Fundraising for Chelsea

Chelsea, 3 month German Shepherd mix rescue

We are raising money to help pay for Chelsea’s FHO surgery. She needs it in order to keep her leg and we’ve got to get it done as soon as possible so it does not atrophy any more or keep causing her pain. If you haven’t read about our rescue pup’s story, you can by clicking here. The money we raise will help us pay for everything she needs including a veterinary specialist, months of physical therapy, in-home rehabilitation, hydrotherapy sessions, medication and even massages to stimulate her muscle. She has recovered from a host of problems including an upper-respiratory infection, hookworms and mange but still has her biggest obstacle to overcome: FHO surgery and months of recovery.

You can donate on Chelsea’s ChipIn page by clicking here. The link is if you would like to share it with your readers or friends. If we collect more proceeds than needed, all funds will be donated to Pick Your Paw Animal Rescue in New Jersey. They helped me save Chelsea and recently rescued, transported and re-homed 16 dogs from Miami-Dade Animal Services– a shelter with an extremely high kill-rate.

We’ve created a graphic you can copy and paste on your blog or website if you’d like to support us! You can download them from below and link them to

<< 237 x 271

 <<156 x 240

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We are so grateful for the support and look forward to a happy, healthy Chelsea.

Thank you for sharing my story or helping with my surgery! We are all so thankful for every little bit.


2 responses to “Fundraising for Chelsea

  1. Praying for you Chelsea. You are such a lucky dog to have found such a special forever home.

  2. Thank you Bongo! We appreciate all the support and can’t wait for Chelsea to get better 🙂

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