Pet GPS Tracking Devices

GPS tracking devices are becoming increasingly popular for pet owners, thanks to the recent boom in pet tracking technology. Unlike Microchips that are only successful if someone has the pet scanned at a shelter or veterinarian’s office, GPS tracking devices allow pet owners to locate their pup’s location on a map at any time. In addition to this lifesaving feature, GPS tracking has many convenient, modern ways pet owners can rest assured their pet is safe. Some GPS devices attach to your pet’s existing collar and range from 2-8 ounces while others include a safety collar. Keep in mind, there is typically a monthly service fee for these GPS services that range from around $2-$10 dollars per month depending on the service and usage. What are the benefits to a GPS device, in addition to being able to find your pet on a map at any given time?

*Set Up Safe Zone- These devices allow you to set up a safety perimeter around your house. You will be instantly alerted any time your pet leaves the designated safe zone.
* Email/Text Alerts- Get instant communication if your dog wanders out of his safe zone or when tracking your dog.
*Map Tracking- Track your pet by map and get instant alerts if your pup changes locations.

These features give you added peace of mind and will help you locate your pet in the event he or she gets lost. Are your pets at risk for getting lost? According to the latest stats, 10 million pets went missing in 2008…only 1.8 million were reunited with their owners (click here to see source).

Here are some popular GPS pet tracking devices with links to their websites and online stores. Though they are pricey, GPS trackers are the best way to locate your pet in a dire situation.

SpotLight and SpotLite GPS Pet Locators
$169.99-$249.99- Both trackers have full GPS functionality and are water-resistant however the more expensive SpotLight GPS tracker comes with an LED light and removable, rechargeable battery. Track your dog, get constant updates when outside the safe zone and receive full history reports of your dog’s various locations. SpotLight also offers mobile apps for added convenience and peace of mind.
Buy Here

Tagg the Pet Tracker
$99.00- The Tagg Pet Tracker system allows you to locate your pet via map and receive text alerts when your pet is outside the pre-set safety zone. This GPS device is waterproof and can be worn swimming. It can be used on cats and even comes in four colors!
Buy Here

Love My Pets GPS Tracker
$129.95- This GPS tracker allows for a GEO fence safe zone and up-to-the-minute alerts if your dog wanders off. In addition to the features mentioned above, the Love My Pets GPS Tracker has glow-in-the-dark banding for extra safety at night and is water-resistant.
Buy Here

What do you think? Does your pet have the need for a GPS tracking device and would you invest in one? Overall, we think GPS tracking devices are a great concept and would consider it when it becomes more affordable.


15 responses to “Pet GPS Tracking Devices

  1. Love Scarlett and Chelsea contemplating……

  2. Up by our cabin, there are many people who run hounds with GPS trackers on them. They are pretty nifty. They know exactly where the dogs are at all times.

  3. This would probably be a good thing for Bongo in the summer when we have a lot of thunder. He thinks he can run away from the thunder, although I’m much better at preventing his escapes now that I know what his tricks are.

  4. Great review! This might be a good thing for us to look into … do they offer multiple dog discounts? 🙂

  5. They sound pretty cool and like they would definitely be great for hunting dogs who roam lots of land! Down here, we’re worried about dog theft but I’m sure if someone stole a dog, they would just remove the tracker.

    Kas, I think they do offer multiple dog discounts by way of discounts on multiple collars 🙂

  6. Great idea. I might get one for the tall person so he won’t get lost 🙂

  7. What a fantastic idea!

  8. Chancy Mumsy and Crew

    Hmmm, we had not heard about these thanks for telling us. They would be great for those woofies who love to wander off and investigate. Hugs and nose kisses

  9. Excellent post! I pressed to my blog 🙂

  10. Thanks for reviewing these! I think about these devices a lot as a solution for waywards.

  11. LOL Bassa you’re so funny 🙂

    I think they are pretty great and this may be the next big trend after microchipping.

    Thank you Donkey Whisperer Farm!

    Crystal, if all dogs had these, your job would be a lot easier 🙂 They are really cool- we’d love to have them. I’m currently trying to find one that is inconspicuous (so the GPS would work in a theft situation).

  12. this is a wonderful post! its too bad my one cat won’t keep collars on- he loves to sneak out and i’d love to know where he goes to!

    • Thank you!! LOL we wish we had these for our pups– I think I’d probably use them during the day just to see what they were up to 🙂

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  14. Amazing piece of information. Definitely it is a really upcoming trend and very much useful, pet tracking has its own benefits which you have explained real well

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