Benefits of Wheat-Free Dog Diets

There are several reasons dogs (and cats) can benefit from a wheat-free, grain-free diet. Many times, subtracting wheat from a dog’s diet will improve or eliminate existing health issues. It is possible for dogs to suddenly form wheat allergies after eating a diet with wheat their whole lives. Breeds that commonly suffer from wheat allergies include Labrador Retrievers, Schnauzers and Wheaten Terriers.

Wheat allergies in dogs can cause skin irritations and allergies, dull or brittle coats, sicknesses including diarrhea, vomiting, sneezing, etc. and even behavioral changes when on a diet containing wheat. Many popular brands use wheat as filler because it’s the cheapest alternative.

Wheat-free diets can alleviate all of these health issues as well as allow your pet a longer, healthier life. A proper wheat-free dog diet may even slow health issues such as diabetes, arthritis and skin conditions. Why not give wheat-free a try for your doggie’s health today!

You can opt to make your own wheat-free dog diet or purchase store-bought wheat-free food. If you are purchasing pet food, make sure the label reads “complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages”.

You can also read my recipes for homemade dog diets and dog treats that are healthy and wheat-free. Click here to browse recipes.

Read more about wheat allergies in dogs from by clicking here.


10 responses to “Benefits of Wheat-Free Dog Diets

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  2. Since removing her dogs from a dog biscuit based diet to bones and raw food one of my friends has eliminated all the skin problems they’d been having. The added bonus she found was that after having had a dreadful problem with ticks for years, they have all but disappeared. Sounds good to me!

  3. That’s great to hear! We’ve had similar skin problems with Harley and other Schnauzers in the past and after trying everything, wheat-free made all the difference and completely eliminated all problems! It’s great to hear your friend found the same thing for her pup! It’s nice to find out it’s such a simple fix 🙂

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  7. Yes, I totally agree with your opinion, I’ll definitely bookmark your post for future reference thanks for the information.

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