FHO Surgery: a week from Monday

I'm ready for my surgery!

Little Chelsea is finally getting her surgery on January 16! (Click here to read about her procedure.) We are so excited to have it scheduled– it has been a long time coming. Through donations of friends, family, our readers and even strangers, we have raised a large portion of the money required for surgery and aftercare. Thank you to everyone who donated, shared Chelsea’s story or gave words of support and encouragement! We truly would not be able to do this without you.

We’ve been enjoying Chelsea’s last week as a playful puppy; after her surgery, she won’t be mobile for a while. The estimated recovery time for this surgery is 8 months but when our vet saw her yesterday, he said he thinks it will be more like 6 months. This, because we’ve been working with her daily to maintain muscle mass in her bad leg. We also stopped giving her pain medicine unless she really needs it (rarely now–none for a week). She doesn’t limp nearly anymore at all, but we can obviously tell she’s compensating. She will be limping next Monday, that’s for sure!

*UPDATE 1/10/11- We’ve raised all the money needed to get Chelsea’s surgery done on Monday!!!! God is great and we are so grateful to everyone who has helped little Chelsea. Thank you all so so much; words cannot express our gratitude!!!

During her surgery, they will shave off the dead bone mass that formed and reattach her leg in the correct spot. It will not be completely normal; rather the bone will fuse to the hip and muscles will grow around it, forming a support system. She should gain 90% function in her leg; seeing her now, we have no reason to believe she can’t be 100% after proper recovery.

Her last mange treatment is next Thursday (this is, in part, why we delayed surgery). She gets a chemical dip bath and then must air-dry. This is the suggested treatment for the type of mange she has, Demodectic mange but can take the longest. She has received a dip per week since we got her ($65 per dip!). We can tell the mange is healing completely and looks much better. We’re lucky it didn’t spread past her elbows.

The first sign of mange appeared on her elbow, a common starting point. Mange starts at one point (elbows, legs, around the eyes) and spreads from there.

This is the same spot though it is healing and fur is growing back. Thankfully, we caught it early and it did not spread or get worse.

Sweet baby, Chelsea. The mites have been gone for 3 weeks now but we continued the baths as a precaution and for quicker healing.

Please keep Chelsea is your prayers; she is going to need lots of TLC throughout the recovery process. In 6-8 months, Chelsea should be completely healed, healthy and ready to live her life. She is one of the many rescue dog success stories and we are looking forward to a long, healthy life for our little angel.

We also received the Versatile Blogger Award from one of our new friends, DogDaz. It’s a wonderful blog starring two pups, Sophie and Louise and three kitties, Connie, Noel and Muffin who are always up to something. They are new and deserve many more followers, so be sure to check them out! Thanks, DogDaz for awarding us with our second Versatile Blogger Award! We are honored to be in such great company as the other blogs you selected 🙂

You can see my previous Versatile Blogger Nominations by clicking here. Enjoy!


13 responses to “FHO Surgery: a week from Monday

  1. I will keep Chelsea in my prayers. Give extra ear rubs from me.

  2. Poor little Chelsea has been through so much. Keeping her in prayer.

  3. Thank you so much! We can’t wait til she’s completely healthy 🙂

  4. We have lite a virtual candle for Chelsea. Louise had Demodectic mange. It took a while to clear with medication (and she has some bald spots), but both dogs get Omega 3-6-9 every day and their coats look great. Best of luck to Chelsea. We will be praying for a swift return to her feet. – DogDaz

  5. Chelsea is a sweet girl and I am pleased that she has so may generous friends. Good luck for the 16 January!

  6. Thank you all; we’re praying for the best and we know she’s strong and can pull through with big success 🙂
    DogDaz, we didn’t know that about Lulu– the mange was actually one of the hardest things to cure for us! We’re not sure if she’ll have bald spots because her fur seems to be growing back very well. We use Omega’s for our dogs too because Schnauzers have skin problems and it makes their coats so shiny!
    Bassa, Thank You for your kind words- we are very lucky we were able to save this sweet baby and that so many have reached out to help!

  7. Best of luck to Chelsea!

  8. Hi!
    Please know we will be praying for Chelsea! I am passing this onto my list of FaceBook Friends and if you give your permission I would like to post a link about this on our blog. Give her lots of hugs from us and know we are praying up a storm!

    God Bless You!

    The Collies and Chuck:)

  9. I hope everything will work out fine for Chelsea. She is so cute and it looks like she is smiling in the photograph.

  10. Thank you all so much! We can’t wait until she’s all better!

    Collies and Chuck, we’d love for you to post a link on your blog! That would be absolutely wonderful 🙂 Thank you for all your prayers for Little Chelsea!

  11. You are going through a lot with Chelsea and bless you for not giving up on her. We will be hoping for a successful surgery and a full recovery.

  12. Thank you sagechronicles for your support! We are so blessed to have people who have encouraged and supported us throughout this process. We know God will take care of her 🙂

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