Harley Takes Telluride

This year, my parents surprised us and (King) Harley with a trip to their mountain house in Telluride, Colorado for Christmas. We are so excited to spend Christmas in the snow– a nice change of pace from Palm-tree-Christmases in Miami.

The best part about Telluride, Colorado is that it’s a dog-lovin’ town! Everywhere you go, you are bound to run into a few pups on the way. Dogs go everywhere with their owners, every shop in town has a pooch behind the counter and dogs are pretty free to do what they like. They hang out in parks with their owners, ride the gondolas and hang at the outdoor bars by the fire pits. It’s pretty awesome.

Here are some pictures of Harley from four years ago, the last Christmas we spent in Telluride. He was just a baby but he LOVED the snow. He gets to come this year too and even though he doesn’t know it yet, he is going to be so excited the moment I pull out his travel bag.

Watching skiers come down the mountain...always ready to pounce...

Harley adores my grandfather.

Snow puppy

No one can resist Harley! Of course, he's always looking for fellow dogs or suspicious activity. His nickname is "Sheriff".

Christmas Tree Harley

Do you have holiday plans yet? Will your dogs get to spend the holidays with you? Harley gets to come but Scarlett, Chelsea and Roory will be holding down the house in Miami, spending Christmas with themselves.


5 responses to “Harley Takes Telluride

  1. My person was in Telluride once several years ago. She says it’s a beautiful place. Have a great time. My people are staying home this Christmas so I’ll have a good one.

  2. I shall return, I have to go now but I want to read more of your stories..I shall be back tomorrow..I have clicked follow

  3. Thanks, Bongo- we love Telluride! I’m glad you don’t have to go to the dog hotel and you get to be with your people over the holidays 🙂

    Misswhiplash, thanks for visiting! We’re glad you’re following us and we’re looking forward to talking more and sharing fun pup stories!

  4. Oh how cute. I bet Harley will be happy to play in the snow. (I bet the other dogs will miss you. :))

  5. Oh yeah, he loooves snow. At first he was like ehhh, I don’t know about this but after his first potty break, he was a snow-lovin’ fella 🙂

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