Chelsea’s FHO Surgery


Yesterday, we took Chelsea to the vet  for her pre-operation consultation. She’s getting a femoral head oestectomy, more commonly known as FHO surgery, on her back right leg and hip for a pre-existing injury. If you haven’t read her story, check it out here.

Without FHO surgery, Chelsea will lose her leg. The muscle has already atrophied and will continue to do so until she loses all function in her injured leg. She is expected to recover from surgery exceptionally well because she’s only 6 months, manages her pain well and currently still uses it even though it’s out of socket and incorrectly fused to her hip. Our vet feels her chances of successful surgery are higher due to those factors. Here is a picture of her X-ray, taken by Dr. Jorge Tonarelly of Ponce de Leon Animal Clinic. Dr. Juan Sardinas of Miami Veterinary Specialists will perform the surgery.

Chelsea's right femur (left side of picture) is out of socket. The "circle" on top of the femur bone is now dead bone mass (where her femur connected to her hip). It will be shaved off and her femur repositioned back into the hip socket. You can see the difference in muscle in each leg.

After the surgery, Chelsea will physical therapy, rehabilitation and daily exercise. It will include physical therapy sessions, in-home exercises and massages and daily rehabilitation. The first few weeks will be critical; she will have limited movement, require massages to stimulate her leg muscles and need lots of monitoring. In 6-8 months, Chelsea should regain 90% function in her back leg and lead a normal, pain-free life!

It will cost $2,400 and Pick Your Paw Animal Network from New Jersey is helping us fundraise for her expenses. They are awesome and recently rescued 16 dogs from Miami-Dade Animal Services! We hope to have the funds raised as soon as possible so Chelsea can have her operation and start to recover!

Keep this little angel in your prayers; FHO surgery requires lots of care! We are very optimistic and look forward to sharing her recovery process with you.

Sweet baby!


12 responses to “Chelsea’s FHO Surgery

  1. We’ll be praying for you, Chelsea! FHO surgery sounds tough, but it seems like you have the upbeat attitude to weather it.

    P.S. Chelsea has one ear up and one ear down, just like me 🙂

  2. She is such a cute puppy. I hope it all works out for her.

  3. I love little Chelsea – even though I’ve never really met her. Praying for a quick recovery after surgery. It’s great that you’re getting help with the fundraising.

  4. Thank you, we hope so too and are staying positive here! Bongo, I know what you mean-she’s just such a gentle doll! We want her to get better soon so we can get her CDC and train her as a therapy dog 🙂

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