My Wish for Shelter Pups

If you asked me my wish for shelter pups, I wouldn’t know where to start
For if you’ve ever seen pups locked away, it truly breaks your heart.
A naïve soul would ask, “Well, can’t they all be saved?”
A knowing heart understands that road is far from paved.
8 million pets come in every year; half never make it out
Could something be done to stop the killing? Yes, I have no doubt.

Spay and neuter is number one; we have more than enough as is;
One unspayed dog can have 67,000 pups in only 6 short years.
Responsibility is also huge; owners must be able to provide
A home, some food and lots of love ‘til pup gets to the other side.
Spreading the word can mean the difference in saving an innocent life
So if you adopted your pet, share your story far and wide!
Breeding adds to the problem; millions already need good homes
Instead of buying, why not adopt? Throw a needy dog a bone!

Millions of dogs every year never get a chance at love
All they want is a belly rub, a game of fetch and a roof above.
Hug your pets extra tight and open your home if you’re able
If you’ve never experienced love from a shelter dog, you’ll be eternally grateful
So even if you can’t adopt, keep in mind these thoughts
And maybe one day my wish will come true: no more homeless pups.



6 responses to “My Wish for Shelter Pups

  1. Love this poem. Such an important message.

  2. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew

    Our wish is the same as yours. It breaks my heart to think of all the homeless and abused sweeties that don’t get a chance at a loving home and life. If everyone would do their part one day our wish would be a reality. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Great poem and a very important message. As far as I know, there are no campaigns to educate people about the need for spaying and neutering in the Republic of georgia. I was astonished to read in your poem that one unspayed dog can have 67,000 pups in only 6 years. There are lots of homeless dogs here in Tbilisi and they all live on the streets. I know of only one shelter and that is underfunded and operating at an absolutely minimal level 😦

    You have a great blog and I am now following.

  4. What a lovely idea DM, but alas it will not come true in the forseeable future…unfortunately..Here is Bulgaria there are homeless dogs everywhere. There is a scheme for neutering dogs who are then put back onto the street. These dogs have their ears tagged so it is known that they have been ‘done’ and it is ok for them to stay.
    Many Bulgarians who have dogs do not have the money to spend on their animals..most dogs have a diet of solely bread..nothing else.. They do not ever go to the vets, even in , what I would call necessary cases.
    My neighbour has 3 dogs, only one is a bitch but he will not have her spayed..he says it is a waste of money. The same applies to cats..
    All of my five dogs have been done, , also the cats,
    In my car I always carry bags of dog biscuits to give to any starving animals that I see..but do you know what? They turn their noses up at my offering, and prefer to rummage the bins….
    If only we could make people see sense ? It would be better for humans and far far better for the animals that we live with

  5. Thanks for the all the positive responses!
    Mumsy, we share your beliefs- all it takes is everyone to do their part!
    Bassa, I’m sorry to hear about the condition of doggies there- I did not know any of those things. It would be great if there were a system in place to spay/neuter to help control the problem. Very sad, however I’m glad you have such a wonderful home 😉
    Misswhiplash, unfortunately it probably will not happen here either. No time soon, at least. It is nice that they have a system in place however I’m sure the problem is still out-of-control, much like it is everywhere. Sadly, many people here in the US (and probably all over) share the same belief as your neighbor. I wish people would see. Thank you for all that you do to care for your animals and the starving babies on the street…even when they don’t take the biscuits. If we all can do a little every day, it will make a difference 🙂

  6. We also share your wish – we were shocked to see your information about the impact of neutering just one Dog!

    You’re doing a great job of raising awareness to help promote more responsible behaviour and hopefully a better future for all! 🙂

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

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