Dog Treats Interview Series


As we head into 2012, we are going to start interviewing pups and owners about adoption in a series called Dog Treats. These interviews will raise awareness about about adoption as well as responsible ownership and the joy of having pets. They’ll also promote your dog and your blog. Cats are welcome, too!

We hope to feature an interview each week, so if you have an adopted pup or family of pups and would like to be featured, we would be honored to have you! Leave us your email below or shoot us an email at so we can send you an interview 🙂 By sharing our stories, we can raise awareness about how awesome adoption is!


9 responses to “Dog Treats Interview Series

  1. If you’d like to do an international interview, Bella would love to talk to you!

  2. That would be wonderful!! You can email us at or leave me your email address here and we’ll send you the interview. Looking forward to having you all 🙂

  3. Hey this sounds like fun! I’ll take part. -Duke and Casey-

  4. My Jack Russell mix, Cupcake went from a kill shelter to rescue-foster-care to me 2 years ago. Now she is a cerfified therapy dog. She bring smiles to disabled veterans at the VA home, and encourages reluctant readers at Read-to-a-Pet-Night at the public library. In her free time, she is a doggie-blogger, and a diva. She’d LOVE to be interviewed.

  5. Wow, such a great response! We would love to interview all of you for this awesome series! We’re looking forward to it and will send the interview to your emails after work today 🙂

  6. Sounds like it will be a good series. 🙂

  7. Thank you browndawgs! We’re very excited 🙂

  8. Sounds like it will be a hit! Great idea!

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