in Sydney, Australia in August 2005. Here is the link to the organization.

Bella and her Mum, September 2011.

LOMD: I bet you love your Mumma! What kind of stuff do you like to do together?

Bella: Well, I really like to cuddle my mumma. If she lays down – on her bed or the couch are the most comfortable spots, but I’m also happy if she’s on the floor – and asks Can I have a cuddle? I’ll happily snuggle in so that she’s spooning me. Bonus points for mumma if she tickles my tummy at the same time. I also love to rumble with my little brother Beary. We were supposed to be his foster family until he found his fur-ever home. Mumma did that because she couldn’t stand the thought of him going to a shelter, but he’s still here 2.5 years later, and we’re definitely his fur-ever home (you can read his story here). Lately, Bubba has started to crawl and she crawls over to me and gives me kisses and cuddles and very firm pats. That’s kinda nice too. Oh, and when my grandma comes to visit, I reverse up to her so that she can give me scratchies on my thighs and butt. Aaaahhhhh.

LOMD: We asked your Mum what she had to say about you. We think you have a big fan.

Bella’s Mum: Bella is an incredibly kind, caring dog who has a lovely nature and is a wonderful big sister – both to Beary and to Bubba.

Bella and Bear sharing a stick.

EXTRA: Click here to read Bella’s history before life with her forever family.

LOMD: You have come a long way from being rescued that day on the side of a busy road! How would you describe yourself today?

Bella: I am greyer around the snout, a little less excitable (a little, but not much), less likely to remove the stuffing from my toys (unless they happen to come off worse for wear in a game of tug-o-war with Beary) and I am my mumma’s absolute fuzzy soul mate. We couldn’t imagine our life without each other.

LOMD: We (my pups and I) are soul mates, too! I feel a great reason to rescue is you get to find your soul mate– the pup (or pups!) you connect with and you just know “she’s the one!”. Why did your mom choose dog adoption versus buying a pet from a breeder or pet shop?

Bella: There are so many divine creatures who need adopting, that my mumma would never think of any other kind of dog for her family. She was looking on all the rescue sites for a Border Collie because that’s the dog she grew up with, but then she saw my photo and she knew that she needed to kiss my ears forever!

The photo that started it all.

LOMD: That’s how I felt the moment I saw each of our pups too 🙂 It is such a great feeling! Why is pet adoption so important to you and your family personally?

Bella: Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think my mumma has ever met a dog she didn’t like and she doesn’t discriminate about their origins – but she thinks (and I agree) that shelter/rescue dogs know the difference between where they started life and when they find their fur-ever homes. She wishes that more people would Opt to Adopt and every Christmas (and other times during the year) she posts on Twitter and Facebook urging anyone who is considering a dog to look to shelters/rescue sites first. And she uses me and Beary as fine examples of rescued mutts. Because we’re wonderful.

LOMD: That would be great! I think more people would Opt to Adopt if they knew just how bad the situation is. The shelter I volunteer at takes in 50-150 dogs a day and I think if anyone considering buying a dog had to spend one hour there, they would completely change their mind….
Were there any big challenges when you came to live with your forever family? Is there anything from your past that still affects you today?

Bella: Other than the usual puppy training (I was 11 weeks old when I came to live with my mumma), I got really scared if someone shouted. I still do, all of these years later. I cower in the corner. I know now that sometimes people are just loud, but I also know that sometimes loud people aren’t very nice.

LOMD: How has adopting a dog changed you and your family’s lives?

Bella: Dogs teach people unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness (like when I ate the couch and a few days later the carpet and the edge of a couple of stairs). They’re important lessons to learn (and good preparation for when Bubba joined our family). Mumma now has 3 kids to think about so where we live, what holidays she takes, and even how late she can stay out at night (before Bubba that is) are all things that need to be considered with us in mind. We are her family.

Bella & little Bubba, September 2011.

LOMD: We think dogs are definitely good preparation for kids and almost as demanding! But we love it because there is nothing better than the affection of a shelter dog 🙂
Can you tell us about dog rescue and adoption where you live in Australia?

Bella: There’s not enough of it. I wish that in place of pet stores in shopping malls there would be shop fronts for rescue organisations. I wish that everyone who wanted a dog had to at least interview with some rescue pets first. I also wish that more people realized that pets are family members, and they are forever, not just for Christmas or birthdays. I think anyone considering a furry family member should be put through a series of reference checks, like when people apply for jobs! Mumma gives what she can and if she ever wins the lottery we’re going to have a foster farm for all the doggies on death row to wait for their fur-ever homes.

Bella is ready for her close-up 🙂

LOMD: That would be great! Responsible pet ownership is very important to improving current overpopulation. Bella, are there any dog rescue websites you’d like to share with us?

Bella: has lots of fun fundraising events like Million Paws Walk, and Cupcake Day and Christmas Angel appeal.

LOMD: We like to see other websites and organizations helping homeless dogs and pets in need!
Thank you for sharing your story with us in our first interview in this series! We are so happy you have a wonderful warm home with a forever family now 🙂 You are quite the rescue pup and it was an honor having you.

Bella: Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless. My mumma is an advocate for rescue pups too, although not as publicly as you guys are. It was super fun doing this interview.
Lots of puppy love & licks,

Bella xox

LOMD: Thank you for joining us. YAY for your Mumma for saving your life! You are one cute pup with quite a special family 🙂

Bella and Bear on neighbourhood watch!

Visit Bella and her Crew: Mum, Bubba and Beary at BumpyRoadtoBubba by clicking here!


23 responses to “Dog Treats with Bella Destiny

  1. Thank you so much for interviewing my beautiful Bella. We feel honored to be your first interviewees and look forward to reading more happy stories in the weeks ahead! xx

  2. This was such a great interview with Bella – and perfect for the first one.

  3. Great interview!!!! Bella and Beary we love your Mumma’s blog. She sure loves you both and Bubba! We loved the interview and the Collies howl their approval of the comment that people need to realize their pets are family members not just a whim or a present that is quickly forgotten! We look forward to more interviews! GREAT POST!

    God Bless You!

    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

  4. Great piece, really enjoyed it. I look forward to reading many more. ❤ DogDaz

  5. What a wonderful story! Nice photos too. I really love the nose close-up.

  6. Congratulations, Bella! Your interview was lovely. You are not only smart and well-spoken, but you photograph like a Kardashian! Stunning! Mom and I love your blog, and we think your family is super-sweet and special.

    Love & licks,

  7. This is a great idea for a series. Bella is adorable. I look forward to reading future interviews! 🙂

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  9. Bella gave a very nice interview. Great idea for a series.

  10. Great interview. I follow Bumpy Road to Bubba so I am especially pleased that you interviewed Bella.

  11. I have to echo what all the other commenters have already said – great interview! That Bella sure is a doll.

  12. Wow, I just caught up with all of these comments. Thanks friends. We’re loving the series of interviews!

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